I went to The Weeknd's Haunted House at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights 2022 and it was s...

Here’s What The Weeknd's Haunted House At Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights Was Like

Crying over how good the Save Your Tears cocktail was.

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Courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort

When Universal Studios first announced they were creating a house with The Weeknd for Halloween Horror Nights 2022, your first reaction might have been, “huh?” However, the collab makes sense once you revisit the music videos from The Weeknd’s After Hours era. I mean, who could forget his bloody and bandaged red carpet looks from that time? They are perfect for a jump scare or two. So, when I went to The Weeknd’s haunted house at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights 2022, I was delighted to find just how scary and fun going into the mind of The Weeknd could be.

Halloween Horror Nights has tons for guests to look forward to this year, from the Insta-worthy food to a classic Halloween theme for its 31st year, but it’s The Weeknd’s involvement that is definitely what intrigued me the most. After hearing from some of the masterminds behind HHN describe the house as part club, part nightmare, I knew this would be the house for me. While I love the more scary haunted houses that Halloween Horror Nights puts together, my favorites tend to be the fun ones that have you both laughing and screaming at the same time. I also enjoy houses where I can spot Easter eggs and truly feel like I’ve stepped inside the movie, TV show, or now, music video that has inspired the house. Not only does The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare have all of that, but even more.

Along with the house and some merch, there’s also a menu item inspired by The Weeknd that is a must for any foodies visiting Halloween Horror Nights this year. If you’ve got tickets or want to go but are a little afraid, “save your tears” because here’s everything you need to know about The Weeknd haunted house at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights:

Inside The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare At Halloween Horror Nights

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What’s The Inspiration Behind The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare?

You’ll definitely want to revisit all of The Weeknd’s music videos from the After Hours era before going to Halloween Horror Nights this year. The house takes inspiration from videos like “Blinding Lights,” “Save Your Tears,” “Too Late,” and “In Your Eyes,” as well as some of The Weeknd’s live performances from that time. There’s actually one section of the house where you’ll feel completely lost walking through a maze of mirrors and lights that looks just like The Weeknd’s Super Bowl 2021 performance. If you’re a fan who’s seen everything, you’ll be able to recognize it all, but no need to worry if you’re new as well. There are plenty of scares and fun things to see even if your only exposure to After Hours was hearing “Blinding Lights” on your TikTok FYP when it was trending.

How Long Is The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare Open?

Luckily for Halloween Horror Nights fans, The Weeknd’s haunted house will be featured at both the Orlando and Hollywood parks this year. That means no matter the coast, you’ll be able to tell your friends The Weeknd wielding a knife tried to scare you at Universal Studios. That’ll make for a fun response to, “What did you do this weekend?”

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida began Sept. 2 and will last through Oct. 31. The Hollywood version begins a little later on Sept. 8 and runs through Halloween as well. The event only happens on select nights and you’ll need a special ticket to get in, which is different than a regular park ticket. Prices range from $72 to $105 a night depending on when you decide to go, but keep in mind that weekday nights are usually cheaper and less crowded. Speaking of which, lines for the haunted houses at Halloween Horror Nights are notoriously long. Many people opt to spend a little extra for express passes that let you skip the regular lines, but those tickets start at $204 for Orlando and $209 for Hollywood.

For anyone choosing to keep it budget-friendly, make sure to head to The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare house first since that’s your priority. While Universal Studios Hollywood doesn’t have their Halloween Horror Nights times listed, the Orlando event lasts until 2 a.m. each night.

What’s On The Menu At The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare Bar?

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While waiting in line for The Weeknd’s haunted house, sip on the Save Your Tears signature cocktail from the themed bar nearby. This was hands down the best drink at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights this year, and consisted of a blend of bourbon, peach brandy, single-pressed lemon juice, agave nectar, and bitters. The drink was also topped with peach boba, which was my only complaint since you’d rather have your boba at the bottom to enjoy as you’re sipping instead of on the top, right? Either way, this drink was super refreshing, not too sweet, and not too strong either. With both the Florida and California heat, you’ll definitely want something cool and delicious to sip on as you’re walking around the park.

Also at The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare Bar you can find some fall flavored beers on draft as well as canned drinks, wine, and sodas, if that’s more your style. However, if you do drink, the Save Your Tears is definitely worth it at just $11. You can also purchase the drink in a souvenir cup for $15, but you don’t get a discount on refills if you do. The cup is just a fun way to remember your Halloween Horror Nights and The Weeknd experience.

In addition to the specialty cocktail, you can also find some The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare merch. There is a shirt for $30 and a hoodie for $57 that feature the haunted house artwork, but it’s not available in every store. However, you may get lucky finding it at the Tribute Store in Universal Studios Orlando which also has tons of other Halloween Horror Nights merch to choose from. Overall, whether you’re a fan of The Weeknd or just Halloween in general, make a trip to Halloween Horror Nights this year for sips, screams, and singing along to “Blinding Lights.”

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