Young woman texting as one of the most emotionally distant zodiac signs.

The 4 Most Emotionally Detached Zodiac Signs Need Your Patience

These zodiac signs come around eventually.

by Roya Backlund and Valerie Mesa
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Revealing any sense of emotion can be an incredibly difficult thing for some — but who can blame them? All our lives, we’ve been told to pull ourselves together, and be cool, calm, and collected, like emotions are meant to be neither seen nor heard. It’s only when we’re behind closed doors and away from prying eyes that it feels easiest to cry, and it’s probably no exception for the most unemotional zodiac signs. Some of us take the criticism that follows the exposure of one’s true feelings to heart, and these zodiac signs are the most emotionally detached: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

This doesn’t mean emotionally detached zodiac signs don’t have feelings. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Their feelings are probably so deep and sensitive that they’ve had to build impenetrable walls just to protect them. However, these walls make it a lot harder to gain their trust and convince them to let you take a peek at their heart. If your experience with the most unemotional zodiac signs has left you feeling alone with your love, and/or confused about their true intentions, it’s only because they each harbor a fear of losing control, and boy, opening up to someone definitely requires an overcoming of that fear.

Just know that if you’re patient, loyal, and genuine about your affection, these zodiac signs will have to come around eventually. After all, they’re only human, and at the heart of being human is an unending desire to be loved.


Scorpio: They Radiate Mystery Until They Get To Know You

A Scorpio’s aura is a mysterious one. If they’re feeling particularly guarded about their feelings, they may appear downright intimidating on the surface. However distant and cold they may appear, don’t ever mistake their enigma for apathy. A Scorpio’s world is infinitely deep and colorful beyond belief. Even when they’d love everyone in the room to think they don’t have a heart, it’s only because they’re constantly worried that their heart is showing. Having such a strong emotional world is a big responsibility for a Scorpio, and they run the risk of getting hurt if they’re irresponsible with it.

Sagittarius: They Process Emotions In Their Own Unique Way

A Sagittarius is famous for their almost supernatural ability to always be optimistic. When they can’t see the bright side, they’re known for resorting to pretending like they don’t care at all. This would be admirable... if it were actually true. While a Sagittarius adores their freedom, preferring to remain detached from anything that could potentially make them emotional, their heart never stops dreaming. Even though they may hide their emotions underneath smiles and distractions, they always drop their guard around people who make them feel safest.

Capricorn: They Protect Their Emotions For As Long As They Can

A Capricorn always has a mission. Their life is all about moving from one goal to another, and getting caught up in their feelings is rarely ever on the agenda. They’ve got aspirations, dreams, and a vision for their future. All of it requires a serious level of commitment and a Capricorn is always game. Even though they’re capable of divorcing themselves from an emotional situation to save face, they always have one ultimate goal in mind: love. Whether a Capricorn realizes it, all their ambition leads to loving and being loved in return. Nothing would be worth accomplishing if there wasn’t an emotional undercurrent running through it.

Aquarius: They Prefer To Keep Their Feelings Private

An Aquarius loves maneuvering through large crowds, getting to know everyone, and charming people with their wit. However, their interest tends to come to a halt when conversations become too invasive. They often prefer keeping their public life and their private life totally separate, allowing them to nurture their emotional world in secret.

This leads to them disappearing and withdrawing from reality when their emotions become too much. Although they may seem distant and detached, trust that there’s a deep level of sensitivity running through an Aquarian heart. They just prefer to work through their emotions on their own.

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