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10 Ramen Recipes From TikTok That Reimagine The Go-To Noodle

A four-course ramen meal.

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The ramen side of TikTok has come a long way since you first saw TikTokers putting Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Seasoning Blend in their bowls. While you might have thought the combo was strange at the time, your brows will really rise when you see what ramen recipes are being cooked up on the platform now. There are a number of creative TikTok recipes using ramen to make different foods like lasagna, pizza, and smoothies, and you're going to have to see them for yourself to believe them.

Right about now, you're probably wondering how a ramen smoothie tastes and if it’s any good. According to one TikToker, it absolutely is. After checking out these TikTok ramen recipes, you'll see how these inventive creations not only look super tempting to eat, but are also just as easy to pull together as your typical ramen bowl. You could even whip up an instant noodle dish for every meal of the day. Start off your morning with a ramen smoothie, enjoy a lasagna ramen for lunch, and a pizza ramen for dinner. To end your day, why not try out a ramen dessert recipe while you're at it?

Once the initial shock of watching these unique TikTok ramen recipes wears off, you'll be so amazed at how everything comes together that you won't be able to resist recreating them for yourself. So, gather the roomies for a four-course ramen meal and get ready to take your tastebuds on a wild ride.

Ramen Lasagna

Making ramen lasagna might be even easier than cooking the traditional noodle dish. As weird as it seems, all you have to do is layer a dish with a packet of ramen noodles, top with a coating of sauce, and then cheese, and repeat. When it comes out of the oven, it'll smell so much like your usual lasagna that you may forget it's ramen.

Ramen Pommes Frites

Pommes frites, or "french fries" in French, can actually be made without any potatoes. Instead, boil ramen noodles in hot water, drain, and mix with an egg and the ramen packet flavoring. Then, using a skewer, spool some of the noodles onto the stick and place it in hot oil. If this recipe still doesn't kick things up enough for you, then you can spice up your ramen pommes frites with some Sriracha on top.

Ramen Cake

You'll be the talk of the dinner table if you recreate this ramen cake recipe. It may look pretty intimidating since it has three layers, but TikToker @telehuefood talks you through each tasty step. Using cheese, spam, and eggs, your savory ramen cake will tower over the dinner table. Yummly’s savory ramen pancake is another ramen cake idea that serves one and incorporates flavors like kimchi and shiitake mushrooms.

Ramen Pizza

Swap out your traditional cheese pizza during your next Pizza Friday for something more out-of-the-box like this ramen pizza. TikToker @igottherecipes proves just how easy this dish is to make by layering a pan with uncooked noodles, and covering them in marinara sauce, cheese, and a layer of pepperoni. Yummly’s take on ramen pizza has a few more steps to make the classic round pizza shape using cooked noodles. Feel free to put your own unique spin on this grub and add your fave pizza toppings to this recipe.

Ramen Smoothie

Even though the not-so secret ingredient to this smoothie is ramen, TikToker @kingramenivan says, "You don't taste the ramen." This user notes that the mango and avocado are the dominant flavors in this fruity sip, and as a result, it's "really, really good." To go all out, you can even take a page from this TikToker and enjoy your ramen smoothie in a coconut for a 'Gram-worthy drink.

Ramen Carbonara

Ramen may already be your go-to comfort food, but a cheesy ramen carbonara is even more hearty. Simply add half and half after boiling the noodles as you normally would when making ramen. Then, add cheese and an egg on top of your package's seasoning. Within minutes, you'll have a gooey dish to warm you up. If you love creamy noodles, see Yummly’s recipe for a ramen spin on the Cacio e Pepe pasta dish. It melts together smooth butter, salty parmesan cheese, and fresh black pepper.

Crunchy And Crispy Ramen Snack

Move over potato chips, because this crispy ramen snack is here to stay. You'll be won over by this snack's satisfying crunch and easy method of preparation. By cooking the noodles without seasoning and frying them in oil, the noodles become a savory treat that you can then top with the flavors in your noodle packet. They'll make a great addition to all your in-between-meal munchies. One you start snacking on them, you may not want to stop.

Spicy Ramen Spring Rolls

This recipe from @cylovesfrogs turns your classic ramen into a buldak spring roll and it’s easier to whip up than you might expect. Just cook the ramen per usual then, with rice paper, roll it into a dumpling with whatever other fillings you desire, like veggies or crushed peanuts. The rolls are then pan-fried for a crispy, saucy bite of yummy noodles.

Ramen Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Why not combine two comfort meals? You’ve probably never had ramen in your grilled cheese before, but this TikTok recipe @lisanguyen will make your mouth water. She uses three different cheeses, then, while the slices of bread are toasting on skillet and getting melty, she adds a scoop of cooked ramen to the middle of the sandwich. The result is a gooey bite of cheesy noodles and crispy bread with a spicy kick.

Birria Ramen

This ramen recipe plays off the Mexican beef stew Birria, with a rich, juicy broth. @jennymartinezzz on TikTok shared how she makes it by combining homemade Birria with cooked ramen and topping it with onion, cilantro, and fresh lime juice. She even makes cheese tacos on the side for essentual dunking in the delicious broth.

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