Two happy young friends reaping the benefits of their May 24, weekly horoscope.

These 3 Signs Will Have The Best Week Starting May 24

Despite a lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde.

The sun may be in the hilarious, upbeat, and lighthearted Gemini, but that doesn't necessarily mean everything is peachy keen in the stars. In fact, this week contains some very volatile and overwhelming energy. You may feel like you're on the edge of your seat, waiting for something wild to happen. The cosmos are putting you through some pretty intense experiences, and if you're feeling the weight of it all, you're definitely not alone. However, some people may be making the best of things in spite of everything, and May 24, 2021 will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Gemini, and Leo. If you happen to be one of the aforementioned trio, you should feel lucky.

Things are feeling out-of-this-world right out of the gate. After all, on May 26, the total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (aka the blood moon) will take place. In astrology, a lunar eclipse is serious business. This is when a full moon activates the lunar nodes (aka the points in the sky that guide you toward your ultimate fate), evoking sudden and abrupt changes that have the power to alter the course of your life. What happens during an eclipse can oftentimes be permanent and it always speeds you up toward your inevitable destiny.

That's not the only reason this week may feel overwhelming. When romantic Venus squares off with illusive Neptune on May 27, it can leave you feeling overly vulnerable to your emotions. It can also make it feel difficult to see your relationships clearly, so make sure you focus on the facts. To top it all off, Mercury is stationing retrograde in Gemini on May 29, infusing everything with an extra dose of confusion, complications, and miscommunications.

Here's why the following zodiac signs will have a good time regardless:

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Aries: The Cosmos Are Encouraging You To Face The Unknown

This week, you may be put into mind-blowing situations that challenge your perspective of everything. After all, the lunar eclipse will land in your ninth house of philosophy and expansion, which will remove whatever's standing in the way of the road you're meant to embark on. Once this blockage has been removed, you can expect to experience things that are way out of your norm. You may even feel like you're taking a chance on something foreign and unfamiliar to you. Either way, you're learning so much from the process. Just keep an open mind.

Gemini: Some Major Life Changes Are Beginning To Take Effect

The sun is currently moving through your first house of the self, injecting your spirit with confidence and the desire to put yourself out there and be seen. However, this week may be one of the most intense weeks of your whole birthday season. After all, this is when the lunar eclipse will land in your seventh house of partnerships, placing added pressure on your relationships. New ones may be beginning just as old ones are coming to an end, and at times, these changes may feel totally unexpected. Trust that they're part of what destiny has in store for you.

Leo: You May Be Embracing An Intense Creative Breakthrough

Learning how to have fun isn't always a simple process. Sometimes, you have to let go of habits and patterns that you've been hanging onto for years. Sometimes, you need to learn how to loosen up, and that's easier said than done. During this week’s lunar eclipse — which lands in your fifth house of artistic expression — you may be facing all the things that are preventing you from truly unleashing your creativity. Perhaps it's fear standing in your way. Maybe it's lack of belief in your talents. Either way, this lunar eclipse will help you get rid of it all.