Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) talks on the phone while standing in a restaurant on 'Schitt's Creek.'

These Johnny Rose Quotes Will Add Pizazz To Your Next Insta

Because people really do love pizazz.

by Rachel Chapman and Ani Bundel
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If you're looking for some sage advice, look no further than the patriarch of the Rose family from Schitt's Creek, Johnny. Despite being part of the reason the family's fortunes fell apart in the first place, it's businessman Johnny who always knows how to bring his family together. While his wife Moira may be the one delivering lines onstage, offstage, it's Johnny who often offers up wise (yet hilarious) words of wisdom. That’s why you should absolutely use Johnny Rose’s Schitt's Creek quotes for your Instagram captions — they’re sure to bring your pictures to the next level.

Just like Johnny can't go a week without Moira around, your snaps just aren't quite the same without a proper caption. It's time to invest as much into your Insta posts as Johnny puts into the Rosebud Motel and any other business he turns his mind to. That's where these Schitt's Creek quotes, especially the ones from Johnny, come in handy. After all, he's the one handling social media — just as soon as he can figure out what that is.

Add a hilarious one-liner to your next selfie to make your friends LOL. Or, use a sweet quote to show how much you care for the Moira in your life. These quotes can even come in handy when you decide to rewatch the series. Get a cute selfie of you and your roomies sitting in front of the TV or dressed up in your Rose family best and post it with a quote. Anyone who loves the show as much as you do will know just where they quote came from and double tap your pic right away.

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1. "Tweet us on Facebook!"

2. "Word to the wise. When you're speaking to somebody wise, you lis... You're cognizant of what they're saying."

3. "People love pizazz."

4. “Cheese, tomato sauce, bread. Can't beat that combination.”

5. "Let me explain something about business. It's a dance. And sometimes you lead. And sometimes you follow."

6. "It was a complicated order form, all right? There were a lot of fields to fill in."

7. "Talk to the hand, son, because the ears are no longer working."

8. "Are you in danger? Blink if you're in danger."

9. "Well, this town is very screamnastic."

10. "Hashtag. Is that two words?"

11. "I don't like your tone."

12."Are we having a bad day, honey?"

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13. "It's a nightshirt, David."

14. "That was the joke!"

15. "All right, you know what, I hate to break up this party, but this is my office, and I do have a lot of work to do."

16. "You're not the only one with an online presence."

17. "Oh, I know I don't have any money, but I need to look like I don't have money."

18. "Anyway, I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead, folks."

19. "Friends are getting the same discount as family? That doesn't sound right."

20. “I wouldn't trust Roland with a set of chopsticks, let alone a dead body!”

21. "Well, I was trying to give you a hug."

22. "You can't greet customers with that face."

23. "Why am I getting booed?"

24. "And you know why, honey? Because you're better 'than' that."

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25. "Well, how's that for timing?"

26. "I don't wanna be taken advantage of because I'm overdressed."

27. “Let me break it down for you, junior. If they're at the motel using the coasters, they don't need to know where the motel is.”

28. “Lobster! Ah. Are we inviting The Vanderbilts?”

29. “I lost my Patek Philippe in that lake, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.”

30. “You know, other than your little blunder, it would've been a flawless rollout.”

31. “Sweetheart, I'm about to beg for a truck, in order to beg for money. I think you've gotta raise that masculinity bar just just a little.”

32. "Wait! Stop the car! Just wanted one last look. Driver, we're ready."

33. “Smart enough to get that joke, but not smart enough to stop wearing sweaters in the middle of summer.”

34. “Does this not remind you of that wellness retreat we went to in Evian, right after Alexis ended things with Sean Penn?”

All six seasons of Schitt’s Creek are streaming on Netflix.

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