The 'Ted Lasso' 'Believe' sign is referenced in these Etsy birthday cards.
These ‘Ted Lasso’ Birthday Cards On Etsy Reference The 'Believe' Sign And Roy Kent

They’re sweeter than a shortbread biscuit.

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There’s a lot to love about Apple TV+’s award-winning comedy series Ted Lasso. It has lovable characters like the overly optimistic Ted (Jason Sudeikis) and foul-mouthed Roy Kent (Gold Goldstein), delicious shortbread biscuits, rom-communism, and adorable moments with the entire AFC Richmond team. Just watching an episode is enough to put you in a good mood, so why not share that happiness with your bestie by getting them one of these Ted Lasso birthday cards on Etsy?

Etsy is as reliable as a Ted Lasso pep talk for finding a unique and special gift online. With a simple search, you can find a whole assortment of Ted Lasso-inspired birthday cards to choose from featuring some of your favorite lines from the show and, of course, your favorite characters. You might even get a birthday card with the Ted Lasso “believe” sign on it to remind your favorite person to celebrate their day the “Ted Lasso way.”

Along with picking out any of these 10 Ted Lasso birthday cards on Etsy, don’t forget to write a heartfelt note inside or an inspiring Ted Lasso quote. You could even surprise your bestie with a homemade box of biscuits, similar to the ones Ted gives to Rebecca, to accompany your card. It’s the perfect way to show your BFF that, because of them, you feel like you fell out of “the lucky tree and hit every branch on the way down.”

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This Card Shows How Lucky You Feel

You feel #blessed to have a friend who not only shares a love of Ted Lasso with you, but is also there whenever you need them. You can express just how lucky you feel on their birthday with this sweet card. It shows Ted drinking some “hot brown water” — aka tea — with his quote about hitting every branch falling down the “lucky tree.”

This card is also an instant download, which makes it great to accompany a last-minute birthday gift.

This “Believe” Sign Card Is Inspiring

It may be cheesy and a little crooked, but the “believe” sign hanging up in the AFC Richmond locker room is a constant reminder to do things the “Ted Lasso way.” Inspire your friend the same way Ted does with his team by gifting them this “believe” sign card for their birthday. Inside, you can even write a super sweet message about how much they encourage you in different aspects of your life.

This Jamie Tartt Card Is A Wise Choice

If Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) is your bestie’s fave character, get them this Jamie quote birthday card. It has his LOL-worthy line from Season 2 that’ll remind them that as they get older, they’re one step closer to being a “tall Yoda.” This card is also blank on the inside, so you can write even more funny quotes and inside jokes from Ted Lasso for your friend to laugh at as well.

This Roy Kent Card Is F*cking Great

Just like Brett Goldstein’s speech at the Emmys, Roy Kent can’t help but to drop a few F-bombs here and there. So, it makes total sense that a Roy Kent birthday card would feature a curse word or two. Get your Roy Kent-loving bestie this adorable card that wishes them a happy birthday the only way Roy can.

This Roy Kent Card Is A Whole Mood

If you’re looking for another seriously funny Roy Kent birthday card, check out this quote design. It has a drawing of a sour-looking Roy in a tiny party hat with his iconic line, “Call me old one more time.” This is perfect for any friend celebrating a big milestone birthday like their 21st or 30th.

This Ted Lasso Card Is Unbelievably Cute

Just imagine how happy your friend will be to open their card and find a smiling Ted Lasso right on the front. It even has some encouraging words featuring the “believe” sign from the AFC Richmond locker room. If you really want them to have a great birthday, this is the best way to do it.

This Keeley Jones Card Will Gas Up Your Bestie

Chances are Keeley is your friend’s favorite character. After all, who doesn’t love the super cool and friendly Keeley? She’s the ultimate BFF who is always there to support Rebecca with just the right words of encouragement, which you can also find right on the front of this Etsy card. So, get the Keeley to your Rebecca this card that will remind them just how much of a bad *ss b*tch they are.

This Roy Kent Card Is Grrrreat

There’s nothing more Roy Kent than this birthday card. Not only does it have his favorite F-word in the greeting, but it also features a hilarious drawing of his signature scowl and grunt on the front. It’s also blank on the inside, so you can be as uncensored as you’d like sharing your LOL-worthy birthday wishes to your BFF.

This Keeley Jonas Card Is Perfect For Your Babe

If you’re looking for a sweet Keeley card to give your bestie, check out this “babe” card. You can picture hearing Keeley (played by Juno Temple) saying “happy birthday, babe” in her English accent as you read this. This makes a great card for your BFF or your partner — aka the Roy to your Keeley — as well.

This “Futbol Is Life” Card Is For True AFC Richmond Stans

Dani Rojas was a fun and spirited addition to the AFC Richmond team in Season 1 of Ted Lasso. Aside from a case of “the yips” in Season 2, he’s also been a very important player on the field by scoring many goals for the team. So, for a true soccer fan, you’ll want to get them this Dani Rojas birthday card with his iconic “futbol is life” line. It may just win you major points in the gift-giving category.

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