You can rent the 'Wednesday' car from Netflix for a day in December.

How To Rent The Wednesday Car On Turo For $13 This December

Get in loser, we’re going to Nevermore Academy.

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By now, you’ve marathon-watched Netflix’s Wednesday at least once and have seen her iconic dance take over your FYP on TikTok. If the black items in your closet have found their way to the front and you’re trying out different braided hairstyles, you may be entering your Wednesday Addams era. All that’s left to do is arrive in style to your next destination, Addams family style. For that, you can rent the Wednesday car on Turo for just $13 this December, thanks to a Netflix collab.

Imagine pulling up to your holiday party in a 1950 Cadillac hearse inspired by the Addams’ family car. You may remember in the first episode of Wednesday, Jenna Ortega’s character is dropped off at Nevermore Academy in a similar vehicle by her parents, Morticia and Gomez Addams. While you may not be able to drive the hearse to the real Nevermore Academy — since it’s located in Romania — you can use the car to go on a Wednesday-inspired road trip with your besties.

The best part of all is that you’ll only have to spend $13 on your car rental for the entire day. The budget-friendly price tag pays homage to Wednesday’s birthday, Friday the 13th. If this sounds like a bloody good time, here’s how to rent the Wednesday car.

How Do You Rent The Wednesday Car On Turo For $13?


You’ll need to be in Los Angeles if you’d like to get behind the wheel of the Addams’ family hearse. The Cadillac Custom Wagon 1950 is only available in Los Angeles from now until Dec. 19. For anyone in LA or visiting the city for the holidays, this is the perfect chance to live like Wednesday Addams for the day.

The car is designed by West Coast Customs and comes in a dark purple hue. In the listing description, Wednesday says, “It’s been customized to suit the dubious taste of my parents, from the obnoxious branding to the vile purple hue. If it had been up to me, it would be midnight-black with a coffin in the back (FYI — perfect for napping or storing snacks).” While it may not look exactly like the hearse in the series, the slight color will pop more in your Insta pics and TikTok videos. Unless you also “find social media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation” like Wednesday.

The vehicle also comes with bat wing mirrors and windows in the back that look like spiderwebs. It’s also a manual, which means you’ll need to know how to drive stick shift. Be warned, if you’re not a capable driver, you may upset Lurch. According to Wednesday, the Addams family butler “will hunt you down.” The “vehicle is dear to his cold dead heart,” so be sure to keep it in mint condition.

What To Do In The Wednesday Hearse On Turo For A Day?


With the Wednesday hearse, you could go on a road trip inspired by the Netflix series. Stop at locations that feel like places the Addams Family would enjoy, like the Witch’s House in Beverly Hills or Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Many fans of the series have wondered if Wednesday was shot in the same lot as Gilmore Girls, because Jericho looks like Stars Hollow with its gazebo at the center. However, Wednesday was filmed entirely in Romania.

You could still visit the Warner Bros. Studio during your Wednesday day to take a tour and see the backlot. While you’re there, snap some pics that look like you’re in Wednesday and grabbing a coffee from the Weathervane Cafe & Bakery where Tyler works. Stop by a Starbucks as well to order a Wednesday Addams cold brew. For a real adventure, drive out of town to visit the Hearst Castle, which gives off major Nevermore Academy vibes.

Just be mindful that the castle is about four hours away from LA, and your rental includes up to 600 miles. After that, you’ll need to pay an additional 7¢ a mile fee. You’ll also be in charge of filling up your own gas. You do have the option to return the car at any fuel level as part of the prepaid refuel, but that’ll be about $110 a trip.

While most rental cars are available to anyone 25 and up, you must be at least 30 to rent the Wednesday hearse. If you’re not 30, hopefully you can find a friend who is willing to be the Lurch to your Wednesday and join you on this journey.

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