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Where Is The Circle Season 6 Filmed? There’s a Whole New Location

It’s a lot easier to travel to this spot.

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After over a year of waiting, The Circle is finally back with Season 6, and things are looking a little different. For the first time, the Netflix series is switching up locations. Last season, The Circle kept things fresh with a Singles theme, where “players who claim to be romantically available” faced off to potentially win the $150,000 cash prize and be named top influencer. While there is no singles spin this time around, the location where The Circle Season 6 was filmed is very different.

For anyone who has been watching The Circle on Netflix since Season 1, you know that the apartments that the contestants live in during their time on the show have always been located in Salford, England near Manchester. Fans wondered during Season 4 if the show moved production stateside, due to some aerial shots of U.S. cities. While that would seem plausible, The Circle Season 4 and Season 5 stayed consistent with the first three seasons by filming in the same apartment building. However, this time around, they moved production to Atlanta, Georgia.

The Circle Season 6 Was Moved To Atlanta

The Circle apartments — or flats — used to be located in the Adelphi Wharf neighborhood of Salford. Most specifically, the apartment complex used in the show was the Adelphi Wharf Phase One building, which has 206 units inside. Since moving to Georgia, The Circle now takes place in the Sonder Midtown South apartments in Atlanta. While the Sonder stays are like a hotel, you can book an apartment for as long as you’d like. This is ideal for Netflix, who likely needed the location for a few weeks.

You could even book one of the rooms from The Circle, but don’t expect your place to be as beautifully decorated as the apartments in the series. The production designer for The Circle, Catherine Land, previously spoke to Elite Daily and admitted that she comes in to design the apartments before the show even casts the contestants.


So, you’ll need to bring your own home decor and creativity if you’d like to live in an apartment similar to the ones you’d see on the show. You do get some amenities when you stay at the Sonder, like access to a fitness center and the rooftop courtyard, but it won’t look as colorful either. According to House Beautiful, production also decorated the courtyard to include The Circle’s signature hot tub, and the gym the contestants use on the show is different as well.

Even though it won’t be as Barbiecore and neon, these stays at the Sonder are gorgeous and worth visiting if you’re a fan of the show. Members can book a one-bedroom apartment for just $83 with a two-night minimum. While you’re in Atlanta, you could even check out other TV show filming locations, like Stranger Things.

The Circle’s Casting Is Ongoing


While The Circle Season 6 just dropped on Netflix, the series was filmed sometime last year, according to Distractify. If you marathon-watch the new episodes and think you have what it takes to win The Circle, you could submit yourself to become a cast member. That might even be cheaper than planning an entire vacay to Georgia to see the filming location.

Casting for the reality show is listed as ongoing right now, so you could potentially be selected for Season 8 since Season 7 has reportedly wrapped as well.

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