A Taurus and Virgo hold a lot of the same values, making for a compatible friendship.

4 Reasons A Taurus-Virgo Friendship Is One That Can Last Forever

These two earth signs will never let each other down.

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One of the coolest things about astrology is how it can describe what makes your relationships tick. Looking up your compatibility with someone else based on their zodiac sign can be such an illuminating experience, as it can give you some insight into why your relationship is so awesome (or why it’s so terrible). However, truth be told, there’s so much that goes into astrological compatibility — or synastry, as your astrologer might call it — and it involves so much more than your sun sign. In fact, it involves your whole birth chart. But for now, if you’re wondering about the friendship compatibility between Taurus and Virgo, you can glean a lot just from the fact that they share a lot in common.

After all, Taurus and Virgo are both earth signs, which means these zodiac signs form something called a trine. That essentially means that Taurus and Virgo are about as compatible as you can get. A trine is formed by two zodiac signs of the same element (or 120 degrees apart from each other, to be more technical), and when this occurs, you can expect harmony, unity, and synchronicity. A trine paves the way for good things to happen because it means both zodiac signs are totally in sync with each other.

Because Virgo and Taurus form a trine with each other — and they both happen to be grounded, practical, and reliable earth signs — you can expect this friendship to be one that’s marked by mutual interests and an ease that’s hard to find. Here’s what they’ve got going on.


Both Virgo And Taurus Are Grounded And Down To Earth

These two zodiac signs really value the simple things in life. Their practical mindsets help them focus on reality and create their own by actually getting things done properly. These zodiac signs are known for their ability to strategize and organize, making them the perfect pair when it comes to creating routines and sticking to the plan. It’s rare to see a refined Virgo and an elegant Taurus act super loud, wild, or dramatic because they believe staying grounded is what it’s all about.

After A While, The Relationship Can Easily Grow Stagnant

However, just because these zodiac signs “get” each other doesn’t mean the relationship will be without its problems. While Taurus and Virgo are relaxed and satisfied around each other, there may be moments where the relationship can become boring. After all, every relationship needs a shake up every now and then, and these predictable zodiac signs generally stick to what they can trust and expect.

Both Virgo And Taurus Value Keeping Promises And Showing Up

One thing that really brings Taurus and Virgo together is the fact that they share so many values. For example, it’s beyond important to Taurus and Virgo that they maintain the plan and keep their promises. Taurus will always stand by their word and Virgo will always show up with the goods. They also value loyalty above all and there’s a strong chance this relationship has the power to last forever.

Taurus Cares About Beauty While Virgo Cares About Details

Let’s not forget that these zodiac signs are still inherently different and their differences could be irritating after a while. Taurus is ruled by Venus — planet of romance and beauty — making them crave poetry, sensuality, and aesthetically pleasing experiences. On the other hand, Virgo is ruled by Mercury — planet of logic and analysis — making them much more intellectual and invested in the data and the facts. This brings a healthy contrast in the relationship, but at times, it can also cause Virgo and Taurus to feel confounded by each other.