The Barbie house experience is coming this summer with Barbie's Dreamhouse.

This Life-Size Barbie DreamHouse Includes A Pink Camper And Insta-Worthy Closet

A “life in plastic” is coming to New York, Chicago, and Dallas this summer.

Now is your chance to step inside Barbie’s DreamHouse. That’s right, you can finally live “in a Barbie world” with the World of Barbie tour experience coming in summer 2022. Instead of shrinking down to the size of a doll, the immersive life-sized experience will bring Barbie’s world to life for you to explore with your besties. Plus, the Insta-worthy pop-up will not only include the iconic DreamHouse, but Barbie’s pink camper van and closet as well.

Barbie is really having a moment right now. With the highly-anticipated Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling coming out and nostalgic collabs with FUNBOY for Insta-worthy Barbie-inspired summer swimsuits and floats, it’s as if Barbie is everywhere right now. If you’d like to take your fandom to the next level, you’ll definitely want to stop by the World of Barbie immersive experience when it’s near you. According to People, the World of Barbie will be touring U.S. cities like New York, Chicago, and Dallas after making its debut in Toronto this summer. Aside from Barbie’s DreamHouse being human-size for the first time, there will also be tons of activations and Insta-worthy photo moments throughout the experience that any fan will want to see for themselves. If you’re not quite sure what to expect, you might be wondering, what exactly will be in the Barbie house experience?

What Is The World Of Barbie Experience?

World of Barbie

It’s time to dig through your closet for the cutest pink ‘fit you own, because the World of Barbie immersive experience was made for the ‘Gram. The main attraction will be Barbie’s DreamHouse, where you can walk through her living room and kitchen that has the cutest Barbie-inspired decor everywhere. You’ll also get a chance to hang out in her backyard, which has cute lawn chairs and a fake pool as well. Prepare to snap some super cute pics of you and your besties lounging around like you’re having the perfect summer day at Barbie’s house.

Of course, when you’re at Barbie’s house, you definitely want to check out her closet. As you make your way through, you’ll get a chance to walk around and see many of her iconic outfits and career uniforms from throughout the years. You know Barbie is the OG boss babe, so there will be tons to see. If you’d like to style yourself just like Barbie, you’ll have a chance for that. There will also be a pink carpet you can walk down that is lined with life-size Barbie boxes that you can step in to take a pic. It’ll really make you feel like you’re in *NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” music video. You can also dress to match your Barbie persona, like Western Barbie or Fashionista Barbie.

Along with seeing some of Barbie’s career outfits, you can also play around like you’re Barbie in one of the career-inspired playsets. There is a TV studio, spaceship, fashion studio, and even a science lab that has hands-on experiments you can perform. After trying your hand at different Barbie careers, relax in Barbie’s pink camper van that has a cozy hammock for you to lounge in and snap a cute pic.

Overall, the Barbie house experience was made for fans of Barbie to finally get to live “life in plastic,” while also getting some good content for your Insta feed. It’s also a great excuse to hang with your besties and dress up in your cutest Barbie-inspired OOTD.

How To Get Tickets For The Barbie House Experience

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Right now, tickets are not available for the Barbie house experience. However, you can sign up for exclusive access for when advanced tickets become available by registering online. You only need an email address to sign up.

Where Is The Barbie House Experience?

World of Barbie

While exact tour dates are not available at this time, the World of Barbie: Dreams Made Here tour experience will kick off in Toronto this summer before making its way to NYC, Chicago, and Dallas and other cities in North America. On the World of Barbie website, you can sign up for updates so you know exactly when you can start planning your visit to Barbie’s DreamHouse.