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How To Use The Social Mood Board Platform "Landing" For 2023 Vision Boards

How To Use The Landing Mood Board Platform To Manifest For 2023

It’s a mix of Tumblr, Pinterest, and Polyvore.

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2023 is upon us, which means it’s time to start manifesting for the new year. You may be setting new goals to refresh your wellness routine and revamp your wardrobe, or looking ahead to travel plans you hope to book. You’re also looking forward to a fresh start at work or school after winter break, so it’s a good time to begin envisioning an even more successful year. Vision boarding is an inspiring way to visualize your goals and create a tangible reminder to stay motivated. It’s a fun, creative practice that gives you space to be intentional about specific things you hope to bring to fruition — and TikTok is loving a brand new platform that makes it so much easier to do. There’s a new digital platform called Landing that serves as a mood boarding studio and social media platform in one, and it makes it easy to dream up your desires in one place. Here’s the breakdown on how to use the Landing, including what is is and what you can create.

Scrolling through image-based apps like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram helps to spark inspiration, but if you find yourself bookmarking images across a bunch of platforms, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all your ideas. Landing provides a mood boarding workspace to create sharable concepts and creations. This site is a game-changer if you love to mood board as a hobby, because you can whip up an aesthetic fantasy in just a matter of minutes. Before you bust out the magazines and glue for your 2023 vision board, check out Landing for a new digital method.

What Is The Landing Mood Board Platform?


Landing is a digital platform for curating vision boards in a social media format. It’s similar to Pinterest where you can upload images, create different boards and folders, and share them with different users. The difference is that Landing equips you with an editing page where you can easily collage and curate all of your images in one spot. Similar to the now-defunct Polyvore, you have the ability to plan out outfits, arrange product images, and so much more.

Not only is Landing a simple studio for mood boarding, but it’s also a social media platform. You can follow other users, interact with their boards, browse the community for inspiration, and even “remix” published boards to build off someone else’s vibe. There’s also a way to customize your page, like Tumblr and Twitter, by adding a profile photo and a header banner. As of now, Landing is currently only available in a web browser, but you can sign up for early access to the upcoming app on the homepage.

How To Use Landing’s Mood Board Platform


Once you create an account on, you can instantly begin your first project from the “My Landing” page. Click “Create Board” in the upper right corner, add a board name, and choose from the different blank templates to get started. You can see in this TikTok that there is a toolbar on the left with buttons for adding a color background, shapes, and text. There’s a “community library” button, where you can scroll and pull aesthetic image stickers from different categories such as fashion, home, beauty, and specific colors.

You can “favorite” images to save them in a folder as you browse, or simply click to drop them on the canvas. Then, click on the sticker to resize, flip, or duplicate the pic. One of the best features on Landing is that you can instantly remove the background of an image in seconds to cut out the focal point or prominent silhouette. It makes layering pictures of clothing pieces, food, or people so efficient because you don’t have to spend time cutting them out in Photoshop.

The tool bar also allows you to upload items from your computer to the image library and community library. So you can upload photos from your camera roll or grab screenshots of images you saved on social media to include on your mood board. When you’re done with your masterpiece, you can publish the board to the community and copy a sharable link. Another cool feature Landing introduces is the ability to add a link to every single sticker, which appears in a box when a viewer’s mouse hovers over an image in the collage.

On the “Feed” page, you can browse boards by the creators you follow by clicking “Following,” explore other public boards in “Discover,” and see featured Landing boards under “Limelight.” If you find a board that sparks major inspiration, you can tap the green “remix” button and Landing creates an exact copy of the board in the editing studio. This allows you to manipulate all the images and throw in your own to adapt the aesthetic.

What Can You Make On Landing?


The possibilities on Landing are really as far as your imagination takes you. You can make manifestation boards for each month, based on your current aesthetics, fixations, and goals. You can even separate your different focuses into various boards, such as fashion, career, wellness, travel, etc. Use it like a visual diary, where you can express your deepest desires and current moods. Then, you can download your inspo collage and use it as a wallpaper on your phone or laptop so it stays at the forefront of your mind. You can post them to the ‘Gram too to switch up your grid.

The creator studio on Landing lends itself to many other projects, like powerpoint slides or social media graphics. The TikTok account shared the idea to create Spotify playlist cover art or use the music round-up “Receiptify” as a collage sticker. This TikTok gives more examples for making a visual gift guide, reading log, and to-do list calendar. The linkable sticker feature opens up so many options too, because you can paste an image and add an external link directly on the sticker. This can be useful for sharing shopping recommendations, creating clickable presentations and interactive games, or even as a digital tool for branding your business. The site is so straightforward and fun to use that you may find yourself addicted to creating new boards and finding new ways to use the platform.

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