Group tiktok challenges for vacation are fun to try with friends this summer
11 Trending TikTok Songs And Sounds To Try With Your Summer Squad

Show off your epic summer 2022 memories.

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You and your friend group have a whole summer full of pool parties, adventures, and celebrations ahead of you. You spent all spring counting down the days to vacation, and now it’s finally time to live in the moment and make the most of summer 2022. With all these exciting new memories in-store, make sure you document everything you’d like to look back on, from the beautiful sights you’ll visit, to your squad’s summer vibe. To accompany your videos, check out these trending TikTok songs and sounds for summer 2022 for inspiration.

Remember these fun TikTok challenges with you on your trips together so there’s never a dull moment. Creating TikToks with your besties is a great way to pass the time and get everyone involved, whether you’re waiting at the airport or in a long line for a rollercoaster at Disney World. All you need is your phone, a little imagination, and your favorite crew.

When you’re choosing the perfect TikTok sounds to record with, take inspiration from the songs of the summer, like music from Harry Styles, Lizzo, or the soundtrack to Stranger Things Season 4. You can match each TikTok sounds to match your friend group’s vibe; are you a traveling group of comedians, an aspiring pop girl group, or simply a collection of hot-mess misfits? Try out these TikTok challenges for summer 2022 to show off your squad and epic summer memories.

“Music For A Sushi Restaurant” by Harry Styles


This song of the summer is perfect for any footage where there’s rising excitement, like a flight taking off or a cannonball into the pool. The song’s layered vocals are great for group music videos too.

Songs from Stranger Things Season 4


Reefer Rick’s apparent theme song, “Pass The Dutchie” by Musical Youth is trending on TikTok, and is perfect for sharing your group’s chill vibe, whether you’re paddle boarding, sipping ice cold drinks, or at the beach soaking up the sun. The revival of Kate Bush’s ‘80s song “Running Up That Hill (Make a Deal With God)” is another popular song from this season of Stranger Things, and can better soundtrack more dramatic activities you’re all up too – like literally filming yourselves “running up that hill.”

“Every Friend Group Has...”


Every friend group comes with lovable characters. Use one of the “Every friend group has...” sounds to match the essential roles of your squad to each member.

“That’s Hot”


Grab your evil twin to reinact a montage of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie repeating “that’s hot” from their iconic reality show The Simple Life. You can use it to show off your outfits, or even provide commentary on the weather.

The Kardashians “Orange Soda” Meme


This sound comes from an animated Keeping Up with The Kardashians spoof that depicts a dramatic betrayal about orange soda. This hilarious TikTok sound is perfect for reinacting at a restaurant with two besties (bonus points if you commit and actually order one).

Lip Synch Battle


Making a music video with your friends will always be a fun idea, and now you can edit and post them on TikTok. Record an epic lip sync battle to your group’s favorite songs and share with the hashtag #lipsynchbattle

“About Damn Time” by Lizzo


Gather your squad and learn the dance challenge to one of the top trending songs on TikTok right now. “Turn up the music, let's celebrate!”

“Can We Skip To The Good Part” Sound


Start this trend at the airport while you wait at your gate. Sit in a line with your travel crew, cross your legs on cue, and transition to footage of your amazing vacation. You can use this for any trip with any group!

“Cool For The Summer” By Demi Lovato


Grab you girls and show TikTok how your group does #HotGirlSummer. You can use this transition to show how your looks switch from drab to fab

“I’m Passing The Phone To...”


This hilarious TikTok challenge is a fun way to shout out every member of your squad. One person starts the TikTok by saying, “I’m passing the phone to someone who...,” and describes the person without saying their name. The phone is passed to them and then that person describes the next person they will pass to, until everyone in the friend group has been called out.

“Night Changes” by One Direction


This sweet and sentimental song is perfect for adventure montages, graduation parties, birthdays, sunsets, and your special summer memories with your closest friends. Just add this song to footage that makes your heart smile.