What Does It Mean If You & A Celeb Share Sun & Moon Signs?

An astrologer explains the viral trend.

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Have you ever Googled your fave celeb’s birthday because you were just so convinced that they shared the same zodiac sign as you? I’ve been guilty of that on more than one occasion, and it’s totally fine. It can incredibly rewarding to make an accurate assumption, plus it gives me an ego boost when I hit the nail on the head. As an Aries sun, I’m usually pretty good at figuring out who also has that cardinal, fiery energy in their birth charts. (We usually have very distinct head shapes, haircuts, or facial features.) I can’t help but take a lot of pride in the fact that Mariah Carey and I were not only born one day apart, but we share the same sun and moon signs. While I personally think it means that we’re basically the same person (though, don’t ask me to showcase my vocal abilities), what does sharing a sun and moon sign with a celeb actually mean in astrology? Am I essentially the same person as one of the greatest vocalists of all time? Well, the answer is as varied as Mariah’s vocal range.

If you’ve found yourself on Twitter in recent days (Twitter Blue discourse aside), you may’ve noticed a lot of people on your feed sharing a picture of themselves next to a celeb, along with the simple phrase: “You and a celebrity who shares your sun and moon signs.”

People are taking this to mean that they’re besties, soul mates, or the twin of the star in question. While sharing the same sun sign as your favorite actor or musician is pretty common, finding out that you share the same sun and moon sign is actually pretty rare. The sun stays in one sign for approximately 30 days, but the moon changes sign as quickly as every two days. This means that the odds of being born with both of your luminaries in the same zodiac signs as your fave artist is kind of slim to none, because of how quickly la luna whips around the zodiac. Since it’s so uncommon, it can point to having more in common with your celebrity crush than just some basic personality traits. Since you share a moon sign, your astrological compatibility runs much deeper than that, and can indicate that your emotional needs are probably kindred spirits.

Sharing The Same Sun & Moon Sign With A Celeb Means You’ve Got A Rare Bond

In simple terms, it means that you’re hella alike. Not only are you and your celeb sun and moon match externally alike, you also seek the same things emotionally. When it comes to sharing the same sun sign, your outward, expressive persona is almost identical. For example, Mariah Carey and I share the assertive, independent, straight-forward qualities as many other Aries individuals, because we were both born between March 20 - April 19. However, since we also happen to be Cancer moons, this indicates that we aren’t just similar due to the straight-forward, ambitious qualities of the ram — we’re one and the same on an emotional level too, which is something that’s far more rare to come across.

The moon represents your internal self, so it may not be as easy to notice upon initially meeting someone. It’s the part of you that others only see once they’ve created a bond with you, which is pretty on brand, considering you usually only see the moon in the evenings, when the world is quieter and people are indoors. When sharing a moon sign with another person, you tend to feel far more connected to them than you would simply from sharing the same sun sign — and you also handle your emotions the same way. As a Cancer moon, when something affects me emotionally I’m reaching for what’s comfortable: a close friend, my favorite snack, or my comfort show. Since Mariah Carey also has this moon placement, she likely does the same thing.

This kind of compatibility allows you to connect and relate to another person pretty effortlessly, and can indicate that we’d be instant besties (Mariah, if you’re seeing this, DM me). While these kind of astrological similarities don’t necessarily cancel out the possibility for incompatibility, it does majorly increase the chances that you’d hit it off with your famous cosmic doppelgänger. So, if you want to “OMG we share the same sun and moon sign” your way into your fave’s inbox, I’m totally here for it.

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