How to enter the McDonald’s FANnual Report Sweepstakes for free food.

McDonald’s Is Giving Away A Million Reward Points In A Sweepstakes

Points = free food.

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Move over Spotify Wrapped, there’s a new personality report in town. McDonald’s released its 2022 FANual Report and the results are in for your personalized Fan Persona. If you’re a MyMcDonald’s Rewards member, the fast food chain slid into your inbox with a custom year-in-review with your Fan Persona on Dec. 7. Take notes, because you could win free meals by sharing your Fan Persona with McDonald’s in a sweepstakes. Here’s how to enter the McDonald’s FANnual Report Sweepstakes for free bites.

Mickey D’s Instagram sweepstakes will give four lucky winners 250,000 reward points each, worth $175 or over 150 menu items, according to McDonald’s 2022 FANnual Report. Before you all race to enter, check your emails for your Fan Persona — you’ll need it to enter the sweepstakes. If you were signed up as a MyMcDonald’s Rewards member and opted-in to earn points by Dec. 4, 2022, you should’ve received an email containing your Fan Persona on Dec. 7. If you aren’t, you can still sign up ahead of next year’s results.

The fan titles include CEO, Insider, Low-Key, Carpe All Day, or Newbie Fan. They all have individual traits whether it’s “that YOLO life” or being “open to trying new, adventurous (in this case delicious) things,” McDonald’s has a persona for everyone.

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McDonald's 2022 FANual Report

The Golden Arches dropped the stats in a year end review of McDonald’s app orders on Dec. 7 with fun facts about your preferences. It’s the second year McDonald’s released a FANual Report, the first report was in 2021. This year’s report showed that “NYC is truly the city that never sleeps,” where fans ordered late night bites between midnight to 4 a.m. twice as much as the rest of the country. Plus, the most popular sweet and salty combo was a McFlurry with fries. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t sleep on it. There’s so much more that McDonald’s revealed in the report, but the Fan Personas are where it’s at for the sweepstakes.

How To Enter The FANual Report Sweepstakes

First things first, check your inbox for an email from McDonald’s with your Fan Persona. It kinda feels like a Sorting Hat-type situation. Once you have your Fan Persona, share it with McDonald’s in a comment on their Instagram post by midnight ET on Dec. 11.

Make sure you follow McDonald’s Instagram account, and make your account public. Per the sweepstakes rules, your IG can’t be a “shared, corporate, or organization account,” so double-check you’re commenting from your personal account. The catch is you must be enrolled in McDonald’s free reward program. It’s a given considering you needed to be a rewards member to receive a Fan Persona.

Keep an eye out in your DMs for a message from McDonald’s notifying you of your win. You’ll need to respond within 48 hours to claim the prize, according to the rules. Now that you know how to enter the FANual Report Sweepstakes, get commenting and start thinking about what you would redeem with those 250,000 points if you win.