If You Struggle To Stay Organized, These 43 Genius Amazon Products Might Be Your Saving Grace

In a mere 10 years, I've somehow gone from someone who couldn't find her floor through the layer of clothes to someone who can't work unless her desk is spotless. Yes, I'm sure some of it was genetically inevitable (my mom's an organizational freak), but the most genius organizational products on Amazon have also played a part in this transformation. In fact, I'd say that roughly 85 percent of my Prime purchases now involve items that help me organize my space, and I regret none of them.

Just like psychology says, it's hard to change your habits if you don't change your environment first. Without the right tools, you're basically setting yourself up to fall right back into your old routine, and you know where that routine leads: It leads to you shoving everything you own into the utility closet ten minutes before company comes over.

Please know this isn't your average compilation of plastic bins and generic hangers. These brilliant ideas make your home really freaking organized because they solve problems that other products can't. They're designed for tight spaces, unusual items, and things you never even thought to organize, so there's a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Entertainment — If You Struggle To Stay Organized, These 43 Genius Amazon Products Might Be Your Saving Grace

1. This Smart Way To Keep Your Electronics Charged And Tables Tidy

Simicore Charging Station, $25, Amazon

Keep your tabletops organized and devices powered with the Simicore charging station. It has four charging cables and four slots to hold everything from your phone to your e-reader, and each dock recognizes the precise voltage required to keep every device safe.


2. This Bedside Caddy That Makes Messy Nightstands Obsolete

Kikkerland Bedside Caddy, $17, Amazon

The Kikkerland bedside caddy slips under your mattress and provides a large pocket to hold your phone, magazines, tablets, remote controls, or glasses. It's made from slim but durable felt and reviewers are wondering how they ever lived without it — especially when it comes to bunk beds and rooms without side-tables.


3. This Purse Organizer That Will Turn Any Tote Into A Well-Organized Bag

CEEWA Felt Purse Organizer, $24, Amazon

Made of felt cloth that's both sturdy and pliable at the same time, this CEEWA purse organizer lines the interior of your bag and provides 13 new pockets that weren't there before. It's available in three sizes and four colors, and it even helps your handbag keep its shape.


4. These Self-Adhesive Cable Organizers Keep All Your Wires Where You Need Them

Blue Key World Cable Clips, $9 (6 Pack), Amazon

Between your laptop, USB mouse, second monitor, and phone charger, your workstation can start to look less like a desk and more like a bed of wires. These Blue Key World cable clips have a peel-off adhesive backing that sticks to virtually any surface so you can keep your wires right where you need them. The flexible slits fit multiple sizes of wires and allow you to remove the cord if you need to.


5. This Grid-It Elastic Organizer That Keeps Essentials Secure And Flat

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer, $10, Amazon

Whether traveling to another country or just to and from work, the Cocoon Grid-It is a great way to keep organized. The stretchy elastic bands cater to all different sizes of electronics, wires, and even toiletries, and they keep it all secure and flat for effortless storage in drawers or laptop bags.


6. This Brilliant Way To Organize Container Lids — Because They Are The Worst

mDesign Food Storage Lid Organizer, $20 (Set of 2), Amazon

Made specifically for the people who are tired of being hit with an avalanche of Tupperware lids whenever they open a cabinet, the mDesign lid organizer holds 26 small ones and 12 large ones. It's made of durable, BPA-free plastic, and reviewers say their cabinets and pantries have "never looked so neat."


7. This Over-The-Closet-Rod Hanger To Hold Purses, Scarves, And Belts

InterDesign Classic Hanging Organizer, $8, Amazon

This durable and unique hanger is made to hold all the stuff that typically ends up on your closet floor: purses, scarves, ties, belts, and satchels. It's constructed with stainless steel, so it can hold a surprising amount of weight, and since it works like any other hanger, there's no installation required.


8. This Expandable Shelf That Gives You An Extra Tier In Any Cabinet

Seville Classics Expandable Shelf, $15, Amazon

Take all of the guess-work out of cabinet organization with the Seville Classics expandable shelf. It (you guessed it) expands from just under 16 inches to 30 inches to add more storage anywhere. The iron construction and platinum finish is both sturdy and elegant, and it's great for organizing everything from china to canned foods.


9. This Heat-Resistant Hanging Basket For All Your Hair Tools

Polder Style Station, $22, Amazon

Protect your counter from burns and wires from tangles with the Polder Style Station. It mounts on your wall or hangs over your towel rack to provide three compartments for your brushes, irons, and blow dryer. Because it's made from heat-resistant mesh and silicone, it's a great place to let your hair essentials cool down.


