Quiche-stuffed bagel recipes from TikTok
TikTokers Are Making Quiche-Stuffed Bagels, And It's A Game Changer

They’re egg-cellent.

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Breakfast really will be the most important meal of the day once you try TikTok’s latest viral food trend. Quiche-stuffed bagel recipes have taken over and are a must-try for anyone who wants to upgrade their morning routine. This delicious dish is exactly what it sounds like with a quiche baked into a fluffy bagel. Since there are so many bagel flavors and different ingredients you can add into your quiche, the combination of quiche-stuffed bagels is seemingly endless. You could make something with tons of flavor on an everything bagel or a dish that’s sweet and savory on a cinnamon bagel.

If you’re thinking about trying this TikTok recipe for yourself, you may want to check out a few other TikTokers who have already tried their own quiche-stuffed bagels. By following each one of these six quiche-stuffed bagel recipes, you can make a batch for your next Sunday brunch with the roomies or a batch to share with your fave coworkers. You could even plan a super cute early morning picnic in the park with your SO with a delicious breakfast that’s the definition of #BaeGoals. With so many options on the table, it’s time to get egg-cited about quiche-stuffed bagels from TikTok.

Breakfast Quiche-Stuffed Bagels

On your quiche-stuffed bagel journey, you must start with this breakfast quiche-stuffed bagel from TikToker @dontgobaconmyheart_. This recipe calls for eggs, cream, cheese, bacon, sausage, and onion. Mix together with some salt and pepper and add into a bagel before baking. Once it’s out of the oven, you can top with some chives for an extra Insta-worthy look.

Vegan Breakfast Quiche-Stuffed Bagels

If you’re vegan, TikTokers @pictureitplants have veganized @dontgobaconmyheart_’s recipe by using ingredients like plant-based eggs and bacon. This vegan breakfast quiche-stuffed bagel is so delicious that they’re almost speechless after trying it.

Spinach And Sausage Breakfast Quiche-Stuffed Bagels

You can really have fun with your quiche mix by adding in any meats, cheeses, or vegetables you like. TikToker @eatingrightwpcjeannine even decided to add some spinach to the mix to make a spinach and sausage breakfast quiche-stuffed bagel. This tutorial also uses an air fryer to bake. So, if you’re someone who hopped on the air fryer TikTok trend, you’ll have your bagel ready in less than 10 minutes.

No Waste Quiche-Stuffed Bagels

While some of the other recipes on this list ask you to cut off the top of your bagel to pour the quiche mix into, this recipe from TikToker @karmiccreations requires you to waste none of your bagel. Instead, you’ll slice into it in order to press the center down to make a bowl for your quiche mix.

This quiche-stuffed bagel recipe also doesn’t have you mix your quiche ingredients together beforehand, because you’ll pour in your meats, cheeses, and vegetables inside the bagel bowl first. Then, you’ll pour your eggs on top to seal it all together before popping in the oven.

Cream Cheese Quiche-Stuffed Bagels

If you like cream cheese with your bagels, you can add a layer to the bottom of your bagel before adding in the quiche mix. TikToker @ryantalksandeats did this with some jalapeño cream cheese. When you cut into your bagel, you’ll be able to see the different layers.

Quiche-Stuffed Bagels With Avocado

Serve up your quiche-stuffed bagels with some avocado like TikToker @heathercoxzzz. If you slice your avocado into an avocado rose, it makes it an even more picture-perfect breakfast. It’ll be almost too pretty to eat.

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