Visit different 'XO, Kitty' filming locations in Seoul like Kitty does on the Netflix series.

Find Love In Seoul With These 18 XO, Kitty Filming Locations

Who wouldn’t want to study abroad at KISS?

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Lara Jean and Peter got their happily ever after in Netflix’s To All The Boys series, but now, it’s Kitty’s turn. In XO, Kitty, the youngest Song Covey sister travels to South Korea to join her long-distance boyfriend at his boarding school, the Korean Independent School of Seoul — aka KISS. Unsurprisingly, some fans are wondering if KISS is a real school, as the show’s cast and crew also traveled to Korea to film the Netflix series. For anyone with Seoul on their travel bucket list, there are quite a few XO, Kitty filming locations you can’t miss.

Fans of TATB are likely to fall in love with Kitty’s story just as much as they loved Lara Jean’s. After all it has similar tropes mixed in, like fake dating, love triangles, and even a cameo from writer Jenny Han. In To All the Boys: Always and Forever, the Song Coveys also traveled to South Korea and filmed some scenes abroad like the 2D cafe and where Kitty first meets her boyfriend, Dae, at N Seoul Tower. While you can definitely check out those filming locations while in Korea, you might also want to add some XO, Kitty spots into the mix as well after watching the series.

Unfortunately, KISS is not a real school, but Netflix used multiple locations for the school’s campus that you can visit on your trip to Seoul. You could even stop by where Kitty sees Dae for the first time at the KISS Welcome Party, or go shopping for souvenirs and K-fashion where Kitty first bumps into Yuri — or shall I say, Yuri’s car bumps into Kitty. For a walk in Kitty’s shoes, here are 18 filming locations in Korea to add to your list.

Incheon International Airport
Incheon International Airport, 중구 공항로 272, Jung, Incheon 22382, South Korea
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The minute you arrive in Korea, you’ll already be at your first XO, Kitty filming location. Netflix used Incheon International Airport to film the scenes where Kitty first lands in Korea. Take your time checking out the cafes and stores when you arrive. Just make sure you don’t miss your shuttle bus like Kitty did.


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