10. This Top-Rated Planner That Not Only Improves Productivity And Organization But Also Boosts Happiness

Panda Planner, $27, Amazon

The Panda Planner has over 3,000 reviews, and 68 percent of them are five-star ratings. That's because it utilizes scientifically-proven strategies to improve both your productivity and happiness. In addition to monthly, weekly, and daily organization sections, it also has areas for goal-setting, gratitude reflections, and project planning. As if that's not enough, it even comes with seven free e-books and a video course to seriously amplify your productivity levels.


11. These Genius Magnetic Jars That Organizes Your Spices And Frees Up Cabinet Space

Gneiss Spice Magnetic Spice Jars, $45 (Set of 10), Amazon

If you've got a fridge, you've got a spice rack — as long as you have these brilliant magnetic spice jars. The super strong lids attach to any of your metal appliances and the clear glass, label-free stickers ensure that you always know what's inside. The coolest part? The hexagonal shapes fit together into a honeycomb pattern.


12. This Adorable Elephant Container That Holds Your Phone And Office Supplies Simultaneously

Fynix Elephant Desk Organizer, $8, Amazon

When a product is both practical and adorable, I'm sold. The Fynix desk organizer is a little wooden elephant that holds both your phone and your pens. It's easy to disassemble if you ever need to store it somewhere, it can be used for makeup brushes or toothbrushes, and it comes in four other colors. There's even a whale design, too.


13. This Set Of Space-Saving Hacks That Will Double The Size Of Your Closet

Tehspace Closet Organizer Set, $17 (Set of 5), Amazon

This brilliant closet organizer set gives you everything you need to get a jump-start on your spring cleaning. It comes with three metal hooks so you can hang up to 18 articles of clothing vertically, an organizer for purses and scarves, and a hook so you never again have to put your bag on the floor again.


14. This Non-Conventional Rack To Keep Your Shoes Organized And Off The Floor

Internet’s Best Shoe Rack, $30, Amazon

Not everyone has the shelf space for a traditional shoe rack. This one from Internet’s Best stands vertically with three tiers so you can hold up to 18 pairs in the corner of your closet. It has a weighted base to keep it sturdy and you can easily move it due to the built-in handle.


15. These Baskets That Hide All Your Clutter And Look Classy AF While Doing So

Whitmor Rattique Baskets, $17 (Set of 3), Amazon

What's so genius about these rattique baskets? They hide clutter like a champ, look great on exposed shelving, are available in 13 different colors, and come at an amazing price. "Functional and totally sturdy," one reviewer says. "And very pretty! I just can't believe the price."


16. This Extra-Slim Rolling Shelf For Storage In Tight Spaces

YONTREE Sliding Gap Storage, $26, Amazon

For those extra tight spaces (like next to the fridge, beside the toilet, between the washer and dryer, or in the garage), there's this slim sliding storage. It measures just 5 inches thick, but it provides three new shelves for bottles, cans, pet food, cleaning supplies, or snacks. Also yes, it's on wheels.


17. These Bamboo Dividers Can Help Keep Drawers Organized

Bambüsi Expandable Drawer Dividers, $30, Amazon

Organize everything from your utensils and clothes to your office supplies and tools with these expandable drawer dividers. They fit and secure into almost any size drawer with their spring-loaded design and non-skid grips. Since they're made entirely from bamboo, they're also durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly.


18. This Above-The-Outlet Shelf To House All Your Charging Electronics

ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf, $15, Amazon

The ECHOGEAR outlet shelf installs like any other switch plate cover, but it provides a resting spot for all your electronics. Use it for your phone, Bluetooth speaker, electric toothbrush, or Echo dot — it even has a built-in cable management system to keep wires neat and tidy.


19. These Moisture- And Dust-Proof Bags That Squeeze All The Air Out To Save Space

The Chestnut Space Saver Bags, $17 (Pack of 8), Amazon

Airtight, bug-proof, and totally resistant to moisture, these space saver bags are a genius way to store winter clothes and bulky blankets. They're also great for packing your suitcase. Simply place the item in, zip the closure, and roll it up to squeeze out the air. Then, you're left with an extremely thin package that fits virtually anywhere.


20. These Special Storage Containers That Keep Food Fresher For Longer

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Savers, $27 (Set of 3), Amazon

Not only do these Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers keep your fruits and veggies stackable and organized, but they actually keep them fresher longer, too. The special vents in the lids regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the optimal environment, while the CrispTray wicks moisture away to prevent rotting. They're also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


21. This Gift Wrap Organizer That Reviewers Are Likening To "The Mary Poppins Purse"

Double-Sided Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer, $23, Amazon

In my opinion, gift wrap is extremely fun to use and extremely annoying to store. This hanging organizer is double-sided and fits up to 12 rolls of wrapping paper. It also has pockets for ribbons, cards, bows, tissue paper, and gift bags. "This product is kind of like Mary Poppins purse," one reviewer writes. "At first glance you think there is no way it will be able to fit everything, but then you quickly become amazed at everything it holds."


