Summertime Sips
Two Starbucks beverages, one peach-colored and one red, placed amidst ice cubes against a yellow and...

I Tried Starbucks' New Iced Energy Drinks From Its Summer 2024 Menu

Here’s how they compare to Dunkin’s SPARKD’ lineup.

Your 3 p.m. coffee run just got a little more energizing. Starbucks added two new sparkling beverages to its summer 2024 menu — Melon Burst Iced Energy and Tropical Citrus Iced Energy — with enough caffeine to get you over that late afternoon slump.

These energizing combinations come four months after Dunkin’ added SPARKD’ Energy beverages to its lineup in February. As Elite Daily’s resident taste-tester who’s tried all of Dunkin’s caffeinated refreshers, I had to find out where Starbucks’ new additions rank in comparison.

Back when they were first released, I rated Dunkin’s SPARKD’ Energy Peach Sunshine a 3 out of 5; the SPARKD’ Energy Berry Burst, a 2 out of 5 (my least fave new item on its spring 2024 menu). Both were a tad too sweet for my liking, so I needed to have the ice melt and water them down a bit before I could fully enjoy them. The canned caffeine beverage taste, like a Red Bull or Monster Energy, didn’t help either.

But where do Starbucks’ Iced Energy bevs, plus the coffee giant’s new Frozen Tropical Citrus Energy drink with strawberry puree, stack up? Below, you’ll find my ratings for each of Starbies’ new treats and what the summery sips taste like.


The Melon Burst Iced Energy Is For The Passion Tea Girlies

Both of Starbucks’ new Iced Energy drinks center around tea flavors. The Melon Burst Iced Energy is made with the brand’s Passion Tango tea, sparkling water, and flavored with melon and cucumber. You can only order a venti (20 ounce) size for $6, which is served over ice.

Rachel Chapman

The melon and cucumber flavors went relatively unnoticed, but the tea packed a punch. Essentially, it tasted like a carbonated version of Starbucks’ Iced Passion Tango tea with sweetener. At times, it gave off the vibe of a fruit punch soda, a nostalgic twist that brought me back to summers when I made Kool-Aid with my friends.

Though it was a *tad* too sweet for my taste, I really enjoyed this drink. It wasn’t as intense as Dunkin’s and felt more natural, but similarly got better when watered down a bit.

Rating: 4/5

The Tropical Citrus Iced Energy Was A Lifesaver On A Long Day

Of the two new flavors, the Tropical Citrus was my favorite. This one, which you could also only order in a venti size for $6, has a green tea base with passionfruit and citrus flavors added in. As a green tea stan, this was the one for me.

Rachel Chapman

Both drinks are sugar-free, but this one didn’t taste extra sweet. It was smooth and perfect for sipping during the summer. Not only was this my favorite flavor-wise, but it came in handy on a long day.

I didn’t sleep well the night before VidCon 2024, and this drink kept me going through an entire day of interviews and panels. It really does live up to its “Iced Energy” name.

Rating: 5/5

The Frozen Tropical Citrus Energy Is For Strawberry Fans

At first, I was slightly confused by the Frozen Tropical Citrus Energy, because it looks like a frozen version of the melon drink, but is named after the tropical one because it has the passionfruit and citrus flavors added in. It makes sense after you taste it, though.

Rachel Chapman

It’s basically a frozen strawberry drink with extra caffeine. Mine melted right away in the sun, so it didn’t stay frosty, but was refreshing for a hot day. Another point against it was that this drink is more expensive at $7, and can only be ordered as a venti as well.

It has slightly less caffeine than the others, so I would recommend it for someone who doesn’t need a full afternoon boost and loves strawberries. Other than that, it was just simple and nothing too special.

Rating: 3/5

Final Thoughts: I Found My New Afternoon Treat

Overall, Starbucks is the clear winner here in terms of sparkling energy refreshers. The two Iced Energy drinks are less sweet than Dunkin’s versions, smooth, and sooo refreshing for the summer. Though the flavors aren’t too new — since they really just taste like the Passion Tango and green teas — the sparkling water makes them more crisp and delicious.