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10 Sorority Formal Outfit TikTok Reveal Ideas For Your Very Own Cinderella Moment

Stun them with a “before” and “after.”

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Once you buy your sorority formal dress, you’re counting down until the night you can finally debut it. It’s been waiting in your closet to be revealed since the day you first tried it on, and you want as many people to see it as possible. If you want to capture the ultimate Cinderella moment going from cozy to glam, you’ll definitely want to check out these sorority formal outfit TikTok reveal ideas to really wow your friends with the “before” and “after.”

Nothing can compare to that feeling you get when you put on a stunning outfit and make an entrance with all eyes are on you. It’s like when Cinderella arrives at the ball or when Rachael Leigh Cook walks down the stairs in She’s All That. If you want to document your own red carpet-worthy moment, all you need to do is film the ultimate TikTok outfit reveal.

If you’re at a loss for which sorority formal outfit reveal to do, you’re in luck, because there are so many reveals ideas with different songs and transitions currently trending on the FYP. You could enlist the help of your sisters or date to help you take a video, or you could do a solo sorority formal TikTok reveal on your own. Whether you want to use a bold transition or a trending song to make a statement, here are 10 TikTok sorority formal reveal ideas (as well as directions for how to do record them) for an outfit debut that’s sure to make everyone’s jaws drop.

The “More Than A Woman” Trend

If you’re a pro at smooth transitions, you’ve got to try the “More Than a Woman” trend featuring the Bee Gees song. TikToker @maddiegagneaux demonstrates how you turn your head to face the camera to the beat of the song, zoom in, and turn away to start filming on the other side. On the last turn, you’ll be in your final formal look with your hair and makeup done and your dress on.

It may take a few tries to get this transition down, but it’ll be worth it when it all blends together with the song. Utilize the trim tool for each clip if you need to.

The Earring Drop Trend

Planning on wearing big earrings with your sorority formal outfit? If you are, you may just want to do this earring drop trend on TikTok. For this reveal, follow TikToker @maddisonlaine’s lead and pretend like you’re putting an earring in at the beginning of the video.

Right before the drop in the song, drop your earring so that you can bend over to pick it up. When you pop back up, you’ll be fully dressed with earrings on and your hair and makeup done. As shown in this TikTok, this is a super cute trend to do with your sisters if you’re getting ready together.

The “Give Me Everything” Trend

This “Give Me Everything” trend works best with sorority sisters or sorority formal dates. Set to the song “Give Me Everything” by Pitbull, you’ll first show yourselves in your PJs or loungewear. When the song is about to change, grab hands and set off to opposite sides of the screen until you’re off-camera. When the song comes back, swing back in while still holding hands, but this time you’ll be fully dressed in your sorority formal outfits.

TikToker @maddiegagneaux does this trend perfectly with her sorority sister. To help you achieve a similar smooth transition, be sure to use the “set recording limit” function under the “timer” button.

The Frame Trend

Instead of covering the camera with your entire hand for the transition, try this frame trend in between your “before” and “afters”. All you need to do is make a picture frame with your fingers like TikToker @kelsieprince_ does when Justin Timberlake sings “Tell me how they that got that pretty little face on that pretty little frame, girl” from his song “Summer Love.” When you open your fingers back up, you’ll be fully dressed in your sorority formal outfit.

The “A Little Commotion For The Dress” Trend

This outfit reveal trend doesn’t use any fancy transitions or effects. All you need is the proper sound clip of Cher saying, “Can I hear a little commotion for the dress?” As you lip sync to the sound clip, show off your dress like TikToker @bonnieleetoks. When she says, “Now let’s hear it for the back of the dress,” that’s when you show off the back. This is perfect if you have a super cute dress with cool cutouts, a train, or a bow in the back.

The “Wildest Dreams” Trend

The “Wildest Dreams” trend may be currently all over your FYP. Since it’s so popular, Taylor Swift decided to release her version of the 1989 track early so that fans could use the re-recorded version instead. She also hopped on the trend in an adorable “Wildest Dreams” TikTok.

So, if it’s good enough for T-Swift, it’s definitely good enough for your sorority formal outfit reveal. All you need to do is record yourself in loungewear with your camera up above, like TikToker @annaxsitar. At the drop in the song, turn your head and transition into you dressed up in your formal outfit. Use the “Slow Zoom” effect to really give yourself main character energy.

The “Kiss Me More” Trend

In the song “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat, there is a *ding* sound effect that has been utilized in so many trends on TikTok. It can also be used for a super cute outfit reveal. All you need to do is set up a recording limit to when the ding happens. Record yourself up wearing some sweats like TikToker @officialautumnrose. When the ding happens, record yourself again in the same position, but this time you’ll be fully dressed in your sorority formal ‘fit.

The “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” Trend

For a real Cinderella moment, try the “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” trend. Use the sound by TikToker @SvenSven39 that has the Fairy Godmother’s song from Cinderella at the beginning. After the “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo,” jump up so that when you come down, you’ll be dressed in your outfit. Watch TikToker @moogirl123 do this trend to know exactly when to jump up and down.

The “Bad Girls” Trend

Another viral TikTok transition that can be seen all over the FYP is the “Bad Girls” trend featuring the song from M.I.A. To replicate it, you’ll want to sing along to the song at the beginning, like TikToker @savannahsbyrd does. When the scream happens, that’s your cue for the transition. Using your arms, you’ll sweep them up over your face. This is when you’ll have your recording limit set so that the camera stops recording before you chance into your formal look.

Set the timer up after you’ve gotten dressed, and follow through on the hand motion to show your final look. If you can time it just right, it’ll be a super smooth transition that looks like no camera cuts happened at all.

The “Somebody’s Watching Me” Trend

When you’re all dressed up, you’ll feel like all eyes are on you. So, why not do a TikTok trend that embraces that? This “Somebody’s Watching Me” trend using the song by Rockwell is similar to most outfit reveal TikToks where you start out in your loungewear. Do a hair flip like TikToker @mehhhdication does for the transition. When you come back up, you’ll be fully dressed in your sorority formal outfit and ready to pose for the camera.