These 35 Things Always Sell Out Because They're Super Comfortable & Under $40 On Amazon

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When you think of Amazon, you might imagine discovering cool products you never knew existed, things to help you stay organized, and items with best-selling reviews. While you can absolutely find all of these things on the mega retailer's site, you can also find super comfortable products that make everyday life just a tad more cozy.

Have trouble getting comfortable while falling asleep? Amazon sells a product for that. Tired of sore legs while traveling? Yup, Amazon has you covered for that too. Perhaps your arches could use a little extra support. Whatever the case may be, Amazon has best-selling, highly-rated products to consider. And since everyone could use being just a touch more comfortable in their daily lives, I went ahead and rounded up dozens of products that you'll instantly want to add to cart.

And remember: One of the biggest perks of Amazon is that you can receive your new purchases in just two days flat, so long as you have Prime. That means that you don't have to incessantly gauge tracking as you wait seven to ten business days like some other brands require. In other words, by the end of this online shopping spree, you can expect to be comfy in a jiff.

A T-Shirt Dress For A Casual, Breezy Look

This T-shirt dress is a boxy, flowy dress perfect for hot weather — and is made of a breathable jersey fabric. It comes in a few different colors (including a striped version), and has a pocket right in the front.

  • Available sizes: XS-XXL
A Silky Shawl That's Perfect For Any Occasion

Having a wrap shawl is like having a pair of classic black pumps — it's a must. This particular wrap scarf is made of silky soft pashmina that more than 1,000 shoppers say is nothing short of perfection. It's sold in 45 colors, so if you find yourself falling in love with the product, there's plenty where that came from.

These Earplugs That Block Out Noise Without Making Your Ears Hurt

If you've ever been to a super noisy concert, you know how necessary owning a pair of earplugs is. Unlike traditional foam earbuds, these custom earplugs mold to the shape of your ear after boiling them in water. Simply heat them up, let them cool, pop them in, and watch as they transform to the exact shape of your ears. The result? Comfy earplugs that stay put without any pressing or prodding.

A Weighted Silk Sleep Mask With Lavender And Flax

This sleep mask is made from 100 percent silk — and is weighted with flax seeds and lavender to add aromatherapy benefits, help with migraines, and soothe you to sleep. There's even a zipper so you can customize how many flax seeds you want in there.

A Wedge Pillow That Helps With Everything From Acid Reflux To Snoring

Whether you snore, get acid reflux, or simply like to sleep in a more upright position, this memory foam wedge pillow is worth taking a longer look at. It has 2 inches of memory foam for extra comfort, and comes with a removable cover. If you stand it up on end, you can even use it as a back rest when reading or watching TV, or prop it under your knees for additional leg comfort.

This Velvet Throw Blanket That's Perfect For Cozy Nights In

This breathable velvet blanket is light enough to stay cozy in warm weather, but plush enough to keep you warm in winter. The 50- by 60-inch blanket is sold in 17 different colors, ensuring you can find one that best matches your decor. Heck, you might even want to buy two.

An Innovative Sling That Makes Flying More Comfortable

Never quite able to get comfortable on a plane? That's often the reality of coach. For a first-class experience without the hefty ticket price, bring one of these best-selling microfiber airplane footrest slings in your carry-on. It's designed to hook onto the seat in front of you so that you can loop your legs through it for a cozier flight. It's also said to prevent low back paint and restlessness, making this an easy purchase to make.

This Ice Cream Scoop That's Super Easy To Use

Ice cream scoops may seem pretty standard, but this one features a silicone handle that adds extra comfort to your dessert-making experience. This best-selling ice cream scoop comes in mint, black, green, and pink, all of which are dishwasher-safe and promise to deliver you with the most perfect ice cream scoops.

A Memory Foam Cushion For Your Back

Make sitting at your desk all day more comfortable than ever with this padded memory foam back cushion. It's made with anti-sweat fabric that's durable, antibacterial, and washable. What's more, it comes with adjustable straps that help it fit any car seat or office chair.

These Drawstring Jogger Pants That Are Great For Travel Days And Lazy Afternoons

Finding the perfect pair of sweatpants can often feel like a feat. That's where these top-rated drawstring waist jogger pants come into the picture. They're available in 34 different styles so that you can feel comfy in dozens of different ways. They're stretchy and breathable without being super baggy, making them a great athleisure staple for all closets.

