If you have a winter birthday, you'll relate to these birthday winter things.
If You Have A Winter Birthday, You Can Seriously Relate To These 8 Things

You either love or hate celebrating in the winter.

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Whether you like to celebrate big for your birthday or not, there's no denying that everyone was given a special day just for themselves. The only difference is, if you have a winter birthday, that means you may have a love-hate relationship with it because it’s during the colder months of the year. Having been born in either December, January, or February, you know the struggles and joys of getting to call the chilly season all yours.

Your summer birthday friends usually are able to celebrate outside with pool parties or beach barbecues, complete with the cutest floaties and Insta-worthy drinks. You're also a tad bit jealous that your fall friends get to lay claim on pumpkin spice everything and Halloween celebrations for their special day. It's no secret that spring is the perfect time of year for birthday brunches and floral sundresses, but where does that leave the winter babies of the world? Well, you know that the colder weather and holiday season have a huge affect on everything — from presents and planning the festivities to who can attend your party and what you’ll be eating.

Then, there are, of course, these seven things you know to be true of having a birthday in the winter. Even though you may wonder sometimes what it would be like to have a birthday in June, you are forever grateful that out of the seasons to choose from, you were given winter. It’s a special season, just like you. So, bring on the confetti, because it's winter — aka your time to shine.

Your Festivities Take Place Indoors
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Since it's cold in most places, a birthday barbecue is out of the question. Unfortunately, winter babies aren't able to have pool parties or picnics in the park for their big day. Instead, you have to get creative with indoor festivities, like bowling, renting out a private room for karaoke, or a wine and paint night. Why not make it a themed party and host it at your house this year? Get innovative and remember to have fun with it doing something you love.

Ice Cream Cake Is Too Cold, But You Don't Really Care
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Some sort of cake is mandatory on your birthday, and even though it may be freezing cold outside, you still scream for ice cream on your special day. If anyone thinks it's too cold for ice cream cake, that just means there’s more for you.

You Keep Refreshing The Weather Forecast On Your Birthday
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Unfortunately, you never know what kind of weather you'll be dealing with on your birthday. It not only affects what you're planning on wearing for your big day, but also whether or not people will cancel last-minute. Mother Nature, can we save the dramatics for another day? Thanks. Unless of course you’d like a winter wonderland birthday, consider planning a mountain escape filled with weather-appropriate activities that’ll you’ll be able to do no matter what.

Everyone's Already In The Party Mood
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The holiday season tends to put everyone into party mode, which is awesome for you if your birthday falls around that time of year. That means when it's time to celebrate you, everyone's already warmed up in their sparkly dresses and ready to have a good time. Combine your birthday with one of the upcoming holiday celebrations, or simply plan something special just for your big day.

You Usually Get To See Your Whole Family Around Your Birthday
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If you're able to make it home for the holidays, you're likely able to catch up with your whole family — including your favorite cousins. Not only are you spending time with the ones you love, but you also get to spend your birthday season with them as well. It's a win-win. Plan a dinner at home cooking your favorite food or at your most loved restaurant back home for a perfect family celebration.

Your Birthday Dress Is Usually Hidden Underneath Layers (And Layers) Of Clothes
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You can't wait to wear your birthday party dress, but unfortunately, it's freezing cold outside. You may end up hiding your cute new outfit underneath layers and layers of clothes. Though, the minute you arrive at your party, you're taking off every coat, scarf, and hat to showcase that epic birthday outfit. Bundle up and then bring on the pics.

Holiday Sales Make It Much Easier To Treat Yourself Without Breaking The Bank
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From the outside, the holidays surrounding your birthday may seem like they're trying to steal the spotlight, but actually, they help in more ways than you think. All of those Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s sales just mean it's easier for you to treat yourself with extra birthday presents, without breaking the bank. Go ahead and buy five birthday outfits for the price of one. You already know some family members are going to get you less gifts because your birthday is close to the holidays, so you definitely deserve to treat yourself.

You Get Creative With Festive Activities
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Since the winter season brings more festivities than normal, chances are you’ll want to incorporate some of the season’s classic activities into your birthday celebration. If you’re over 21, this might mean dressing up and going to a Christmas-themed bar with your besties for plenty of fun photo opps. You might also plan a day at a holiday market or a day of ice skating followed by a dinner at your favorite restaurant with close friends and family. Who says you can’t celebrate to the nines when it’s cold out?

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