The Our Place ovenware collection include baking sheets and pans.

Our Place’s New Ovenware Collection Includes A Multipurpose Pan And Baking Dishes

The entire five-piece collection is $195.

The Our Place kitchen collection is a must for anybody who likes to cook, thanks to the viral Always Pan that is known for being a “do-it-all wonder.” It’s designed to take the place of eight cookware items in your kitchen, which means it can steam, fry, and even boil whatever is on the menu. However, there’s always been one area where the original Always Pan falls a little short — the oven. Unfortunately, the OG Always Pan was not designed to be used in the oven, but the new Our Place ovenware collection is finally here to save the day.

The all-new five-piece oven collection includes all the tools you need to bake a fresh batch of cookies or loaf of bread. The Our Place Ovenware Set can even be used to roast veggies or cook a casserole, which will come in handy with all the upcoming summer barbecues you plan to host and attend. The best part of all is that the Ovenware Set comes in Our Place’s signature shades like the pink Spice, green Sage, and gorgeous Blue Salt. If you’re thinking about adding the Our Place Ovenware Set to your collection, you could get it in a shade to match the Always Pan you already have at home or switch up your colors for a more vibrant kitchen aesthetic. Either way, the Our Place oven collection is a must for any home chefs.

What Comes In The Our Place Ovenware Collection?

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Before you add to cart, you might be wondering what exactly is included in Our Place’s first ever Ovenware Set? Well, the collection is a full bakeware system that has items that can be used together or separately, depending on your needs. The one item that will most likely be used the most is the Oven Pan.

All items in the ovenware collection are nontoxic and nonstick, which means the Oven Pan is no exception. While it’s perfect for baking cookies, the Oven Pan was made for use both in the oven and on the stovetop. It even has walls deep enough for you to bake a cake with it as well as capture any liquids when roasting your veggies. Whether you’re making something sweet or savory, like a homemade pizza on date night, the Oven Pan will be your go-to.

There’s also the Oven Mat, which can be used with your Oven Pan. This reusable mat is for sustainability queens who want to ditch all that parchment paper you use while baking. Since it is reusable, it’s also easy to clean up as well. You also won’t have a problem measuring out your cookies either. The Oven Mat comes with one inch squares all over for you to easily space out and measure your cookie dough and other baked goods.

If you need something a little more hefty for your baking needs, though, the Ovenware Set also comes with three Bakers. The trio of nonstick dishes comes in three sizes. There’s the Main Bake, which is perfect for any casseroles or large dinner dishes like a lasagna. If you have a smaller family or it’s just you, you might use the Side Bake dish a little more. Then, there’s the loaf-sized Tiny Bake dish that is ideal if you’re looking to revisit your sourdough bread phase.

How Much Is The Our Place Ovenware Collection?

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With a full collection of baking dishes, a reusable mat, and a multipurpose pan, you would think you would need to save up some serious cash for the full Ovenware Set. That’s not the case, though. The five-piece set is just $195. For the Oven Pan alone, that price is worth it. Also, considering how beloved the Always Pan is, it’ll be great to finally complete your kitchen collection so you have everything you need from the stovetop to the oven.

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