If you're wondering what to do for 20th birthday, these winter ideas will help.

These Winter Birthday Ideas For Your 20th Are Even Cooler Than Ice

Welcome to your 20s!

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As a winter baby, you may love the cold weather and snow, because it reminds you that your birthday is right around the corner. Every year, the biggest dilemma you face is trying to come up with a new and exciting plan to celebrate your big day since it’s so close to all of the holidays. You've exhausted the birthday dinners, and are looking for something a little more epic for your first step into your 20s. No need to fret, because we have you covered with these things to do on your 20th birthday in the winter.

You might be envious of your summer birthday friends who are able to throw pool parties and backyard BBQs in the sunshine. Everything you plan needs to either be inside or snow-related, and after a while, you really do want to switch things up.

Since this is your 20th birthday, you want to make a big deal of this celebration and have a creative celebration. Gone are your teen years — you deserve a shindig worthy of a girl in her 20s! With this in mind, let this list be your party planner this year with these ten birthday suggestions that are way cooler than ice. Whatever you decide to do, let this year be the best birthday yet that's snow much fun.

Go Glow Tubing At Night With Your Besties
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Switch it up this year by having a nighttime tubing party with glow-in-the-dark tubes. Places like Snow Trails in Ohio take snow tubing to the next level with neon lights and fun music. You and your friends will love going up and down the slopes all night long, and ending the party with s'mores by a fire pit.

Rent Out A Castle For A Dreamy Weekend Escape

If you're looking for a sweet getaway to celebrate your birthday, take a cue from your favorite Disney princesses and stay in a castle for the weekend. Airbnb has a variety of castles you can rent, like this charming five-bedroom storybook castle in Georgia.

You'll definitely want to bring your camera along for some birthday girl shots of you channeling your inner princess. Then, at night, you and your friends can watch your favorite princess movies like The Princess Bride and The Princess Diaries.

Stay Overnight In An Igloo Hotel

You can't get any more wintery than staying in an igloo. There are ice hotels across the globe, but if you're looking to stay in North America, you'll want to check out the Hôtel de Glace in Canada. You and your friends will have a truly one-of-a-kind sleepover, and you’ll have one of the most memorable birthdays ever. They even have hot tubs, saunas, and ice skating paths for you to enjoy during the day.

Plan A Ski Trip With Your Squad
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Get your entire squad together for a ski trip like you used to go on back in high school. By day, you can ski the slopes, and by night, get cozy with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a good flick. Get matching cozy pajamas for everyone to take the cutest Instagram pics together after a fun day on the mountain..

Have A Fondue Party With Lots Of Chocolate And Cheese
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When it's cold outside, there's nothing better than enjoying warm cheese and chocolate. It warms the belly and the heart. That's why a fondue party is what you should fondue for your 20th birthday. You can set up different stations for dipping with every type of cheese you love, and then different kinds of chocolate. Some dipping ideas include fruits, veggies, breads, meats and pretty much whatever you desire. Are you getting hungry yet?

Put Together A Giant Blanket Fort With All The Amenities
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Sure, you've had a few blanket forts here and there, but have you ever had a blanket fort fill your entire apartment? Well, now's your chance.

Build the greatest blanket fort to ever exist. Make sure there are tons of cozy spots to lounge in, lots of snacks, and twinkle lights. Then, have a comfy sleepover in footie pajamas with your best friends while watching those nostalgia-filled movies you can't get enough of.

Get Blowouts And Winter-Themed Nail Art
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Let's be honest: It's never been a better time for a blowout with your besties. For your birthday, consider having a makeover day filled with lots of pampering.

Spend the day getting blowouts at Drybar, treating yourself to winter-themed nail art at your favorite salon, stopping by Sephora for a fresh new look, and picking out the perfect birthday dress to wear for pics.

Have A Warm Dessert Bakeoff
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It just wouldn't be a birthday party without the cake, so turn your entire celebration into a bakeoff with the yummiest desserts. Have your friends attempt to nail it with Pinterest-level decorating skills, and try out every cookie recipe you can find online. Top with flowers and fresh fruit to truly make it the cutest cake. This party will take the cake as the sweetest time

Rent Out A Pottery Studio
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Find the nearest pottery studio and let everyone’s creative side come out. Your besties will love making cups or bowls and painting them with the prettiest pastels. You won’t have to worry about the temperature outside either. Bring snacks and dessert to the studio—maybe even birthday hats for everyone—to celebrate your big day.

Have An Indoor Picnic
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Well, since you can’t really have a comfortable picnic outside, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and have an indoor picnic. All of your friends can wear a dress without worrying about freezing. Clear out your living room and set up a big plaid blanket. Make a charcuterie board, sandwiches, and serve pink lemonade.

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