Snack That Goes With Each Zodiac Sign: Ice Cream

Your Fave Snack Isn't Just A Personal Preference — It’s Written In The Stars

You can thank your zodiac sign.

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Honestly, is there any greater pleasure in life than food? No matter what you're going through or what you might be stressing about, the whole world stops when you're eating something amazing. Personally, all my worries go away when I'm munching on cucumbers drizzled in lemon juice and chili powder. If I'm feeling a bit more daring, I'm heading straight to Taco Bell. I kid you not, this Gemini has spent 25 bucks on a Taco Bell run before. As you can probably imagine, I'm a firm believer that any problem can be alleviated with a good snack, and the snack that goes with each zodiac sign will make your mouth water just thinking about it.

If you're not a huge fan of the snack I've selected for your zodiac sign, know that these pairings are based more on the archetype of your zodiac sign rather than who you are. I mean, you've got an entire birth chart that accounts for what your taste in snacks may be, and it can't be completely narrowed down to just one snack. I'm sure we each have fridges that are stocked with a variety of pleasures, both healthy and guilty.

I hope you're not reading this list on an empty stomach, because I got hungry just writing it. In the words of Karen Smith from Mean Girls: "Do you wanna do something fun? ...Wanna go to Taco Bell?"

Aries: Nachos And Guac

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When you want a snack, you want it now. Nachos are fast, easy, filling, and ridiculously addictive. By the end of one thought, you've probably scraped the entire plate clean, prompting the question: "Is there more?"

Taurus: Anything And Everything

You're already so in tune with all five senses, but there's no doubt taste is your favorite one. You'll eat anything and everything under the sun, discriminating against no form of snack. In your eyes, all snacks are beautiful.

Gemini: Fast Food Of All Kinds

Just because you're always on the go doesn't mean you won't sacrifice time for a tasty snack. That's why fast food is your favorite guilty pleasure. You know that person driving their car with a burger in hand has to be a Gemini.

Cancer: Homemade Dinner

Home is where the heart is, and in your opinion, a home-cooked meal has more love in it than any quick snack ever could. With a well-stocked kitchen and your affinity for being cozy, your favorite snack is the one you made at home.

Leo: Cake And Ice Cream

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Your favorite snack is big, over-the-top, and the purest definition of a "guilty pleasure." Even if it's not your birthday, you'll make it your birthday by getting yourself some cake and ice cream to make you feel special.

Virgo: A Gigantic Salad

Salad might not be some people's first idea of a yummy snack, but with how health-oriented your zodiac sign is, you know all about how satisfying and refreshing a crunchy and juicy salad can be. The best part? It's good for your body and soul.

Libra: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

You love a little sexiness and romance infused with your snack, which is why a chocolate-covered strawberry covers all the bases. It satisfies your sweet tooth at the same time as it quenches your thirst for something refreshing. In other words, it's perfect.

Scorpio: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Whoever said a greasy snack couldn't be sexy? In your opinion, a grilled cheese is probably even better than sex. Between the melted cheese and the toasted bread, it satisfies in a way that nothing else could.

Sagittarius: Exotic Cuisine

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You're up for trying any type of snack, no matter how unusual it may be. You're down for foreign cuisines and unusual flavor pairings because you know that taste isn't a destination — it's a journey.

Capricorn: Breakfast At Any Time Of Day

You're all about getting up and getting going, which is why the thought of a hearty ol' breakfast at any time of day will always inspire hunger in you. Between a cup of coffee and a stack of pancakes, you're already drooling.

Aquarius: One Big Pizza

You're all about sharing and making friends while gorging yourself on a tasty snack, which is why pizza will always be your go-to option. It gets delivered right to the front door, and then everyone gets to join you.

Pisces: Any Type Of Candy

When you're going for a snack, it needs to make you feel good and bring you back to better days. A trip to the candy store makes you one happy camper. Between a bit of sugar on the tongue and that sour aftertaste, you're in junk food heaven.

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