  • Available sizes: XS-XXL
These Compression Arch Sleeves That Come In Different Sizes

If you want more arch support, go ahead and slip these compression sleeves onto your feet. They're made with a snug-fitting blend of nylon and spandex, and they come in four sizes. Not to mention, they can help improve blood circulation and oxygen flow with every wear.

This Book Light That Conveniently Hangs Around Your Neck

Whether you like to read, knit, write, or simply walk around in the dark, this handy around-the-neck book light will come in handy. It's designed to drape easily for hands-free light in whatever activity you're partaking in. It has three brightness levels and is rechargeable so you won't have to waste money on incessantly changing the batteries.

These Socks That Will Never Slip Down Into Your Shoes

Hate seeing your socks pop out the top of your shoes? These no-show cotton socks will put an end to that. They're cushioned and non-slip, so your feet will stay comfortable and covered all day long. And, in this pack you get a variety of colors, including nude, white, black, and two shades of gray.

A Travel Pillow That Deflates Into One Easy-to-Pack Bundle

Tired of traveling with your everyday pillow? This inflatable camping pillow is just what you're looking for. It has nearly all five-star reviews thanks to its convenient design that inflated into a comfy, full-size pillow, and deflates into an easy-to-carry bundle. Additionally, the underside of the pillow has little black dots on it that keep it from slipping and sliding on air mattresses and sleeping bags.

These Self-Sticking Ball Of Foot Cushions That Make Any Shoe More Comfortable

Transform any pair of shoes into cloud-like comfort with a pair of these self-adhering foot pads. The jelly pads stick onto the ball of your foot to create an extra layer of cushion with every step. Best of all, they can be used over and over again.

A Sleeveless Dress That's Great For Travel

Whether you're headed to the airport or rushing out the door, you'll be glad to have one of these breezy sleeveless dresses in your closet. The airy silhouette hits just above the knees and has pockets for additional storage. It's sold in 18 different colors and prints, giving you the option to stock up on more than just one.

  • Available sizes: S-XXL
A Memory Foam Desk Duo That Will Keep Your Wrists Comfy While Typing

Save yourself from sore wrists by adding these memory foam desk accessories to your office space. The non-slip, padded design is made to cushion your wrists and arms for optimal support when typing. They're available in mint, black, and royal blue.

These Incredibly Soft Sheets That Will Make You Excited For Bedtime

Treat yourself to a set of luxury sheets that you'll never want to slip out of. These sheets have a 1500 thread-count and come in a variety of bold fashion colors, as well as classic neutrals. Each set features a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases.

This Hand-Held Blender That Takes The Hassle Out Of Mixing

Why whip your wrist in a million directions to mix your favorite smoothie or cake batter when you can use this hand-held mixer to do the same thing? The ergonomic design is made to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Additionally, it has a 12-speed setting so that you can power up the mixer to your preference.

These Armrest Pads That Instantly Make Your Office Chair More Comfortable

When you're typing away at your computer there's a pretty good chance that your elbows are planted firmly on the arms of your chair. That being said, why not make those arms as comfy as possible? These memory foam armrest pads attach to any chair arms for a cushioned approach to resting. You can choose from black, gray, and blue.

A Specially Designed Cushion That Takes Pressure Off your Tailbone

This ergonomically-designed seat cushion is made to support better posture while reducing pressure on your tailbone, all thanks to the tailored U-shaped cut-out. Use it on your office chair or bring it with you while traveling. Whichever you choose, your bum and back will thank you.

This Fleece Travel Blanket That Warms Up In The Car

Sometimes, getting into a vehicle during the colder seasons can seem frigid. To help combat the chilliness, you can cozy up with this fleece travel blanket. It's electric and equipped with a 96-inch power cord that can plug into your car's outlet to help warm you up on the go. It's also available in six colors.

The Compression Socks That Make Flying More Enjoyable

These lightweight, form-fitting compression socks are designed to make travel more enjoyable. They gently squeeze around your feet and calves to reduce swelling and pressure on varicose veins, all while boosting circulation mid-air. In other words, if your legs gets cramped up in flight, these are a must.

