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How to order a Wednesday Addams Starbucks drink.

How To Order A Wednesday Addams Starbucks Cold Brew For A Spooky Sip

It’s from the ~secret~ menu.


You thought spooky season was over? Think again. Netflix and Tim Burton have been bringing the chills in the new comedy-horror series Wednesday. The coming-of-age show stars Jenna Ortega in a fresh take on Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. She is quickly becoming the “it girl,” and fans have concocted a Starbucks drink in her honor. Like any good angsty teen, her coffee is iced — a cold brew, to be specific. It’s not on the actual Starbucks menu, but once you know how to order a Wednesday Addams Starbucks drink, you can switch up your go-to drink for a more brooding vibe.

Since Wednesday premiered on Netflix on Nov. 23, chatter of a second season has been loud (and it’s coming!), and the show has inspired trends from TikTok dances to makeup transformations. It was only a matter of time before Starbucks drinks became a part of the mix. The drink, which has actually been around since before the show, is still the perfect way to get a caffeine fix in honor of your favorite goth girl. Created by the blog Totally The Bomb, the Wednesday Addams Starbucks drink has both a kick to it and a sweet finish. It mixes together flavors of cold brew, mocha, and vanilla cold foam for a Wednesday-style sip.


How To Order A Wednesday Addams Starbucks Cold Brew Drink

This drink is part of the Starbucks secret menu, aka recipes concocted by baristas and fans, meaning it’s not part of the coffee shop's official menu. Unless your barista is a Wednesday fan, too, they likely won’t know what a “Wednesday Addams Drink” is, so you won’t be able to order it by name. In Wednesday fashion, the customizable drink comes to life with some methodical scheming, er, detailed instructions.


First, order a Venti Cold Brew, and then you want to ask for Mocha Sauce (you’ll get fewer pumps if you order a smaller size). The trickiest part is the customized cold foam. You want to ask for vanilla bean blended into Regular Cold Foam — and that’ll top off your drink.

There you have it: The drink is a tad complex, so as with any custom Starbucks order, make sure you’re ready to wait a little longer, especially if it’s a super busy time.