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TikTok’s Viral Honey Jelly Is A Sweet Summer Treat — Here Are 7 Ways To Make It

You won’t *bee*-lieve how good it is.

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Hey, honey, there’s a new TikTok recipe making its rounds on the “For You” page and it’s just the snack you need to cool off in the summer heat. TikTok’s “frozen” honey jelly is not only delicious, but one of the easiest of the foodie trends to make. It’s so simple that you’ll be racing to the kitchen after learning how to make TikTok’s honey jelly recipe in order to try it for yourself.

All you need to begin is:

  • Some honey
  • A bottle you can squeeze

That’s it.

Freeze the honey inside your bottle, and after about two to three hours, you’ll have chilled honey in a gelatinous texture that is perfect for snacking on. It’s so easy to make that many TikTokers have even experimented with different honey jelly flavors and tried out different colors to make vibrant rainbow honey jelly. In fact, you can have a little fun at home with your roomies making your own honey jelly to enjoy as is, on some homemade bread, or on top of an acai bowl. If you need a little help or inspiration before you begin, here are seven honey jelly recipes on TikTok for you to follow along with. Don’t forget to share your recipes as well to make all your followers jelly-ous.

Original Honey Jelly

If you’re looking for the most traditional and basic honey jelly recipe to follow, TikToker @random.videoslmaooo demonstrates how to make the OG honey jelly by pouring some honey into a water bottle. It works best with a mini water bottle, but any bottle you can squeeze will do. Once you’ve poured your honey into the bottle, put it into a freezer for at least two hours. The honey won’t actually freeze into a solid but rather a delicious, jelly-like substance that you can squeeze out of the bottle and enjoy as a snack.

Fruity Honey Jelly

Once you’ve nailed down the basic recipe, have fun with your honey jelly by adding in different flavors. TikToker @jonathan._.linares had a berry good idea to add in some blueberry Jell-O powder to make this blueberry honey jelly. Since there are so many different Jell-O powder flavors, you can make a whole rainbow of honey jelly, from lime to strawberry.

Colorful Honey Jelly

If you want to stick with the traditional honey flavor but still want colorful honey jelly, try just adding in some food dye. TikToker @laurentrendzit did this and made super vibrant green and red honey jelly. With the right color of honey jelly on top of your toast, you could have a super Instagram-worthy breakfast in no time.

Wax Paper Honey Jelly

If you don’t have a water bottle lying around, you can always use wax paper. TikToker @happyorganics demonstrates how easy it is to peel off your frozen honey off the wax paper for a snack-sized bite. You could even make a whole sheet of honey jelly to peel off easily and add on top of bread or a bowl of oatmeal.

Corn Syrup Honey Jelly

While it doesn’t freeze as well as the honey, you can make honey jelly out of corn syrup as well. As TikToker @daveyrz says, “Honey has its own flavor.” So, if you want to make your Jell-O powder flavors pop more, you can always add them to corn syrup instead. The corn syrup will also work better with your food dye colors since it is clear and honey has a natural yellow tint.

Corn Syrup Honey Jelly

If you need a recipe to make some homemade honey jelly using corn syrup, water, and sugar, TikToker @minjizone_food has the tutorial for you. Follow along to make your own homemade honey that you can freeze. You could even use some mini plastic bottles ($10, Amazon) to store your honey in the freezer for to-go snacks all summer long.

Spicy Watermelon Honey Jelly

Once you’ve nailed down honey versus corn syrup jelly, fruity honey jelly, and colorful honey jelly, you can try a recipe that’s a little more advanced. This spicy watermelon honey jelly from TikToker @daveyrz is a mix of watermelon drink powder, chamoy sauce, Tapatío hot sauce, and habanero pepper sauce. Mix with your corn syrup and freeze for a sweet and spicy treat.

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