A trendy teen sits in her bedroom that's decorated in cool decor and texts.
These TikTok Room Decor DIYs Will Totally Revamp Your Space

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Your living space is your oasis. But, in order to keep it feeling fresh and inspiring, it might require a few simple updates every so often. Whether it's color, lighting, or splurging on a few accessories, these TikTok room decor ideas can help you create the space of your dreams.

TikTok is a never-ending source for creative DIY trends — especially when it comes to decorating. From Louis Vuitton-inspired wall decor, to custom neon signs, to foam cloud mirrors, your room can look like it was taken straight off of your Pinterest board. Creating a designer wall plaque for your space can make you feel as though you're lounging in a luxurious spa where every day is #selfcareday. Stringing up a Polaroid garland will surround you with the best memories you've made with your friends and family. Whichever TikTok room DIYs you choose to create, you'll want to show off your finished look on the 'gram. Your followers will be totally shook at how snazzy your space looks.

You can even plan a craft night for a memorable time with your roommates. Gather them up to make a wall sign for your living room using an inside joke your squad will LOL at every time they see it. You and your BFF can also do your own decor project, then stage an unveiling over FaceTime. With these TikTok DIY room decor ideas on deck, the possibilities are truly endless.

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These Bendy Candles Are The Coolest

Clear your countertops to make way for some bendy candles. These trendy candles have been spotted all over TikTok, and they are super easy to make. All you'll need is a pack of tall candles ($26, Northern Lights Candles) and warm water. Then, you can get creative and shape them to have as many twists and bends as you'd like.

This Designer Plaque Is Très Chic

This TikTok tutorial is totally on trend. You can build any designer label you'd like with a sheet of tempered hard wood ($4, Home Depot), hunter green spray paint ($4, Walmart), a rotary cutter or sharp knife to cut the wood, and boxwood panels ($17, Amazon). You're sure to feel like you're staying at a luxury hotel when you hang up your Louis Vuitton wall plaques throughout your space.

This Foam Mirror Will Take Your Selfies To The Next Level

Take your mirror selfies to the next level with a cute mirror. This tutorial transforms an ordinary mirror into a cloudy dreamland using construction foam ($4, Home Depot). Give your selfies an epic moment after spraying your old mirror with a fun pillowy cloud.

This Hanging Plant Holder Will Leaf You Smiling

This plant holder tutorial on TikTok is such a cute way to uplift your space. You can reuse a potted plant you already have or get a new one to put in your hanger. The supplies for this craft include: string ($2, Webstuarant Store), scissors, and tape. After you build a new home for you plants, you can snap a photo for the 'gram and give it a punny caption like, "Aloe you very much."

This Neon Sign DIY Will Light Up Your Room

Your room is sure to pop with this neon sign TikTok trend. To create a glowing message or an art piece you've been loving, grab a canvas board ($2, Target), acrylic paint ($13, Target), and paint brushes. You can build a welcome sign for you and your housemates, or draw cute line art to make your room shine.

This DIY Rug Is A Cozy Addition To Any Home

A DIY rug from TikTok can be made with just two simple tools. Grab some rope ($6, Amazon) and a hot glue gun ($2, Hobby Lobby) to roll your rope into a circular rug. This new mat is the perfect place for your plants to rest or for your cat to curl up on and take their daily nap.

This Hanging Shelf Is Functional And So Fashionable

Clear your walls for these new shelves. Not only are they a perfect way to store your knick knacks, but they're also a fun way to elevate your room.

To make this DIY, you'll need a wooden tray ($15, Amazon), rope ($8, Amazon), and black decorative cord ($9, Amazon). Soon enough, your candles, picture frames, and perfumes will have a cozy new home with these nifty hanging shelves.

This Photo Garland Is Literally Picture-Perfect

Your room isn't complete without photos of you and your besties. Follow this TikTok photo garland tutorial to build a fun piece of decor for your wall. Gather up your favorite photos of you and your main squad and a hot glue gun. You can add beads and embellishments ($1, The Crafts Outlet) to make it extra cute, or attach them to your fairy lights, because your friends always know how to make you glow with happiness.