St. Patrick's Day
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80 St. Patrick’s Day Group Chat Names To Keep Your Paddy Planning On Theme

A good group chat name always raises the bar.

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Planning an epic St. Patrick’s Day requires lot of communication between you and your besties. You’ve got your green OOTDs to coordinate and drink recipes to pick out from TikTok, so it just makes sense to have some St. Patrick’s Day group chat names to keep your convo on theme.

If it’s your BFF chat that needs a new St. Patrick’s Day group chat name, it may be that you switch out your name with each new holiday. Since March is finally here, it’s time to change that Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day name for a St. Patrick’s Day pun instead. These 80 St. Patrick’s Day names also work for new group chats with the people you plan to spend Mar. 17 with. Your organized chat will help you when you’re trying to meet up at the parade or share group pics afterwards for everyone to post on Insta.

Since each group has a different vibe and priority for St. Patrick’s Day partying, you need a diverse list of St. Patrick’s Day group chat names to choose from. Go with a St. Patrick’s Day pun if your plans are to dress up and watch throwback movies like The Luck of the Irish while drinking green cocktails and mocktails. If you’re feeling lucky to have the best friends you do, you could also go with a sweet St. Patrick’s Day group chat name. Whatever the shenanigans you have planned, there’s a name here for you.

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  1. We Like To Paddy
  2. The She To My Nanigans
  3. We’ve Made A Jig Mistake
  4. Gettin’ Jiggy With It
  5. Back That Lass Up
  6. Shamrock ‘N’ Roll
  7. Irish You Were Here
  8. Don’t Worry, Beer Happy
  9. Oh My Guinness
  10. It Ain’t Over Till It’s Clover
  11. My Lucky Charms
  12. The Lucky Ones
  13. Cutest Clovers In The Patch
  14. Feeling Green
  15. Keep Calm And Leprechaun
  16. We’re Brogue
  17. Zero Lucks Given
  18. Pitcher-Perfect Friends
  19. Brew-tiful Friends
  20. Don’t Give Into Beer Pressure
  21. Un-beer-lievable Besties
  22. Looking Good In Green
  23. Can’t Pinch Us
  24. You Better Beer-lieve it
  25. Dublin Over Laughing
  26. Parade Peeps
  27. You’re So Golden — Harry Styles, “Golden”
  28. I See Green People
  29. Irish-ish
  30. After Our Lucky Charms
  31. My Pots Of Gold
  32. Do You Get Deja Brew?
  33. The Pursuit Of Hoppiness
  34. Paddy Long Legs
  35. Paddy Don’t Start Till We Walk In
  36. Let The Shenanigans Begin
  37. Everybody In The Pub Getting Tipsy
  38. We’re Lepre-Gone
  39. On St. Patrick’s Day, We Wear Green
  40. You Can’t Sip With Us
  41. Dublin The Fun
  42. My Rainbow Connection
  43. It’s Easy Being Green
  44. Sips Getting Real
  45. Spud-tacular Besties
  46. Greening From Ear To Ear
  47. Seamus All
  48. Shaking Shamrocks
  49. Prone To Shenanigans
  50. A Wee Bit Irish
  51. A Bunch of Blarney
  52. The Pinch Patrol
  53. Don’t You A-green?
  54. Paddy Planning Committee
  55. Lucky And Charming
  56. Always In A-green-ment
  57. Raising The Bar
  58. The Pint Of No Return
  59. We Paddy Like A Rockstar
  60. Most Wonderful Time Of The Beer
  61. Thank Brew For Coming
  62. But First, Irish Coffee
  63. You Can Always Be-leaf Me
  64. Seeing Green
  65. Green And Bear It
  66. In Paddy Mode
  67. The Paddy Vibes
  68. To Beer Or Not To Beer
  69. The Luck Of The Irish
  70. Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beerholder
  71. Potatoes Gonna Potate
  72. You Snooze, You Booze
  73. Sip, Sip Hooray
  74. You Shamrock My World
  75. I’d Take A Whiskey For You
  76. Irish I Was A Baller
  77. Sitting On The Paddy O’
  78. Might Paddy Later
  79. We Lepre-can't Even Right Now
  80. Irish We Had Pizza

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