Friends in the kitchen look for winter solstice 2021 recipes on TikTok.
Try These Winter Solstice Recipes From TikTok For Your At-Home Feast

Make the most of the longest night of the year.

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The winter solstice — aka the longest night of the year — is the official start to the winter season. While you may have been bundling up in your coziest sweaters since the start of the month, Dec. 21 is actually when winter begins this year. Whether you’re visiting family back home for the holidays or just trying to stay warm in your apartment, you can celebrate this new beginning with some winter solstice 2021 recipes on TikTok.

A winter solstice feast is actually a great way to make your dark day a little warmer. Perhaps, you’ve never truly celebrated the winter solstice before. With all the holiday parties to attend and last-minute shopping to do, it makes sense that in years past, it hasn’t been at the forefront of your mind. Since you might be taking things easier this year and staying home, a winter solstice celebration is just what you need.

By following a few of these winter solstice 2021 recipes from TikTok, you’ll not only be cooking up something delicious to enjoy but you’ll be honoring the Earth and its winter rebirth with some of its delicious offerings as well. Between winter spice bread and meat pies, you’ll be able to find something tasty to whip up in the kitchen just in time for the solstice.

Solstice Blessing Cookies

Each ingredient in these winter solstice blessing cookies is meant to attract something positive into your life. For example, salt is for protection and butter is for peace. You can find out what each ingredient means and their measurements in TikToker @reindeertrod’s tutorial.

Yule Cookies

For something festive and sweet, TikToker @simplywitched has this yule cookie recipe for winter solstice 2021. By following along, you’ll end up with some cocoa cookies that are perfect for gifting to your friends. As @simplywitched explains, sharing baked goods with your loved ones is a winter solstice tradition and chocolate is associated with love. After all, who doesn’t love some chocolate?

Beet Wellington

If you’re vegan or having some vegan guests over for your winter solstice feast, you’ll definitely want to try making a beet Wellington like TikToker @ashfiasco’s recipe. You could even try Gordon Ramsey’s step-by-step beet Wellington recipe, which includes a vegan jus as well.

Yule Simmer Pot

While a yule simmer pot is not something you eat, it is something you should make on the winter solstice. By simmering ingredients like oranges, pine, nutmeg, and cinnamon in a pot, you’ll fill your home with the scent of the season.

As a bonus, this yule simmer pot recipe from TikToker @peculiarandprecious explains what each ingredient is meant to symbolize. For example, the nutmeg is meant to attract good luck while pomegranate is meant to bring prosperity and change. You can even set an intention with each pomegranate seed you throw into the pot.

Winter Solstice Bread

TikToker @badwitchbon has a delicious winter solstice bread recipe you can make with all the cozy winter spices, like cinnamon and nutmeg. It also has pumpkin, molasses, orange zest, and pomegranates to really give it some fresh fruit flavoring and a sweet taste.

Glutinous Rice Balls

Tang Yuan, or glutinous rice balls, are a Chinese winter solstice tradition. The sweet balls of glutinous rice flour are meant to symbolize reuniting with family during the holidays. They can be enjoyed many ways, but TikToker @engelkoh has this tutorial for how to make rice balls with Oreos, shredded coconut, or matcha.

Chocolate Yule Log

Making a yule log is a winter solstice tradition, but you can also make an edible one with this chocolate yule log recipe. As TikToker @haribeavis explains in this tutorial, a yule log cake is super easy to make and will impress your entire family. The trick is to use a fork to create the bark look in your chocolate frosting on top. Sprinkle it with some powdered sugar to really make your log look like it has a fresh coat of snow.

Winter Solstice Elixir

You’ll need a drink to serve at your winter solstice party. TikToker @harvestmoonbotanica has this easy recipe for a winter solstice elixir. The recipe includes ingredients like pomegranates, lemon juice, and crushed mint leaves for a really refreshing drink.

Yule Meat Pie

For your main dish at your winter solstice 2021 celebration, serve up a yule meat pie. This recipe from TikToker @chilltaylor uses ingredients like mushrooms, chicken, and potatoes. She also demonstrates how to make adorable little suns in your pie crust to make it not only delicious, but Insta-worthy as well.