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Welcome to your savvy saving era.

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Balance Due

The Grad's Guide To Your First Credit Card (& Not Screwing It Up)

Conquer all your fears with these hot tips from experts.

By Aaliyah Pasols
Check, Please!

How I Saved Grocery Money By Dating (Yes, Really)

The truth behind @YourRichBFF’s viral video.

By Hannah Kerns
You’re On Your Own, Kid

I Had To Delay My Dreams To Pay Off $10K+ In Credit Card Debt

This was not on my post-grad vision board.

By Anna Davies and Brittney Carroll
Gotta Jet

11 Ways To Travel On A Budget After College That Are Actually Legit

TikTokers spill the tea to less expensive vacays (minus the #sponcon).

By Katherine Parker-Magyar
Dorm Life Would Never

These First Apartment Horror Stories Cost Some Major $$$

Make some spare keys *right now.*

By Annie Lin
Money MattersSponsored

4 Reasons To Let TurboTax Experts Do Your Taxes For You

A celebratory ode to not doing your own taxes.

By Una LaMarche

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How To Do TikTok’s $10K Savings Challenge To Boost Your Wealth in 2023

In just 100 days, you’ll be swimming in dough.

By Olivia Cigliano
Student Loan Crisis

How To Deal With Student Debt During A Recession, According To Experts

Forget about taking out that private student loan.

By Rhyma Castillo

How To Do A No-Spend Month In College, According to TikTok

As Beyoncé would say, “Cash getting thiquer.”

By Olivia Cigliano

15 TikTok-Approved Tips For Traveling With A Backpack That’ll Help You Pack Light

Here’s why an OOTD color scheme is so genius.

By Rachel Chapman
Student Loans

You Could Be Taxed On Your Canceled Student Loan Debt In These 13 States

You might want to get an accountant for your taxes this year.

By Rhyma Castillo
Student Debt

That $10K+ Of Canceled Student Debt Means These Former Students Can Follow Their Dreams

“I’m going on a trip!”

By Samantha Chaney

Experts Reveal How Much Money You Should Save Before Moving Out — And It’s A Lot

Plus, here are some tips to make it happen.

By Rachel Chapman

What’s Your Money Personality Type? It’s More Complicated Than You Think

See which of the five financial habits describes you.

By Olivia Cigliano

Experts Reveal What To Buy With A Credit Card To Build Credit — And What To Avoid

Out here making money moves.

By Rachel Chapman
Wedding Season

Here's How To Plan A Bach Party On A Budget, According To Experts

Don’t feel pressured by what you see on your FYP.

By Rachel Chapman
Student Debt

Here’s How Student Loans Affect Your Credit

Yeah, there are a lot of people late on payments.

By Rhyma Castillo

60 Cheap And Unique Date Ideas For Babes On A Budget

Because dating doesn’t have to break the bank.

By Griffin Wynne and Rachel Khona
Social Media

Funny Adult Memes About All The Responsibilities That Come With Adulting

Why is all my adult money disappearing so quickly?

By Rachel Chapman

These TikTok Travel Hacks Include Getting Compensation For An Airline Bump

Plus, why you shouldn’t drink airline coffee.

By Rachel Chapman

The Vice President Gets A Nice Perk For All Her Work

Hey, I’d take it.

By Rhyma Castillo

Here’s The Info On How Much First Ladies Get Paid For All Their Work

Equal pay hasn’t quite made it to the White House, TBH.

By Rhyma Castillo