22. This Brilliant Board That Folds Shirts Into Uniform Shapes In Less Than Five Seconds

BoxLegend Easy Folding Board, $16, Amazon

Fold T-shirts, blouses, and slacks into uniform sizes in less than five seconds. The BoxLegend easy folding board is made from quality material that's lightweight, yet durable enough to be used over and over again. "Shirts are now perfectly folded and look about a million times neater when put [them] away," one reviewer says, while another claims that it "makes folding laundry almost fun."


23. These Organic Wraps That Replace Your Plastic Wrap And Container Lids

Etee Reusable Food Wraps, $18 (Pack of 3), Amazon

These unique food wraps replace your container lids and plastic wrap. They're made from certified-organic cotton and are infused with beeswax, tree resins, and antibacterial essential oils. The result? A reusable cloth that keeps your food fresh, whether you use it to wrap your veggies or cover your leftovers.


24. These Grown-Up Pencil Cases To Hold Everything From Chargers To Cosmetics

IPOW Floral Cases, $8 (Set of 4), Amazon

If you miss the practicality of your Hello Kitty pencil case but you're looking for something a little bit more mature, check out these IPOW cases. They come in a set of four (with two pockets each) to hold all your makeup brushes, pens, electronics, and money, and the durable, washable canvas has gorgeous floral designs that you'll love showing off.


25. This Genius All-In-One Drying Line That Stretches To Fit Anywhere

Hawatour Portable Clothesline, $9, Amazon

Not everyone has the room to lay out and store a drying rack. The Hawatour portable clothesline is a space-savvy tool that comes complete with hooks, anti-slide grips, clothespins, and an elastic line. It stretches to fit between shelves or structural poles, so your clothes can dry just about anywhere.


26.This Wall-Mounted Bottle Or Towel Rack That Makes Clutter Look Classier

Sorbus Wall Mount, $21, Amazon

Whether it's holding bottles or towels, the Sorbus wall mount keeps them looking classy and out of the way. It's made from metal with commercial-grade welding to ensure longevity and durability, and it comes with all the hardware you'll need to mount it.


27. This Catch-All For Your Mail And Keys, So You Can Stop Dumping Everything On The Counter

ChasBete Mail And Key Organizer, $30, Amazon

For the people who walk in the door and dump everything on the counter, there's this ChasBete catch-all organizer. It mounts on the wall so that just a few steps into your house, you have a place to put your mail, keys, watch, and phone. You'll always know where they are and you won't have to clutter up your tabletops.


28. This Storage Tool That Dispenses Plastic Bags

simplehuman Bag Dispenser, $15, Amazon

We all try to reuse our plastic bags, but most of us get fed up with storing them and throw them out anyway. The simplehuman bag dispenser has a hole at the top to stuff them in and a slit in the middle to take them out. It comes with screws or adhesive tape so you can mount it anywhere, and even though the description says it fits 30 bags, reviewers say "it will hold more than that."


29. This Cosmetics Organizer Will Give Your Vanity A Serious Makeover

Sodynee Makeup Organizer, $31, Amazon

With two big drawers, six small ones, dividers for pencils or brushes, and a large open container, the Sodynee Makeup case displays and organizes everything from your cosmetics collection. The drawers are lined with easy-to-clean protective mesh, and the whole thing is made from crystal-clear acrylic that's easy to clean and matches any decor.


30. This Shelving Unit Made For Under The Sink Because It Adjusts To Accommodate Your Plumbing

SimpleHouseware Under-Sink Shelf, $20, Amazon

If your under-sink cabinet is virtually useless due to the plumbing, try this SimpleHouseware shelf. It has sliding racks and is adjustable in length, so you can organize around your pipes, and the shelves are made from a metal mesh to prevent mold from growing if things get a little wet.


31. These Stretchy Silicone Lids To Cover Any Jar, Bowl, Cup, Or Pot

Mockins Silicone Covers, $18 (Pack of 12), Amazon

Unlike your average food container lids, these Mockins silicone covers are storage-friendly and stretch to fit various shapes and sizes. The food huggers are great for oddly-shaped jars, cups, or bowls, while the suction lids prevent leaks and spills for any round container. They're all BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


32. This Shower Caddy With Shelves That Move Up, Down, Or Sideways To Fit Any Bottle You've Got

Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy, $40, Amazon

Because it's hard to find a shower caddy that fits all sizes of shampoo bottles, there's this one from simplehuman. It has a quick-adjust dial that allows you to move the shelves up, down, and sideways, movable dividers that keep smaller items steady, and easy-dispense holes so you can store your bottles upside-down. It has hooks as well as a draining soap dish and installs in minutes with the screw clamp and suction cups.


