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Young group of friends skateboarding.

36 Captions For Skateboarding Pics And Shredding It Up On Social Media

Catch you on the flip side.

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For your entire life, you want to surround yourself with good vibes. You want to spend your days in the sunshine, your nights under the bright stars, and every moment in between with your besties. Your local skatepark is the place to turn these dreams into a reality, because you can spend hours riding the ramps, learning new tricks, and capturing adorable, blurry photos on your phone. For those photos, gather captions for skateboarding pics and shredding it up on social media.

After having a particularly good heart-to-heart conversation near the half-pipe, or landing a trick you’ve been trying to master for weeks, you’ll want to post on Instagram or TikTok. Since the beginning of quarantine, the apps have become a hub for sharing aesthetic roller skating videos and skatepark hangs. Your content will add to hashtags like #skatergirl or #skatelife, and help others practice their skills, document their memories, or even trade in their negative energy for unrelenting good vibes.

Every ramp you ride and post will be a reminder that we’re all capable of so much, and that sometimes landing a new trick just takes confidence and a positive thought like, “I got this.” At one point, you might have just tagged along to the skatepark with your older sibling, and excitedly watched as the skaters raced down the concrete. Now, you’re taking on the bowls, too, and skateboarding practically every night.

It’s more than possible to turn your dreams into a reality, and snag new content while you do it. Here are some skateboarding captions for the content you might collect — from blurry photos, to #viral videos, and close-ups of your colorful deck.

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  1. "You either love skateboarding, or you're wrong."
  2. "All they do is skateboard, skateboard, skateboard."
  3. "Thank u, next ramp."
  4. "When in doubt, shred it out."
  5. "You can’t be afraid to fall."
  6. "I'll catch you on the flip side."
  7. "You don’t need a license to skateboard."
  8. "Be the person who decided to go for the big ramps."
  9. "Beautiful haze of suburbia." — Blink-182, "California"
  10. "My little rebel girl." — Angels & Airwaves, "Rebel Girl"
  11. "God, I wish that I could do that." — Olivia Rodrigo, “good 4 u”
  12. "Relationship status: falling in love with skateboarding."
  13. "In my defense, I was left unsupervised."
  14. "Doing this sweet thing called skateboarding."
  15. "The more skateboarders, the merrier."
  16. "Girls just wanna skateboard in the sun."
  17. "Going through the motions."
  18. "Don't be a bummer, enjoy the summer."
  19. "This is what summer dreams are made of."
  20. "I don’t need a vacation. This is the perfect escape."
  21. "We're too rad for you."
  22. "Leavin' all those worries behind."
  23. "Every once in a while, ditch your comfort zone."
  24. "Talk less, skateboard more."
  25. "Quit hiding your skateboarding skills."
  26. "I'm here for the snacks and skateboards."
  27. "Rate my tricks in the comments!"
  28. "Look at that, it’s time to ride."
  29. "Good vibes only."
  30. "If it’s up, then it’s up." — Cardi B, “Up”
  31. "My kind of workout."
  32. "Swipe for an epic and beautiful fail."
  33. "Meet you at the bowl."
  34. "We love a good skateboarding moment."
  35. "TFW you master a new trick."
  36. "The skateboard emoji, but IRL."

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