  • Available sizes: S-XL
These Slip-On Shoes That Are Great For Travel And Everyday Walking

Tired of getting caught up in TSA as you fumble with untying your laces? These slip-on sneakers will take the hassle out of it. They're made with stretch mesh material and padded sole, offering extreme comfort with every step. What's more, there are 33 different options to choose from.

  • Available sizes: 5-13
This Cozy T-Shirt Dress That Can Be Dressed Up Or Down

Want to get out the door as quickly as possible? This long sleeve T-shirt dress will help you do so. Simply slip it on, pair it with your favorite boots, add an accessory or two, and you'll look totally put together while remaining seriously comfortable for the day ahead. And if you fall in love with the fit, you'll be glad to know there are more than a dozen other colors to choose from.

  • Available sizes: XS-XXL
A Portable Laptop Stand With A Slide-Out Mouse Pad

You can stay comfortable on the couch while working on your laptop by using this portable laptop stand. Not onto does it boast a nonslip surface, but it also features a slide-out mouse pad that can come out either end of the platform (depending on whether you're right- or left-handed). That way, you can easily use your mouse when you aren't at your desk.

This Velcro Arch Support That Makes Walking More Comfortable

Tired of cramping arches and experiencing pain with every step? These adjustable Velcro arch support cushions help absorb shock and protect your foot against impact. The slim design easily (read: comfortably) fits into any sneaker, making it a must for runners and athleisure fans alike.

These Stretchy Shoelaces That Require Zero Tying

Whether you're a runner or a sneaker wearer on your morning commute, you know how inconvenient it can be for your laces to constantly come untied. Put an end to the potentially hazardous situation by swapping your classic laces for these stretchy, no-tie shoelaces. Simply thread them through the lace holes, put on the toggle, and tighten to the conforms of your feet. The laces are one size fits all and are sold in a dozen different colors.

These Headbands That Will Never Give You Headaches

Headbands are back in a big way which means you might want to stock up on the accessories. Before purchasing any old headband, consider these comfortable plastic ones. These flexible headbands are made with gentle foam that won't poke, prod, or squeeze your noggin. The result? All the style without any of the pain.

A Posture Corrector That'll Help Keep You From Slouching

Slouching can sometimes feel pretty inevitable. After all, how are you supposed to sit stick-straight at your desk all day every day? To make sure you don't do it enough to cause a backache, slip into one of these posture correctors. It straps on like a backpack and works by gently pulling your shoulders back to help you sit taller and straighter. It’s side-adjustable and can be worn under or over clothes.

This Contoured Knee Pillow That Helps Take Pressure Off Your Back

Do you struggle with sciatic pain? Did you know that helping to relieve it can be as simple as purchasing one of these orthopedic knee pillows? You can wedge it between your knees or calves, or under one thigh or calf for a gentle raise. In effect, it gives your lower body extra support while you sleep — which can help take some of the stress off your back and hips.

These Fan-Favorite Sandals With Molded Cork Footbeds

The style is timeless and the comfort is optimal; these cork footbed sandals are kind to your feet no matter how much you hoof it around town, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to reach for them every morning. Surprisingly wallet-friendly, they come in a range of colors and boast a 4.6-star overall rating after 43,000 reviews.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 13 (wide options available)
  • Available colors: 14
This Cover-Up That's Fashionable And Lightweight

Putting shorts on over a wet bathing suit is anything but comfortable. That's why this cozy cover-up is such a hit. It provides just enough coverage without confining you to a fitted outfit. It's available in 21 different colors and prints — and has earned almost entirely five-star reviews from over 700 shoppers.

  • Available sizes: S-XXL
A Monitor Stand That Cuts Down On Neck Pain

Why reach into a million different drawers and filing cabinets when you can sort all your most-used office supplies right under your computer? This monitor stand and desk organizer will not only keep your must-haves within arm's reach, but it will raise your computer to eye level to help prevent neck pain, too.

A Cushioned Floor Mat That Helps Relieve Pressure On Your Knees

Whether you stand at a standing desk all day or find yourself spending a lot of time in your kitchen washing dishes, it's worth adding one of these ergonomic multi-surface mats to your cart. It's designed to create a cushion between your feet and the ground, effectively taking pressure off your knees and low back in the process. It's non-slip and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about losing your balance on it.

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