If you're alone on a snow day, these things to do on a snow day include so many fun activities.
11 Things To Do On A Snowy Day Solo That Are As Cool As You Are

Cozy up inside or take advantage of the flurries.

by Ciara Johnson
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The weather outside isn't frightful when you're excited for the first wintry snowfall of the season. But, deciding on what to do on a snowy day when you're home alone is another story. Fear not, because there are many adventures you can have so much fun doing solo, and that’s why we're here to share some of the best things to do alone on a snowy day.

When life has you caught up, it’s easy to overlook the joy you can have doing things you don’t normally have time for, with one of the coolest people of all time: you. From being able to pick out the holiday movie you want to watch without anyone else’s input to sleeping in or making a TikTok out in the snow, you can really make the most of this solo downtime. Plus, you won’t really be alone when you find the best things to do alone on a snowy day and share the pics on your feed showing how busy you’ve been. It’ll be amazing content that will get all the love and likes from your friends and family. Put on your cozy plaid pajamas or cutest winter outfit, it’s your choice, and so are these fun solo activities.

Have A Holiday Movie Marathon
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What are the holidays and wintery days without watching your favorite movies? You can relive your childhood while watching every festive classic available on Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime. Don't forget to light up your evergreen-scented candle, bake chocolate chip cookies, and prepare a batch of hot chocolate for snack time while you tune in.

Finish The Book You Started

Reading is difficult to fit in when you have so much going on with your weekly routine. A snowy day is the ideal time for finishing that book you started earlier this year. Cozy up on the couch in your PJs with your book and a fleece blanket for an old fashioned snow day, just like when you were a kid. To limit distractions, put your phone on airplane mode and place somewhere out of reach.

Try A New Holiday Recipe

Experiment with a new recipe that catches your eye on TikTok or Pinterest. This is a great way to get creative and make use of your alone time. Creating something new can be a challenge, but it can also be a lot of fun and quite delicious. Who knows, it might end up being one of your new favorites. Document the process to post on your own social media channels.

Create A Winter Playlist
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When was the last time you made a seasonal playlist? Consider putting together a winter playlist as you search for new songs that capture your feels this season, like jams from Taylor Swift's Red re-release. You'll have some new music to rock out to and inspire you all winter long.

Send A Sweet Note To Your Long-Distance Friend

Writing physical notes seems to be a lost tradition, but it's always a pretty cool idea to write and send one to someone you're thinking about. It's such a treat to receive one, and will make your long-distance bestie or family member feel extra special.

Do Some Winter Cleaning And Organizing

Most people don't spend time organizing in their house until spring, but why not get a head start this winter? You can bag up old clothes to donate and declutter your home so that it feels brand new. You'll feel productive and satisfied with a job well-done. Plus, it’s the holiday season and you’ll have to make room for some new items.

Treat Yo' Self To An At-Home Spa Experience
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Grab your favorite bath goodies and treat yo' self to an at-home spa day. There's no better time to give yourself a bit of TLC. Soak in the tub with a minty bath bomb or polish your nails in a winter-themed pattern. Embrace the peace and tranquility of it all. You'll be snow glad you did.

Watch Vlogmas On YouTube

Some of your favorite Youtubers are bound to participate in Vlogmas. For those who aren’t familiar, Vlogmas is when Youtubers post a video every single day in the month of December. Chill out all day and catch up on your favorites as they get in the holiday spirit.

Wrap All Of Your Presents

Dedicate an entire day to wrapping all of your holiday gifts. Whether you are getting innovative and reusing brown paper bags, or using that cute printed wrapping paper you’ve been waiting to use, take your time and make each gift shine. Wrap each present with a glittery bow, and don’t forget the name tags.

Go Skiing Or Snowboarding
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If you want to take advantage of the flurries, one of the fun things to do on a snowy day include going skiing or snowboarding. Chances are you’d be doing these activities alone anyways, so you won’t miss the company when you’re racing down the slopes.

Make A Few TikTok Videos

You swore you’d never get on the app, and here you are scrolling through it every day. Have some fun with it and create a few of your own videos. Whether you want to make a cooking or recipe video, lip synching video, or dancing video, get creative with it. You could also record some TikToks of you making snow angels alone in the snow.

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