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58 Fangtastic Vampire Captions For Your Bloody Good Halloween Pics

These captions don’t suck.

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Raise your hand if you grew up loving vampires thanks to the Twilight series and shows like The Vampire Diaries and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The blood-thirsty night dwellers have been a fave in monster media since Bram Stoker's Dracula, so it makes sense that you would need some cute vampire Instagram captions to use during the spooky season. Whether you’re just rewatching all your fave movies like What We Do in the Shadows and Blade with your roomies or planning a smokey vampire-inspired makeup look to wear with your Halloween costume, these vampire captions will be helpful to keep around.

It’s kind of like how it’s a good idea to keep some garlic or a wooden stake on hand if you’re hunting vampires. Having some vampire quotes ready to go will make posting your most Insta-worthy moments even easier. These 58 vampire Instagram captions will even work with all your creepy candids at a haunted house or sinister selfies of your all-black OOTD. You could use a vampire quote for your Cullen-inspired glittery makeup snap or vacay to visit all the Twilight filming locations in the Pacific Northwest. Let’s not forget a throwback photo of your vampire Halloween costume and foodie pics of your bloody good bites. Whatever the situation or Halloween adventure you have planned, you’ll have an easier time posting with these fangtastic vampire captions.

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  1. "Feeling fang-cy in my Halloween costume."
  2. "Hope you have a fangtastic day."
  3. "I'm fang-girling over here."
  4. "I'd like to give fangs to all my friends."
  5. "Fangs a bunch for being my friend."
  6. "I had to switch to de-coffin-ated lattes."
  7. "Fangs, but no fangs."
  8. "Just grabbing a bite to eat."
  9. "Having the most fangtastic Halloween with my vampires."
  10. "Sometimes, love bites."
  11. "Waking up bite and early."
  12. "I must be a vampire, because I also love sleeping all day."
  13. "Just suck it up."
  14. "Vampires know how to creep it real."
  15. "I'm on the necks level."
  16. "'Cause baby now we got bad blood." — Taylor Swift, "Bad Blood"
  17. "Getting kissed by a vampire is a pain in the neck."
  18. "I'll be the Bella to your Edward."
  19. "I still can't decide if I'm #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob."
  20. "I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love." — Leona Lewis, "Bleeding Love"
  21. "You're so vein."
  22. "I count stand it."
  23. "Count me in."
  24. "I've got a bat idea."
  25. "All bats are off."
  26. "Bat-ween you and me, I love vampires."
  27. "No garlic allowed at this party."
  28. "Fangs you very much."
  29. "Of corpse I love vampires."
  30. "Feeling batty."
  31. "Creepin' it real with the vampires."
  32. "Why are you being so cryptic?"
  33. "Twilight my fire."
  34. "Aren’t you Vlad to see me?"
  35. "There's Twilight at the end of the tunnel."
  36. "Stop being so negative, blood is fine."
  37. "Sorry, you just don't seem like my blood type."
  38. "Just like a vampire, I also don't like garlic."
  39. “Call me Buffy, because I’m slaying this OOTD.”
  40. “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.” — Twilight
  41. “When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.” — Angelina Jolie
  42. “A vampire, like a lady, never reveals his true age.” — Gail Carriger, Soulless
  43. “I have never met a vampire personally, but I don't know what might happen tomorrow.” — Bela Lugosi
  44. “I don’t live to drain, I drain to live.” — What We Do in the Shadows
  45. “Hanging out with you doesn’t suck.”
  46. “Here for a bloody good time.”
  47. “It's not the size of your fangs, it's how you bite.”
  48. “Without passion... we'd be truly dead.” — Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  49. “What would Buffy do?”
  50. “I’m just looking for my necks victim.”
  51. The fangs all here.”
  52. “Don’t want you in my bloodline.” — Ariana Grande
  53. “I love the smell of blood in the morning.”
  54. “I’m only here to grab a bite and then to drink.”
  55. “You can sit with us, of corpse.”
  56. “Well, it has always been love at first bite to me.”
  57. “Fine, I’ll bite.”
  58. “I always fall for your (blood) type.”

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