33. These Brilliantly-Designed Fabric Bags That Have A Window On Them

Sorbus Foldable Storage Bags, $19 (Set of 3), Amazon

Make the most out of your under-bed storage with these foldable bags. They're made from a durable fabric that zips closed to keep things protected from bugs, water, dust, pets, and odors. They also have handles and a clear panel so when the time comes, you can grab exactly what you need without tearing your room apart.


34. This Shelf That Adheres With Suction Cups — And Actually Stays Put

Fealkira Suction Cup Floating Shelf, $19, Amazon

For all you renters out there, there's nothing more beautiful than a floating shelf that doesn't put holes in the wall. This one from Fealkira utilizes extra strong suction cups that reviewers say actually "supports the weight." It's suitable for smooth surfaces like glass, metal, and tile, and the shelf itself is rust- and water-proof, in case you need extra shower storage.


35. This Sleek Organizer That Holds Up To 20 Keys At Once

McWALT Key Organizer, $17, Amazon

Transform your big, bulky key ring into something sleek and slim with the McWALT key organizer. Even though it holds up to 20 keys at once, it's made from 100 percent carbon fiber, which is four times stronger than steel and 40 percent lighter than aluminum. It also comes with a bunch of free accessories, like a carabiner with a built-in bottle opener, a cash stash key-chain, and a sim opener.


36. This Canvas Bin That Closes And Carries With Its Drawstring And Handles

Peek-a-Bags Canvas Bin, $18, Amazon

Collect clutter, toys, or art supplies with this attractive Peek-a-Bags canvas bin. Then, when it's time to move it, it secures with a drawstring closure and has two sturdy handles for easy carrying. It's available in five cute designs and many reviewers say they're surprised at how well made it is.


37. This Smart Drawer Organizer With Movable Interlocking Grids

Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Bins, $12 (Pack of 9), Amazon

Multi-compartment drawer organizers are nothing new, but one with movable interlocking grids? So brilliant. Mix and match these nine pieces for any drawer size or storage purpose. They're easy to clean, have zero sharp corners, and are available in white, too.


38. This Handy Add-On Drawer That Helps You Get More Out Of Your Fridge Space

PRO-MART Refrigerator Bin, $19, Amazon

If your refrigerator looks kind of like a game of Jenga, try storing stuff underneath instead of on top. The PRO-MART refrigerator bin installs without tools and slides out to hold up to 20 pounds. It fits most standard refrigerator shelves and reviewers are absolutely obsessed.


39. This Genius Car Organizer That Has A Place For Virtually Everything

PALMOO Car Organizer, $20, Amazon

Whether you've got kids or just need a way to tackle the mountain of stuff in your car, there's the PALMOO organizer. It attaches to the back of the seat to hold your iPad, phone, bottles, tissue box, important documents, umbrella, or trash. It's made from sturdy leather, installs with clips and hooks instead of tools, and has reviewers saying that they'll be ordering a second one.


40. This Tea Stand That Organizes Your Tea Bags

YouCopia TeaStand, $25, Amazon

Tea collections are a wonderful thing to have and a terrible thing to store. The YouCopia TeaStand holds more than 100 tea bags at once in a sleek, vertical design. The bins are removable and clear, so they're always easy to access, and since everything's made from a sturdy plastic, it all rinses clean.


41. This Over-The-Couch Storage Caddy That Doubles As A Tray Table

Couch Armrest Organizer, $14, Amazon

Because it has six various-sized pockets and a sturdy tray that sits over your armrest, this couch organizer can hold everything from your drink to your favorite books. It works with most square armrests, takes the place of a side table, and acts as a catch-all for your gadgets so you always know where to look.


42. This Pop-Up Trunk Organizer With 12 Compartments For Groceries, Sports Equipment, Or Emergency Tools

PRO-MART Pop-Up Trunk Organizer, $20, Amazon

Keep groceries from rolling around, organize all your emergency essentials, or carry sports equipment with this genius PRO-MART Pop-Up container. It has six outer mesh pockets, four inner ones, a detachable center divider, a zippered mesh lid, and easy-carry handles. It also folds flat and wipes clean with a wet paper towel.


43. This Set Of Clear Food Containers With Easy-Pour Lids And Chalkboard Labels

Shazo Food Storage Containers, $37 (Set of 10), Amazon

If HGTV has taught me anything, it's this: It's not clutter if everything is in clear, matching containers. These ones come in a set of ten —four different sizes for all your cereal, pasta, baking ingredients, and rice. The tops have two-sided easy-pour lids, the containers are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, and they even come with free chalkboard labels that you can erase and use over again.

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