Mozzarella Sticks Recipes On TikTok

TikTokers Are Using Mozzarella Sticks To Make Tacos, Chicken Fingers, & Even Wontons

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It's hard to say no to some mozzarella sticks. The deliciously fried food stuffed with cheese is an instant fave, and perfect for serving as an appetizer during your roomie dinner or as a snack during movie night with your partner. Not only are they tasty AF, but they're super easy to make. You may even have a go-to recipe already, but there are some different mozzarella sticks recipes on TikTok that you'll definitely want to try out as well.

You know you can always turn to TikTok for the latest foodie trend. Of course, mozzarella sticks are nothing new, but some at-home chefs are putting a fun spin on this classic appetizer to make it even better. For example, did you know that you can make mozzarella sticks with just about any crushed up chips you want? So, ditch the bread crumbs, because some TikTokers are spicing things up with mozzarella sticks made out of Hot Cheetos and Takis.

If you're someone who hopped on the air fryer TikTok trend, you're probably always looking for new recipes. Well, guess what. There are some air fryer recipes on this list of eight mozzarella sticks recipes on TikTok that you can try as well. So, if you're feeling hungry, just scroll on through and find the a cheesy recipe that works for you.

Blue Takis Mozzarella Sticks

If you didn't know blue Takis existed, you're just like TikToker Matthew Merril (@matthewinthekitchen), who was asked to make blue Takis mozzarella sticks. This was after Merril made some traditional Takis mozzarella sticks by crushing up the tortilla chips and using them instead of bread crumbs. The same process is used to make the blue Takis mozzarella sticks, and, spoiler alert, they're delicious and fun.

Buffalo Mozzarella Sticks

Looking to spice up your mozzarella sticks even more? Then you might want to try these Buffalo mozzarella sticks from TikToker Zach Rocheleau (@thezachrocheleau). These are made very similarly to regular mozzarella sticks by dipping your cheese into flour, eggs, and bread crumbs. However, to get the spicy Buffalo taste, add some sauce to your eggs. That way, you're dipping your cheese stick in Buffalo sauce before it's coated with the flour and bread crumbs.

Hot Cheetos Mozzarella Sticks

If Hot Cheetos are more your style, go with this Hot Cheetos mozzarella stick recipe from TikToker @lexsdankeats. These are made the same way the Takis-dressed snacks were made by coating your cheese stick in flour, eggs, and crushed-up Hot Cheetos. After frying in a pan, you get some delicious Hot Cheetos-crusted cheesy goodness.

Wonton Mozzarella Sticks

Break out your air fryer for this wonton mozzarella sticks recipe. This "healthier" version of the OG cheese stick comes from TikToker Sarah Wohlner (@tasteandtraveler). Instead of using any kind of bread crumbs, chips, or flour, you use egg roll wrappers to wrap your cheese sticks in.

Since you're using a wrapper instead of crumbs, you can add in extra ingredients like onions and tomatoes. Once it's all wrapped up nicely, throw in your air fryer for about 10 minutes to cook.

Mozzarella Sticks Stuffed Onion Rings

One of the hardest decisions is choosing between mozzarella sticks or onion rings as your appetizer. Luckily, TikToker Josh Elkin (@thejoshelkin) has solved this problem for good with mozzarella sticks stuffed onion rings.

As Hannah Montana would say, "You get the best of both worlds." By following this delicious recipe, you'll not only make the perfect combo of mozzarella sticks and onion rings, but you get to use crushed-up Funyuns as your bread crumbs for even more fun-yun.

Taco Mozzarella Sticks

Give your roomies something to taco 'bout with these taco mozzarella sticks. This fun recipe comes from TikToker @cookiterica and uses Babybel mozzarella cheese snacks that are dipped in tortilla chips and shredded cheese. The egg dip also has some Tajin seasoning in it for extra spice.

Chicken Finger Mozzarella Sticks

Make it a whole meal with these chicken finger mozzarella sticks. This recipe from TikToker @ketosnackz combines chicken with mozzarella cheese to make a chicken finger stuffed with cheese in under 15 minutes. It's so delicious that you'll wish you thought of it sooner.

Prosciutto Mozzarella Sticks

If you're looking for a classy mozzarella stick to serve with your Insta-worthy charcuterie board, you'll want to make these prosciutto mozzarella sticks from TikToker @culinarylion. All you need to do is wrap your mozzarella sticks in some sliced prosciutto and cook in your air fryer until the prosciutto is crispy. It's that simple and will look great on your cheese board for movie night.