The Planters' Inn a Nutshell experience allows you to sleep in a giant peanut-shaped camper this fal...

Camp In A Giant Peanut RV With This $4 All-Inclusive Planters Experience

Snacks included.

Courtesy of Planters

You’re nut going to believe it, but you actually have a chance to sleep in your very own peanut camper. Thanks to Planters’ Inn a Nutshell experience, you and your partner or the PB to your J bestie can stay in a giant peanut-shaped mobile home this fall for less than $4. In honor of Planters — the company behind Mr. Peanut — moving to Hormel Foods in Minnesota, the brand has decided to shellebrate with a one-of-a-kind retreat for one lucky individual.

If you want to be that lucky person to experience Planters’ Inn a Nutshell RV and have your very own nutty vacay, all you need to do is be the first person to book your stay on Sept. 17 at 12 p.m. CT. That’s when the Inn a Nutshell site will be available for booking. The stay itself will cost $3.59 — just the price of a Planters peanuts jar — and will take place Oct. 1 through Oct. 3. in Duluth, MN. Basically, you and your favorite person can go camping in a giant peanut RV for less than $4. Plus, the Nutmobile stay isn’t the only thing you get with this experience.

Courtesy of Planters

You and your guest will also be given a $1,500 travel stipend for any expenses used to get to Minnesota. That will definitely cover your airfare, so you could be snacking on airplane peanuts on your way to visit one. As far as traveling goes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has urged anyone not fully vaccinated to delay any travel plans until they become fully vaccinated. When you get there, the Nutmobile will be just for you and your guest so keeping your distance from others won’t be a problem.

You’ll also be given Planters products to snack on while you’re there, like Cheez Balls, Mixed Nuts, and Cashews, as well as a Mr. Peanut eye mask and Planters robe to really allow you to relax in style. You may even want to snap a few cute selfies of you and your peanut partner in crime lounging on the Mr. Peanut bed in your matching robes while watching TV. The Nutmobile also has some additional seating inside with a tray so your snacks are never too far away while kicking back.

Courtesy of Planters

There are also some chairs and a picnic table outside, so you can get some fresh air while chilling at your campsite or playing a round or two of cornhole. If you’d rather spend your days doing something more adventurous, go on a hike to check out the nearby lake where you can go kayaking. Since this trip will be happening in October, this is the perfect opportunity to really take in the fall foliage firsthand. Snap some cute pictures playing in the leaves or plandids wearing matching oversized Mr. Peanut hoodies ($11, Etsy). At the end of your trip, you’ll want to post an Instagram photo dump of your nutty adventures. Use some nut puns for your caption, like “it’s peanut butter when we’re together” or “I’ve got nut’in but love for this Nutmobile,” to make posting even easier.

If this really does sound like a dream come true, mark your calendar now so you’re the first person to book the Planters’ Inn a Nutshell experience as soon as it’s available on Sept. 17. You do nut want to miss your shot to call this Nutmobile your home.

The CDC recommends traveling only after you’re fully vaccinated and your vaccine has become fully effective. If you’re not fully vaccinated and must travel, check the CDC guidelines before you book. Check your destination’s vaccination and testing requirements before you depart.