Your Valentine's Day 2022 horoscope will bring out the hopeless romantic in you.

Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope Will Bring Out The Hopeless Romantic In You

Let’s play a love game.

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On Valentine’s Day, you deserve rose petals strewn across a freshly made bed. You deserve buttery bubble baths, chocolates that melt on your tongue, and alluring notes that get your imagination going. You deserve every single last drop of it, because regardless of what anyone says, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and you are *so* loved. This year, your Valentine’s Day 2022 horoscope is radiating hues of pink and gold, so let the color of romance wash over you.

If ever there was a Valentine’s Day for going all out with the grand gestures, it’s this one. The moon will be in creative and dramatic Leo, driving your desire to express yourself. Leo is a natural showoff, and when Leo loves something, it wants the whole world to know it. If you’re burning with passion for someone or something, let Valentine’s Day give you the green light to go wild with extravagance. Because Valentine’s Day is just two days before the full moon in Leo becomes exact on Feb. 16 at 11:56 p.m. ET, you’ll feel the pull toward something incredible. As this pull tugs harder and harder, it might just pluck your heartstrings.

On Feb. 14, you might also feel the prick of Cupid’s arrow puncturing your skin. And while this arrow could leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, you might feel equally as overwhelmed by the passion of it all. Venus — planet of love and affection — will be forming a conjunction with Mars — planet of desire and aggression — gradually raising the romantic heat until it starts setting off alarms.

Venus is naturally receptive while Mars is intrinsically assertive, bringing tensions between lovers to irresistible levels. Because this conjunction takes place in strong-willed Capricorn, it will bring your desires to a boiling point, reaching a level of intensity that simply cannot be repressed as you find a way to get what you want. And if that “want” involves another person, you have a much higher chance of sealing the deal on Valentine’s Day this year.

Here’s how each zodiac sign can keep up with this complicated dance:

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The passion is rising to a boiling point this Valentine’s Day and you’re living for every moment of it. You thrive on the fire of life and the love that makes it worthwhile. Spend time with people you care about, both romantically and platonically, because you craving more of that love.


Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to get out of the house on Valentine’s Day, because you’re in the mood for a feeling of comfort and familiarity. Do something that brings you back to your roots and makes you feel save. Remember — love is not a stomach ache, but a feeling of wholeness that makes you feel fed.


You’re lighthearted and clever to your core, which is why Valentine’s Day is bringing out the side of you that’s a fairy. You dazzle people with your wit, but you’re also nimble and incapable of being caught. Let a love that’s free-flowing and fluid guide you through the holiday of love and all of it’s abundance.


The mere mention of “Valentine’s Day” can sound dramatic, and this year, you’re not in the mood for anything wild. Instead, you’re craving a sense of stability and inner knowing. This year, you’re focusing on the people you know, without a doubt, will always have your back. And with that in mind, you’ve already got all that you need.

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You’re coming into your own on Valentine’s Day, thanks to the full moon in Leo. This full moon is reminding you who you are and how bright you shine, so take time to honor your power and your resilience. If you ever feel like showing off, don’t resist the temptation, because the world wants to know what you’re up to these days.


You’re looking beyond all the clichés and high expectations of Valentine’s Day and you’re creating your own version of the holiday. Do what feels right to you, because you’re tapping into an understanding of love that knows no bounds. You don’t need cards, candy, or flowers to prove anything, not when there’s so much love.


You’re realizing that Valentine’s Day may be much better shared amongst not only lovers, but also friends. In fact, you may even be in the mood to throw a lil shindig and invite the whole crew over for some heart-shaped excitement. Don’t forget how loved you are, because love comes in so many forms and the list is endless.


You may be ready to go public with your love life on Valentine’s Day. Although you’re a naturally secretive lover and you revel in the part of your romance that’s private, you’re in the mood to share your love to the world and make it known. There’s no need to keep the contents of your heart under wraps when you’re so proud of what it holds.


This year, you’re feeling adventurous about Valentine’s Day. You’re craving a different form of romance and your love for travel and exploration is leading you somewhere beautiful. Embrace the truths you find along the way, because they’ll say so much about what your heart considers love in its purest form.


You’re looking beyond the superficial aspects of Valentine’s Day this year. However, it’s also making you think more about how you love, who you love, and what the nature of your love is like. You may be wanting something deeper, but you’ll never know how deep something goes unless you keep pushing. It’s all love in the end.


This Valentine’s Day, you’re getting a clear understanding of your relationships and where they stand. And although there may be mistakes that need mending, there’s also a core of strength you’re discovering. And if you’re willing to work through your issues, that core will only become stronger. Let love guide you.


You care a lot less about what you’re getting for Valentine’s Day and a lot more about what you’re giving. In fact, doing something meaningful for someone you love might bring you even more joy than it does them. By creating love and sending it out there, you’re reinforcing your belief that love is always infinite and available.