7 Beautiful & Sexy Vampire Makeup Tutorials You'll Want To Stick Your Fangs Into

No matter how basic people think being a vampire on Halloween is, they're not you. There isn't just one way to acquire that vampire look and nor should anyone be allowed to take a bite out of your fun. Since vampires are such mythical creatures, it's our imaginations that give them life in the first place... figuratively, of course. Mastering how to do Halloween makeup for vampires is so available to anyone willing to learn, that we should send YouTube a "thank you" card.

We don't need Twilight to remind us how enticing and downright sexy vampires and their whole existence is. Aside from the fact that they'd want to suck you dry before you could get out either one of those compliments, they are certainly swoon-worthy. Most importantly you'd be #winning if you pulled off their image in a noticeably gorgeous way.

The opportunity to make something your own has arrived. So, you need to make sure you are adding your own flare and style to the notorious night walker that inhabits many books, movies, and cautious tales. In other words, you need to be the vampire you envision. Now, if you need a little help prepping the face with makeup and fake blood, see how these ladies slayed and made Dracula proud.

From Vampy To Full-Blown Vampire
Desi Perkins on YouTube

Those contacts really set this look off, but if you feel weird about touching your eye like most people, at least get decorative with the bite marks. The perfected dark lips will make you look like the most beautiful thing to ever roll out of a coffin and face the night. Why is Halloween glam so darn fun?

No Need To Be Invited In With This Look
Leyla Rose on YouTube

The red vein look is such a go, you'll wonder why you didn't think of that small detail before. Normally, according to legend, vampires have to be invited in the room of a non-vampire, but with this makeup idea, they'll be chanting for you to come in. Also, the red eyes and cherry-colored lipstick make you look like a vampire goddess waiting to stick her fangs into some Halloween fun.

Slay That Fierce Stare
Christen Dominique on YouTube

Even though you're impersonating a creature that is already dead, you can still keep the hues of your skin a tad more human-like, and this is a great example of how. Just because you're dead, that doesn't mean you still can't be the life of the party, right? Blackish gray lipstick is an option to acquire the vampire couture as well.

'True Blood' Nostalgia To The Max
Carli Bybel on YouTube

If you never watched the show True Blood, many of the vampires in it were drop dead gorgeous, but didn't always look incredibly like vampires. They also had a choice to reveal their fangs, so they sort of mimicked the human look. Has anyone else noticed how perfect all of these eyebrows are turning out? Shoot, I'd get bit for a lifetime of amazing eyebrows. *shrugs*

It's All In The Fangs
Miranda Hedman on YouTube

This look is so simple to do, and the finished product will certainly turn heads. If you were ever hesitant about wearing a smokey eye look, these vampire makeup tutorials should help break you out of your shell. These smokey eyes turned out so neat and seductive.

Get Ready To Shimmer
Chloe Morello on YouTube

That choker is literally everything. Hopefully you're up for amplifying your highlight game, because this vampire look is stunning. Get ready to shimmer and light up the room.

All Black Everything
BeautyyBird on YouTube

Black never looked so darn good until you applied it to a vampire Halloween costume. Not only does the color go with absolutely everything, but black lips with fangs are a match made in heaven... or is it hell, in this case? Anyway, put on some comfortable black heels, and you've got yourself a vampire countess looking for her next victim.

Dressing up as a vampire this Halloween just got that much more fun with these makeup ideas. Tap into your creativity and really see how far you can go. Every drop of the night is yours.