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The Summer Solstice Will Make You Forget About All Your Worries

Summer only lasts a few months, but the solstice’s spiritual meaning will remain in your heart forever.

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If there were ever a day to honor all the love, light, and pleasure of earthly existence, it's the summer solstice. On the longest day of the year, the sun gazes directly into your being, filling you with the purest form of power and vitality. Our world detaches itself from the refreshing greenery of spring and dives deep into the warm and cloudless blue skies of summer. The seasonal shift prompts a revolution from within; a spark that lights the entire forest of your soul on fire. Even though summertime only lasts a few months, the spiritual meaning of the summer solstice will remain in your heart forever.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice always occurs sometime between June 20 to June 22, when the sun passes through Cancer at 0°. This year, it will land on Tuesday, June 21, at 5:13 a.m. EST, launching us into the most enjoyable season of all. All spring long, you've been planting seeds, starting projects, and embarking on new beginnings. It's once the summer solstice pours sunshine all over your world that you get to see what those seeds have since grown into. It's a moment best spent indulging on all the thrills that life has to offer. You've been working hard, so you deserve it.

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The Summer Solstice Symbolizes Prosperity, Extravagance, & Good Spirits

In earlier times, the summer solstice (aka Midsummer) marked the beginning of the season that contains the utmost bounty, abundance, and beauty. Our ancestors spent the entirety of spring cultivating the land and restocking themselves with food. By the time the summer solstice took place, they were finally able to take a rest and relish a period of comfortable ease. The day has since been marked by uproariously festive celebrations and feasts, with nearly every single culture above the equator line finding their own unique way to observe this lively moment.

It's also important to note that while the sun lengthens each day leading up to the summer solstice, the night also launches its careful domination over daylight when this seasonal shift takes effect, gradually shortening our days once again. The summer solstice serves as a climactic point in our yearly journey through the seasons. It's also a reminder that we should appreciate beauty while we have it, because beauty never lasts forever.

The Summer Solstice All About Rejoicing In The Present Moment

This makes Midsummer the ideal time to fully embrace everything that you love about life. Summer flies by in the blink of an eye, and by the time the solstice is over, a significant section of the season has already passed. There's too little time to obsess over insignificant details, fruitless struggles, or negative stressors. During the summer solstice, the sun is shining bright, love is abound, and the world is rife with pleasure and indulgence.

If you choose not to set aside your inhibitions and take part in all the revelry of Midsummer, ask yourself what you truly think the point of life is. In the opinion of many, it's to enjoy the present moment as much as humanly possible.

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What’s A Good Summer Solstice Ritual To Attract Abundance Into Your Life?

Just like your ancient ancestors used to do, a ritual to commemorate the significance of the summer solstice can bring the most out of this powerful day. This ritual is best performed right at the moment the sun rises on the morning of Midsummer. However, if you're unable to pull yourself out of bed at such an early hour, any time of day will do. All you’ll need is one candle and the willingness to look deeply into your heart.

When you wake up, go outside or gaze out your window. Light your candle and take in the sunrise. Appreciate the way the light colors the night sky with hues of orange and pink. Allow the morning air to fill your lungs with clarity. Think about everything in the world that you're grateful for. Think of your family, your friends, your favorite flowers, your favorite books, your favorite things, etc. Hang on to the beauty of this moment, because you have so much magic surrounding you. Showing appreciation for what you already have inevitably attracts more into your life. Remember that with gratitude comes more blessings from the universe.

Whenever you feel this ritual has come to an end, leave your candle in a safe place and let it burn all the way through. On that note, the summer has officially begun.

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