The arcade at the 'Stranger Things' pop-up shop in NYC or Los Angeles, Netflix's first-ever official...
11 Easter Eggs In The ‘Stranger Things’ NYC Pop-Up Shop Only True Fans Would Understand

It opens to the public on Nov. 6 (aka Stranger Things Day)!


Halloween may be over, but #spookySZN is still underway as Stranger Things Day — the day when oh-so-many Stranger Things Season 4 details are expected to be announced — is set for Saturday, Nov. 6. To commemorate the occasion, Netflix is launching the first-ever Stranger Things stores, complete with easter eggs only true fans would understand.

Before Stranger Things: The Experience brings Hawkins Lab to life in spring 2022, a minimum of two Stranger Things: The Official Store pop-up shops are making appearances starting Nov. 6: one in New York City’s Times Square, the other at Los Angeles’ The Americana at Brand; “other cities may follow soon,” according to the store’s official website. Both shops are packed with interactive activities, photo opps, exclusive merchandise, plus plenty of hidden gems Mike, Eleven, and the rest of their crew would appreciate.

Ahead of opening day, I got to check out Stranger Things’ NYC shop to scope out everything it has to offer fans, and it did not disappoint. The experiential store takes you through Joyce’s living room, Palace Arcade, the Russian lab, Hawkins High School, Starcourt Mall, and even has nods (re: merch) to Season 4 moments we have yet to see. Below, I’ve curated a list of 11 (for obvious reasons) Stranger Things store easter eggs fans won’t want to miss.


Upside Down Cheerios

Courtesy of Kaitlin Cubria/Elite Daily

Among the classic boxes of cereals like Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you can find boxes of Cheerios specific to all things Stranger Things. Not only is the Cheerios logo written upside down — a clear homage to the Upside Down — there’s also a Demogorgon symbol cleverly placed inside the “O,” Russian underlying text, and a sweepstakes callout to win a Starcourt Mall shopping spree.

Demogorgon Wallpaper

Gone are the dainty pink flowers on Joyce Byers’ living room wall. The florals emblazoned across the space are actually mini Demogorgons. How quaint.


Dungeons & Dragons

Next to a bowl of marbles and dice, you can find a starter set for Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin’s go-to fantasy roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons, on Joyce’s coffee table.


Flashing Lights

Courtesy of Kaitlin Cubria/Elite Daily

Stay long enough, and the lights will begin to flicker, the rotary phone will ring, and you’ll hear Will’s voice begging for help, among other events that’ll transport you back to Season 1. This happens every 20 minutes, so make sure to take your time.


The Elegorgon

You’ve seen Eleven, you’ve seen a Demogorgon, but I bet you’ve never seen an Elegorgon. Created by Ecuadorian artist Chogrin, the Elegorgon is a small figurine that showcases a cartoon-like Eleven — which you can preorder at the store — holding an Eggo in her signature pink dress from Season 1. Only, instead of the sweet face of Millie Bobby Brown, you’ll see the creepy head of a Demogorgon.


Hellfire Club Merch

The first episode of Season 4 is titled “The Hellfire Club,” which is the name of Hawkins High’s official Dungeons & Dragons Club, according to Stranger Things’ official Twitter account. Though there aren’t too many details about the D&D club known as of press time, the Hellfire Club merch offers a little taste of what you can expect to see.


Exclusive Merch

Courtesy of Kaitlin Cubria/Elite Daily

Run-of-the-mill “I {Heart} NY” merch takes a backseat at the Stranger Things store in NYC, with “I {Demogorgon} NY” emblazoned across the exclusive tote bags and T-shirts near the checkout counter. If you’re in the Los Angeles store, you can expect LA-specific merch.


Changing Neon Character Display

Behind the Starcourt Mall checkout counter, you can see your favorite characters slowly appear in neon lights. Max’s lit-up character portrait — featuring Sadie Sink’s iconic red hair, “Mad Max” in overlapping text, and striped rainbow tee from Season 3 — was one of my personal faves.


Rats In A Locker

Rats were a prominent part of Season 3, with dozens of the rodents exploding to form goop that later becomes the dreaded Mind Flayer. So you can bet that even they got a nod at the Stranger Things store, with several rats taking up space in one of the Hawkins High lockers.


Other Locker Items

Can you hear Dustin shouting, “Mike, I found the chocolate pudding”? That iconic line will definitely come to mind when you look through the rest of the lockers. Some other notable gems inside include a walkie-talkie, Eggos, and, of course, chocolate pudding.


“11” On Russian Lab Entryway

Courtesy of Kaitlin Cubria/Elite Daily

Need I say more?

Stranger Things: The Official Store opens to the public on Saturday, Nov. 6, in NYC and LA, with no end date in sight (though it is regarded as a limited-time experience, so you should book your trip to the Upside Down ASAP). Tickets to the pop-up shop are free and walk-ins are welcome — as long as you wear a mask and adhere to all other safety guidelines — but entry is only guaranteed to those who make an online reservation. To reserve your spot, visit strangerthings-store.com.

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