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I Can Tell The Supernatural Gift You Have Just By Your Zodiac Sign

Straight fire.

by Valerie Mesa and Roya Backlund
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So, what's your superpower? Truth is, everyone has a magical ability, it's just a matter of channeling it. If you believe in astrology, I can even tell you the supernatural gift you have, according to your zodiac sign. All 12 zodiac signs were blessed with a distinct charm and unique ability by the cosmic heavens — this includes you. When was the last time you channeled your magic? Tap into your zodiac sign’s powers and allow it to set you free.

The zodiac wheel is a symbol of the circle of life. If you combine each of the signs, houses, and planetary energies, it ultimately holds the meaning to your universal truth. Astrology is a celestial mixture of past, present, and future energies. That, in itself, is already magical AF. And that’s just one reason each zodiac sign’s supernatural powers are impossible to resist.

Whether you're a majestic Leo with a heart of gold or a sensitive Cancer with a nurturing soul, you're still a powerful being with infinite amounts of energy. You radiate light and love simply by being you. Now it's up to you to channel your gifts and manifest your true potential. It's that simple. Are you ready for it? Either way, here's a look at your supernatural powers, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: Fire Manipulation

You are the first sign in the zodiac, not to mention the first fire sign. Your red-hot passion and burning rage are partly what makes you so captivating. Not many people can handle your burning flame and, well, that's exactly why you're the warrior of the zodiac.

Taurus: Time Travel

You're incredibly in tune with life's earthy rhythms, not to mention your killer sensory integration. You were born with an internal clock, and no one except Mother Earth can manage their time as well as you. In fact, you prove that time doesn’t even exist, which is why you can bounce back and forth through time.

Gemini: Shapeshifting

You are the chameleon of the zodiac, and an undercover genius when no one's looking. Your mind is sharp and your thoughts can manifest at the speed of light. The voices in your head are echoes of your different personalities. You are never the same as you once were, and you can melt into your surroundings with the snap of a finger.

Cancer: Healing

You are connected to the moon and the ocean tides. Your touch is the magic cure to children's pain and adult sorrows. You feel emotions in the third dimension, as you are the cosmic nurturer of all eternity. Whatever you touch automatically feels taken care of and loved.


Leo: Glowing

The cosmos made your heart with dashes of joy, love, bursting laughter, and childlike fantasy. It is pure gold, which is why you light up a room the moment you walk in. You shine like a sparkling diamond, and people forever gravitate toward you like a moth to a flame.

Virgo: Fortune-Telling

You're always prepared and no one knows how you know everything, but you just do. It's a combination of wanting to be in control and your innate desire to serve others. Tell me your thoughts, Virgo, since you always seem to know what's best for everyone.

Libra: Telekinesis

You enjoy picking people's brains and understanding how their minds work, but most of all, you're a gifted communicator who can acknowledge all sides of a situation. Your mind is a mirror and it works in miraculous ways. In fact, your knowledge of human nature is practically telekinetic.

Scorpio: Clairvoyance

This isn't your first rodeo. In fact, it's not your second or third, either. You are a child of the underworld, and your ancestors are living vicariously through you. You're spiritually gifted, but with that comes a lot of responsibility. You’ve seen it all, which is why your psychic power is not to be trifled with.


Sagittarius: Flight

Your contagious enthusiasm and genuine optimism are on your side until the end of time. You can do anything, and I mean that wholeheartedly. Reach for the stars, Sagittarius. You're a real dream hunter and you don’t even need fairy dust to fly away to Neverland.

Capricorn: Invisibility

You're a little too serious and incredibly strict, but that's only because you've got lots on your mind. You're on a lifelong mission, and nothing will ever get in the way of that. Your invisibility allows you to turn the world off as you go about your business, slinking through the shadows and sidestepping your opponents.

Aquarius: Mind Control

You are a social rebel, but a humanitarian at heart. How do you do it? Your intellectual abilities and progressive mind are two of the many reasons why you're referred to as the genius of the zodiac. Reveal your secrets. There’s a reason your talent for mind control is basically a Jedi mind trick at this point.

Pisces: Astral Projection

Dreaming is your favorite pastime, but where do you go when you sleep? There's an entire universe inside you, and your spirit proves there's such a thing as the word “infinity” — and beyond. You can dissolve the boundaries that separate this world from the next and explore the great beyond.

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