Fans can visit 'Queen Charlotte' filming locations in the UK after watching the 'Bridgerton' series ...

Where Was Queen Charlotte Filmed? You Can Promenade Through The Ton IRL

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Dearest gentle reader, a new Bridgerton story has arrived for your marathon-watching pleasure. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story takes fans back to before Simon ever licked a spoon and Anthony and Kate said “I do.” The six-episode Netflix prequel follows young Charlotte’s marriage to King George, and may actually be better than the already-beloved Bridgerton series. Whether you agree or not, one thing is for sure: Queen Charlotte filming locations are worthy of a set-jetting adventure.

Fans have had the chance to promenade through the Ton by visiting where Bridgerton was filmed in London since Season 1. If you’re ready to walk in Queen Charlotte’s footsteps, though, you’ll need to know where the spinoff filmed as well. Luckily, Queen Charlotte made use of some of the same locations as Bridgerton, but there are a few new ones to add to your wanderlust bucket list. Instead of sipping and spilling the tea like they do in Bridgerton, you may be more interested in visiting the conservatory where George stargazes at Kew Palace. Dress in your Regencycore best as you attend a production at the same opera house Queen Charlotte visits, or snap some pictures in the gardens of queen’s estate. Just don’t try to climb over any walls, if you can.

These 16 Queen Charlotte filming locations are perfect for fans of the series. And whether you’re friends looking to have a royally fun time or you and the King George to your Queen Charlotte are hoping to have a romantic honeymoon of your own, here’s the map to help you along the way.

Blenheim Palace
OX20 1PP, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom
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Several locations were used for Buckingham House, where Queen Charlotte lived and was also forced to stay by herself during her honeymoon period. Netflix shared that one of the locations is Blenheim Palace. You first see the exterior of Blenheim Palace when George escorts Charlotte to the home on their wedding night — and then ditches her. Blenheim Palace is open to guests daily, and tickets are $44 to visit the palace, park, and gardens.


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