These succulent Christmas trees on Etsy include so many holiday options.
You Need One Of These Festive Succulent Christmas Trees On Etsy

Tree-t yourself to some Insta-worthy decor.

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Step aside, traditional Christmas trees, because there's another festive option that has everyone talking. Succulent Christmas trees on Etsy are the most adorable way to spread holiday cheer at home and on your Insta feed. These handmade trees filled with individual succulents make the perfect holiday home decor for any room in your house. Not only can it be used as a centerpiece for your ‘Gram-worthy tablescape, but succulent trees are also perfect if you don't have the space for a full-sized Christmas tree in your living room, but still want something festive to be the main focal point in your decor. All you have to do is pick which succulent Christmas tree from Etsy you want to join your fam.

There are both live and faux succulent options available, depending on your green thumb. If you're truly terrible at keeping up with your plants at home, go with a plastic succulent Christmas tree option that will last you for years and years. If you happen to be great with plants and consider yourself a plant parent, you'll love adding a live succulent Christmas tree to your collection of plant babies.

The best part about succulents is that they really do require very little maintenance, so it's also a stress-free gift idea for your besties or family members who love to turn their homes into a winter wonderland this time of year. Not only is a succulent Christmas tree from Etsy a totally on-theme holiday gift, but it’s an Insta-worthy one as well. It's suc-cute, after all, so be sure to take tons of pictures of whichever of these Christmas tree succulents from Etsy you get and post your tree-mendous snaps when you have everything set up.

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This Live Succulent Tree Wood Look Great In Your Home

This live Christmas tree succulent from Etsy comes fully decorated with little ornaments placed throughout. There is even a star on top, because every Christmas tree needs its star. When ordering, you also get to request which color option you want to truly customize your tree to the rest of your decor at home.

This Christmas Tree Planter Has Major Cottagecore Vibes

If your holiday plans include wearing cozy cardigans and drinking hot toddies by the fireplace, you might want to get this rustic chic Christmas tree planter filled with succulents. It has major cottagecore vibes with its wooden tree-shaped planter that you can hang on your wall. You even have options when purchasing from this Etsy store. Choose between faux or live succulents, or an assembled Christmas tree or a kit you can DIY yourself. There’s even an option with just the moss ($34) if you’d rather place the succulents you have at home inside a new planter for the holidays.

This Succulent Tree Is Already Dressed To Impress

No need to decorate this succulent tree. It can come ready for holidays, complete with a star and ornaments. However, if you prefer to decorate your own tree with your own decor, that's an option as well for $170. You might even want to get some miniature tinsel garlands ($13, Etsy) to wrap around your tree and make it extra sparkly.

This Succulent Tree Is Also A DIY Gift

Don’t just get your friend a Christmas tree succulent, but a DIY project as well. This is perfect for your crafty friend who also has a green thumb. The Christmas tree succulent kit comes with everything you need to assemble your own tree — the tree frame, succulents, floral pins, and green moss. It even includes step-by-step instructions on how to put everything together, so you can have the most fun while watching a holiday movie or waiting for your cookies to bake in the oven.

This Faux Succulent Tree Is A Great Gift Idea

This faux succulent option is made with a mix of plastic succulents and flowers. Since it is plastic, it has more colors than some of the other live succulent trees you might find. It also requires little to no maintenance at all, which makes it a great gift idea to send to your friends or family members. They can use it as a cute display on their dining room table or dresser in their bedroom.

This Wood Succulent Tree Is Super Vibrant

Get a succulent tree that will last for years. This faux option is made with wooden succulents that are hand-painted and colorful AF, but in a very natural way. They look so realistic that your friends and family won’t know the difference.

This Faux Succulent Tree Is Just Pine

There are so many faux succulent options to choose from, but this pine cone succulent tree is one you’ll definitely want to add to your cart ASAP. It features hand-painted pine cones that look like mini succulents. You even have the option to pick your pine cone colors. Go with a traditional red and green option, or choose your school's colors if you're getting a tree for your sorority house or college dorm.

This Christmas Tree With A Succulent Garland

For some variety, you could get this Christmas tree with live succulents wrapped around it like garland. You could even fill it in with tinsel garland and your very own ornaments. All you need to do is place a star on top, and this tree will be ready to light up whatever room it’s in.

This Artificial Christmas Tree Is Under $50

Getting a live succulent tree can be a bit pricey, so if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, this artificial tree is the way to go. It’s just as cute as the rest of the succulent trees on this list, but comes assembled for under $50. It even comes with its own terra cotta pot and pinecones and berries mixed in for added decor.

This Vine-Style Christmas Tree Is Really Grape

This grapevine Christmas tree also has live succulents wrapped around it like garland. Depending on the size, the succulents either fill up the tree or give you more space to decorate it yourself. There is also glitter scattered throughout to give your tree an extra bit of holiday glow.

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