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The First Week Of Sagittarius Season Will Be Shiny And New For 3 Zodiac Signs

Thanksgiving couldn’t come at a better time.

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Do you feel the wind beneath your wings? Do you suddenly have a desire to explore the world, learn new things, and meet new people? If so, you can thank the fact that the sun is now in spontaneous, hilarious, and untethered Sagittarius. This mutable fire sign lives by its own rules, because it knows that being afraid to offend anyone or do the wrong thing only inhibits your potential. Let the spirit of Sagittarius season show you that there are so many different ways to live your life. And if you’re one of the lucky zodiac signs who will have the best week of November 22, 2021 — Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius — then you have a lot to look forward to, especially around Thanksgiving.

As of Nov. 24 (aka Thanksgiving Eve), Mercury — planet of communication and thought process — will enter Sagittarius, which will help you see things from a bigger perspective, take greater risks, and find the humor in things. If you’re having trouble focusing on details, remembering your appointments, and telling a story in a succinct manner, you can blame it on the face that Mercury is technically in detriment when it’s in Sagittarius. However, this could challenge you to think differently, so don’t judge your process if it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Either way, you’re receiving a boost in mental stimulation by the time this week ends, because on Nov. 28, the sun will join forces with Mercury, helping you make decisions that align with your intellectual vision. It could be a beautiful time to get ahead on work, talk about what interests you, and plan for the future.

Here’s why fire signs are definitely here for this astrological energy:


Aries: There Are So Many Exciting Things You Haven’t Experienced Yet

If you’re feeling bored of going to the same places and doing the same things over and over again, you’ll love the energy that is surrounding you as of this week, Aries. The cosmos are encouraging you to embrace your adventurous side, because you have the power to discover so many new things at the moment. You may feel like traveling to a new place, researching new perspectives, and taking a chance on all sorts of new opportunities. Being the Aries that you are, you know you can’t resist adding more things to your list of experiences.

Leo: Your Urge To Create Art And Express Yourself May Be Strong

You’re an incredibly artistic sign, Leo. You know you love any opportunity to create color, poetry, and music, because it makes you feel incredibly alive. As of this week, you may feel your artistic senses tingling and your desire to create something beautiful becoming harder to ignore. There’s no better time to express yourself than Sagittarius season. Express yourself however you desire, whether that is by doing a TikTok dance, painting your nails, wearing your fanciest outfit, or getting down on some arts and crafts.

Sagittarius: You’re Feeling Yourself, So Don’t Hold Back

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, Sagittarius. The sun is finally moving through Sagittarius, helping you remember how cool you really are. Let the record show that you’ve changed so much over the course of the past year and you’re starting to realize it. You may even feel like doing something to celebrate these changes, such as getting a new hairstyle, throwing a party, or starting projects that reflect your newfound interests. Ignore anyone that makes you feel like changing who you are because you’re already awesome.