New Year, New You
Notebook with new year's goals for 2023, which include templates from TikTok.

5 New Year's Resolution Ideas & Templates From TikTok For 2023

Build your blueprint for the new year.

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2023 is right around the corner, and you may already be plotting your glow-up in the new year. Whether you had an amazing or challenging 2022, it’s finally coming to an end, and hopefully you learned a lot along the way that you can apply to your New Year’s resolutions. Over the holiday break, take an hour or so to yourself and document everything you hope to achieve and manifest in 2023 with a template that provides an easy layout for goal-setting. Here are New Year’s resolution ideas from TikTok to set yourself up for living your best life in 2023.

The new year is a totally fresh start, so feel free to outline honest goals that are both big and small. Depending on what makes sense, you may prefer to focus on the details of each day using habit trackers and checklists. Or, it might make more sense to idealize your goals as concepts with a New Year’s resolution prompt that helps you conjure specific needs. These New Year’s resolution templates shared by TikTok creators are free, easy to replicate, and customizable by design, so you can find a format that is organized in a personal and satisfying way. If the tradition of creating New Year’s resolutions tends to overwhelm you, check out these straightforward New Year’s resolution templates for 2023 that’ll help you stick to your goals.

The 12 Week Year Template


The popular “12 Week Year” template on TikTok comes from the book The 12 Week Year, which essentially plans a years-worth of goals in just three months by organizing priorities and listing strategies to achieve them. @hannah.mcbrearty on TikTok shared this approach as her “cheat code,” saying, “planning your life like this gives you so much clarity on what you’re doing and where you’re going.” Get started by setting a one-year goal at the top of the page. You could plug in a goal to increase your income, pay off debt, or save up for something special. Below that, note the dates for your 12-week time frame. So, if you begin your goals on New Year’s Day, the 12-week time period will be Jan. 1 - March 26, 2023.

Then, you’ll state your 12-week medium-sized goals, such as earning a 4.0 GPA for the semester or moving to a better apartment. After that, you’ll pull out each of your priorities for three months and create a list of mini goals that will support each priority. For example, working out regularly may be one of your priorities in the new year, and some of your strategies may include signing up for fitness classes in your neighborhood, refreshing your workout wardrobe, or setting the intention to exercise four days a week. From there you can plug the strategies into your calendar as if they are mandatory to-dos or appointments to keep yourself accountable to your goals.

Goals By The Month Template


@nikidetrich and her bestie created a goal-setting template called “Create Your Year” to map out an item to focus on each month. She explained in her TikTok, “Basically you come up with a new goal for every single month and then at the end you put it all together.” To do it yourself, create a list with 12 upcoming months and then assign a goal theme to each bullet. Niki chose to start the year upgrading her fitness routine and overall wellness goals in January, and designated a revamp to her home space for February. She reflected on past years to anticipate her needs in upcoming month as well. For example, mental health is her main goal for June because she often forgets to take care of herself in the midst of summer fun. Finally, write “ALL” for December. At the end of the year, you can apply everything you learned throughout the months to end 2023 on a strong note.

Year Compass Template


@bridgiecasey swears by the new year planning booklet called the Year Compass. She said, “The Year Compass helps me look at my life holistically and not just on things I’ve achieved, but [also] the way that I felt in different areas of my life.” The free template download (grab it here) provides prompts to reflect on the past year by filling in significant events, reflections, and even diary-style entries that make you expand on self-forgiveness. Then, it allows space to document your manifestations and form intentions for 2023.

Year Spreadsheet Template


If you love planning each and every detail that brings you closer to your goals, you can create a comprehensive year spreadsheet like @youareloved_movement. In the video, you’ll see she has a daily habit list in place to check off throughout each week of the month, with progress statistic boxes that turn green when she completes over 75% of the tasks. Below that, she has a section that notes habits to accomplish every week, like laundry and grocery shopping, and another for week-specific goals, like a doctor’s appointment or buying a birthday present. Similarly, she shares habits she wants to complete on a monthly basis, which could be anything from volunteering to deep cleaning your closet. Finally she organized her full year goals into six categories of career, personal development, creative, relationships, financial, and spiritual, where she can check off her ideas as she brings them to fruition. You can create your own version on Google Sheets or grab @youareloved_movement’s template here.

Goal Prompts Template


@claire.elis shared an easy Notes app layout idea to store your blueprint for 2023. First, she separates general life goals into four categories of lifestyle, health and mind, career, and relationships, and lists resolutions below in a descending order of priority. The next portions prompts new year’s ideas in “I want to” statements with verbs such as “quit,” “try,” or “learn,” for a simplified vision to embody. At the bottom, you can jot down a word the encapsulates your overarching theme for 2023. Claire chose “purpose,” but other ideas may be “upgrade,” “healing,” “adventure,” or “peace.”

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