Young woman leaning against a wall having the worst month of November 2021, per her zodiac sign.

The Month Of November Will Be Filled With Ups And Downs For 3 Signs

Change is coming.

The leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and you’re inching closer and closer to the coldest part of the year. Although autumn vibes can be incredibly comforting, they can always arrive alongside some stressful astrology. This November is filled with so many ups and downs, regardless of what your zodiac sign might be. However, some of us may be feeling the brunt of it all, thanks to the fact that November 2021 will be the worst month for these zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, and Leo.

The month starts off on an uneasy note. On Nov. 4, the new moon in Scorpio will oppose erratic and unpredictable Uranus. This could leave you feeling unsure of where you stand, as though things could change at any moment. And this is just the beginning of all the surprises that are yet to come.

Intensity could reach boiling points by Nov. 10. This is when communicative Mercury will form a conjunction with aggressive Mars, which could heighten your emotional impulses and your will to compete. However, this conjunction will square off with imposing and restricting Saturn, which could leave you feeling like something is standing in your way no matter how hard you push. Patience is key, because these challenges are only temporary.

By Nov. 19, you may feel like things are changing in a drastic way. This is when the lunar eclipse will take place in grounded, money-oriented, and stubborn Taurus. This lunar eclipse could spell major shifts in your life, because in astrology, an eclipse tends to remove things from your life that are standing in the way of your true destiny. All you can do is keep your seatbelt fastened and embrace the ride.

Here’s why the following zodiac signs may feel the pressure this month:

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Aries: You Could Be Getting To Know Your Dark Side

If you’re feeling glum this month, there’s an astrological reason for it. The sun will spend most of the month in your eighth house of depth, endings, and transformation, which could leave you feeling as though you’re moving on from something that was once important to you. As you embrace the metamorphosis of letting go, you’re only clearing away space for so much growth. You may even discover new things about yourself as hidden truths make themselves apparent. Let the process of discovering secrets set you free.

Taurus: You Might Be Embracing So Many Personal Changes

This month is no joke, Taurus. Throughout November, various planets will oppose Uranus in Taurus, paving the way for you to embrace surprises about yourself and the world you live in. Although uncertainty can feel strange, it also evokes so much innovative energy for you to work with. By Nov. 19, a lunar eclipse will also take place in Taurus, which could lead to even more unexpected divergences in your life. Trust in the process. It’s only bringing you closer to where you’re meant to be.

Leo: You May Be Facing What Happens Behind Closed Doors

This month, the cosmos are encouraging you to nurture your home environment, your familial relationships, and replenish your soul through activities at home and rest. But that’s easier said than done, especially if there’s a closet full of drama to deal with. As you embrace the process of reconnecting with your sacred spaces, you may feel more vulnerable and emotional than usual. Your heart is coming alive this month, so give your heart exactly what it needs.