'The Summer I Turned Pretty' merch is available after the show premiered.
This The Summer I Turned Pretty Merch Includes Cousins Beach Hoodies And Totes Under $30

There are even dresses inspired by Belly’s.

Dana Hawley/Amazon Studios

The Summer I Turned Pretty has everything you could want in a YA series. There’s summer romance, a love triangle, and a soundtrack filled with artists like Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, and Haim. It’s no wonder it holds the top spot on Prime Video in the U.S. If you happen to be someone who also marathon-watched the entire series in one weekend, you might be on the hunt for some The Summer I Turned Pretty merch to rep your new fave show.

Luckily, you won’t have to look too far. There’s actually a ton of The Summer I Turned Pretty merch available on Amazon. So, if you’re on your second or third watch of the show (we get it), you can just open another tab to add to cart some of these The Summer I Turned Pretty items. There are cozy hoodies to keep you warm on the beach at night and tote bags to bring as you head to the bookstore to pick up a copy of The Summer I Turned Pretty to read. You can even get an infinity necklace like the one Conrad got Belly, or a dress that she wore in the series for your upcoming summer vacay.

Whatever your fandom needs are, you’ll be sure to find some The Summer I Turned Pretty merch from this list that you’ll want to snag ASAP.

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Cousins Beach Hoodie

Cousins Beach may not be a real place, but you can sport this hoodie like you got it on your last beach vacation. It looks just like a souvenir hoodie you might pick up from a local gift shop in town, and it’ll keep you warm as you’re attending a bonfire beach party at night.


The Summer I Turned Pretty Tee

This The Summer I Turned Pretty shells t-shirt is a great basic tee to get your bestie who loves the Prime Video series. While the shirt does come in a variety of colors like black and navy blue, the yellow is definitely something Belly would wear with jean shorts. There’s even a shells tote ($19) to match.

Whale Of A Tale Bookshop Tee

Another fun reference tee on Amazon, this Whale of a Tale Bookshop shirt is a must. Only fans of the series will get that it’s referencing the shop where Belly’s mom has her book party. Anyone else will think you’re just supporting your fave local bookshop by wearing their merch.


“Measured In Summers” Tee

One of Belly’s most iconic quotes from The Summer I Turned Pretty is “my whole life was measured in summers.” If that’s your fave line from the series, wear it on this tee. If hoodies are more your style, there’s even a hoodie version ($29) that comes in a variety of colors as well.


Cousins Beach Country Club Tee

Look like you’re a part of the country club hosting the debutante ball with this Cousins Beach Country Club tee. This is the same club that Steven and Jeremiah work at all summer long.


Character Name Tee

If you love every single character in The Summer I Turned Pretty, you’re not alone. It would be a dream come true to spend the summer with the Conklin and Fisher families on Cousins Beach. To show your support, get this roll call-style tee featuring Belly, Conrad, Jeremiah, and Steven.


Wild Meadow Strappy Mini Dress

Wild Meadow created a collection of The Summer I Turned Pretty dresses inspired by the outfits Belly wears on the show. This pink mini dress looks like the one Belly wears to the bonfire party the first night in Cousins Beach.


Wild Meadow Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

This puff sleeve dress is also part of the Wild Meadow collab for The Summer I Turned Pretty. This dress looks like the one Belly wore to her first debutante tea where she meets Nicole and Shayla.


Wild Meadow Tank Mini Dress

This tank style dress from the Wile Meadow collection looks like the one Belly wore to the 4th of July party. It’s in the style of the dress Belly wore when she picked up Taylor from the bus stop as well. If you get this for your summer, you could even wear it to your 4th of July or backyard BBQs.


Cousins Beach Tote Bag

This tote bag will come in handy this summer as you’re headed to the beach or running errands around town. The design even looks like a postcard you might pick up from a Cousins Beach gift shop.


Cousins Beach Map Tote Bag

This Cousins Beach map design is super cute and points out all the highlights of town. You can find the Whale of a Tale Bookshop, Bonfire Beach, and even Scoops where Belly, Taylor, and Jeremiah share a banana split.


Daisy Throw Pillow

This The Summer I Turned Pretty throw pillow is perfect home decor if you’re a fan of the series. There are a few designs to choose from on Amazon like this seashell pillow ($22) that gives off coastal grandmother vibes. However, this daisy block design is super vibrant and will add a fun pop of color to your couch or bed.


Cousins Beach Phone Case

Give your phone a The Summer I Turned Pretty makeover with a new case. This Cousins Beach case features a sailboat on it that’ll remind you of Conrad helping out Cleveland. While this is a Galaxy case, there are iPhone versions as well like this blue daisy case ($18) with Belly’s “my whole life was measured in summers” quote.


The Summer I Turned Pretty PopSocket

Another phone accessory you can get is this The Summer I Turned Pretty PopSocket. Since it’s a PopGrip style, you can swap out the top with other PopSockets from the collection like this more simple gradient design ($15).


Infinity Necklace

This infinity necklace on Amazon looks like the one Conrad gets for Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty. It’s the perfect gift to get your partner or bestie who loves the series. It’ll not only remind them of the show, but also that your love is infinite.