A woman in her kitchen enjoys some of TikTok's viral angel milk recipe variations from a mug.
These Viral Angel Milk Recipe Variations Include Edible Glitter

Say halo to these creative sips.

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Now that it’s fall, you’ll want to head to TikTok to find something warm and delicious to drink for those extra chilly days. While a pumpkin spice and chai latte have always been your autumn go-tos, you may want to throw in a delicious mug of angel milk every once in awhile. If you’ve already mastered the basic steps, TikTok’s viral angel milk recipe variations will help you mix up your sips with ‘Gram-worthy additions like glitter and food coloring.

If you’re unfamiliar with this sweet drink, angel milk consists of three main ingredients:

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Vanila Extract

Mix about a spoonful of sugar — as Mary Poppins would say — and a capful of vanilla extract into your mug of milk, and you’re ready to warm your angel milk up in the microwave. Most TikTokers heat their drink up for one minute, but some have been going as long as 1:30 while others are only warming it up for 15 seconds. You’ll also want to play it by ear when it comes to the amount of sugar and vanilla extract you add in. Many TikTokers have said that if you put too much of either ingredient in, your drink may come out too sweet.

Of course, you can always switch things up entirely. A lot of TikTokers have gotten creative with their angel milk recipes on TikTok by adding in additional ingredients like cinnamon or honey. If you’re lactose intolerant or avoiding dairy, feel free to switch out the traditional milk for some almond or oat milk. It’s really up to you to make the most heavenly angel milk you can. If you need a little inspiration, though, here are eight viral angel milk recipe variations you can try at home.

Honey Angel Milk

If you have some leftover honey from making TikTok’s honey jelly snacks, use it to make this honey angel milk from TikToker @unbaiter. All you need to do is add in some honey along with your sugar and vanilla extract. Since the honey is also a sweetener, cut back on the amount of sugar and extract you add in.

Pink Almond Angel Milk

While vanilla extract is one of the main ingredients in the OG angel milk recipe, you can always swap it out for some almond extract instead for an almond-flavored angel milk.

TikToker @lizz.818 did this while also adding in a few drops of food coloring to really make their angel milk stand out. Play around with the food dye you have at home to give yourself some vibrant and Insta-worthy angel milk. If you pour your angel milk into a clear mug or mason jar, you’ll really be able to see the gorgeous color pop in your sippin’ selfies.

Glittery Angel Milk

One way to give your angel milk an upgrade without changing its flavor is to add in some edible glitter like TikToker @tastybreadcrumbs, who created glittery angel milk by mixing in edible glitter along with the sugar and vanilla extract.

While it may not be as vibrant in your videos, the glitter will definitely add a heavenly shine to your drink IRL. You can even find different kinds of colored glitter, like Fancy Sprinkles’ Prism Powder, to add a pretty hue to your angel milk along with some iridescence.

Almond Angel Milk

You can still make angel milk with a dairy-free alternative like TikToker @ottert33th, who chose almond milk for their angel milk recipe. Just remember that if it’s flavored milk, you may want to add in less sugar and vanilla extract so that it’s not too sweet.

Cinnamon Angel Milk

Fall is definitely a time to enjoy more cinnamon treats, so try this cinnamon angel milk recipe from TikToker @summer_..stuff. Just add a dash of cinnamon on top of your milk before stirring it all together. It’ll give your drink more of a cinnamon sugar taste, and may even remind you of pairing milk with a warm churro from Disneyland or cinnamon rolls in the morning.

Oat Angel Milk

Oat milk has become one of the most popular milk alternativs. Even Starbucks came out with a lineup of oat milk latte drinks that everyone on TikTok wanted to try. If you’re a fan, you can use oat milk in your recipe to create a super trendy oat angel milk.

This recipe from TikToker @phatdeack follows all the same steps as the original recipe. Keep in mind you may need to stir it a little more to get it all mixed together.

Stovetop Coffee Creamer Angel Milk

Did you know you can also make your angel milk on the stovetop? If you don’t have a microwave or just really want to make sure all your sugar gets mixed in properly, this angel milk stovetop tutorial from TikToker @little.emo.bunny will come in handy.

This is perfect if you’re having your best friends over for a movie night and want to make enough angel milk for everyone to enjoy. Their recipe even includes adding a little coffee creamer for an additional pop of flavor.

Angel Milk and Cookies

When you think milk, you may also think cookies. If you find yourself craving a little treat with your angel milk, you may want to try TikToker @freebughugs’ recipe, which is all about “self-love.”

In addition to adding cookies, this TikToker swaps out their sugar entirely for some honey and uses real vanilla beans instead of vanilla extract. According to @freebughugs, you’ll want to stir clockwise for “positivity.” The vibes are all good with this angel milk and will definitely having you feeling like you’re sipping on a warm hug.

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