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A woman looks at the "oops got your" trend on TikTok with people outing themselves.
TikTokers Are Roasting Themselves With The “Oops Got Your” Trend

What do you mean listening to Taylor Swift isn’t a coping skill?

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The beauty of TikTok is seeing trends first emerge on the FYP and slowly evolve over time. One of those is the “oops got your” trend on TikTok, which started out as a prank TikTokers were pulling on their parents. You may remember the faux Kohls ad that was all over the FYP around the holidays, with kids playing the NSFW ad to get their parents’ shocked reaction. That evolved into an “oops got your” meme using the Jessie TikTok voice effect, which makes your voice sound like a commercial voiceover.

Now, the meme has transitioned into a way for users to out themselves on everything from their fave Taylor Swift song to their go-to coping skill. While Instagram is a more curated social media platform where users pick the best and most ‘Gram-worthy photos to share on their feed, TikTok has always been a little more real. It’s not a fully authentic, BeReal-type app, but some users definitely err on the side of TMI sometimes. For anyone who enjoys keeping it real for the FYP mixed with some self-deprecating humor, you’ll love the “oops got your” TikTok trend.

Using a variety of sounds that begin with “oops got your,” TikTokers are revealing things like their fave comfort character, the one thing they’ve based their personality on, and what they’re attracted to. Each TikTok sound kind of pokes fun at the TikToker for their choice, but in a very LOL-worthy way. If you’re ready to share your choices, here are eight versions of the “oops got your” trend — though, you can always create your own.

“Oops Got Your Coping Skills”

One of the most viral of the “oops got your” memes from TikToker @mikaelaistired is the one where you reveal your coping skills. While some good coping skills and activities include exercise and getting enough sleep, TikTokers are hilariously sharing their not-so-good coping skills. One example is TikToker @rett.patrick’s coping skill, which is “a box of hair dye.” Another is TikToker @hanbity’s, which is to “pretend like nothing happened.”

“Oops Got Your Personality”

If you’re dedicated to one fandom, you may want to do the “oops got your personality” trend. This is perfect for Swifties and Disney adults who are known to their friend groups for liking one thing. TikToker @chezaidan, who originated the sound, chose astrology as the one thing he based his entire personality around.

“Oops Got Your Favorite Character”

Harry Potter fans will relate to this trend started by TikToker @ladybug.books about your fave character, who just so happens to be dead. This is also a big trend for #BookTok as well as Supernatural, Star Wars, and Marvel fans. Seriously, creators need to stop killing off the best characters. I’m looking at you, Duffer Brothers.

“Oops Got What Secretly Turns You On”

One way to hilariously call yourself out on TikTok is to do the “oops got your” trend revealing “what secretly turns you on.” This can be a real self-burn, like TikToker @annaxsitar’s example of “the bare minimum.” TikToker @cadehottyjames made a very relatable TikTok for Swifties, revealing that when someone knows a Taylor Swift song that isn’t “Love Story” or “Shake It Off,” that is a turn on.

“Oops Got Your Comfort Show”

Most people have a show they’ve rewatched a million times and can throw on whenever they just need something to watch. It’s their comfort show. And while popular comfort shows include The Office, Gilmore Girls, and Friends, TikTokers are showing their more unusual choices with this “oops got your” trend. TikToker @agrestenoir finds comfort in shows “made for a much younger audience,” while TikToker @jegulustaylorsversion prefers a series “about serial killers and traumatized FBI agents” like Criminal Minds.

“Oops Got Your Comfort Character”

In the same vein, TikTokers are also showing off their chosen comfort character. The reveal of this trend is that each comfort character is a murderer in their series. For instance, TikToker @thegeekypilot chose Loki, who may have killed a few people in the MCU, while TikToker @rin.loves.cows finds comfort in Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries.

“Oops Got What You’re Attracted To”

This version of the trend is similar to the “what secretly turns you on,” but this time, TikTokers are showing off what they’re attracted to. What makes this TikTok sound so LOL-worthy is the “oh my God” at the end after the reveal. Some hilarious (and relatable) examples include TikToker @sahmirasnook’s “fictional men” and TikToker’s @sagephillips10’s “someone who wants nothing to do with you.” However, nothing quite beats TikToker @motherearthloverr’s reveal of “a blue alien” from Avatar.

“Oops Got Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song”

Swifties will also have fun doing this trend where you reveal your fave Taylor Swift song. For TikToker @kenziesoleil, it’s “mirrorball” from folklore, which is a solid choice but definitely not everyone’s first. This trend works real well when your favorite is one of Swift’s saddest songs or a least fave among the fandom like “Me!”