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The Virgo Full Moon Will Be A Game-Changer For 4 Signs

The world is your oyster.

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The full moon is a force of nature that brings you to the brink of change. After all, this is when the moon — ruler of your subconscious — forms an opposition with the sun — ruler of your ego — evoking an inner conflict that forces you to take action. As the full moon brings you to a breaking point, it encourages you to make a decision one way or another. Embrace the raised vibrations and the increased tension, because it’s cooking up something incredible. If your sun, moon, or ascendant happens to be a mutable sign — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces — the full Worm Moon in Virgo will affect you the most, so prepare for a potentially life-altering experience.

This full moon is an incredibly special one. Taking place on March 18 at 3:17 a.m. ET, this full moon will rise in calculating, rational, and organized earth sign Virgo, encouraging you to decipher riddles and solve mysteries. As this full moon opposes the sun in dreamy, magical, and emotional water sign Pisces, it will provide you grounding energy to work with as you make sense of the themes that are currently present in your life.

Because this full moon will also oppose Jupiter — planet of growth and adventure — as well as Neptune — planet of fantasies and reveries — you may feel torn between the desire to escape into your dreamworld and the need to face reality. However, this full moon will also show you that “reality” is not set in stone, but ripe for the taking. Let your fantasies guide you toward the reality you’re more than capable of creating.

Here’s why the upcoming full moon in Virgo will have such a profound impact on mutable signs:

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Gemini: You’re Learning How To Give Your Home The TLC It Needs

This full moon is shining a light on your hearts deepest needs, because it’s taking place in your fourth house of family and domestic affairs. Prepare for revelations regarding your personal life, because you’re coming to terms with what you need in order to feel safe and sound in your corner of the world. You deserve to feel loved and understood in the place you call home.

Virgo: You’re Redefining Who You Are And What You Stand For

You’re not the same person you’ve been in the past and this full moon could prove it. Get to know who you are — outside of your relationships — because you are your own person. As this full moon in Virgo encourages you to embrace connection without sacrificing your independence, it’s time to make a bold move that reflects how much you’ve grown. You’ve come such a long way.

Sagittarius: You’re Embracing The Motivation It Takes To Succeed

This full moon could reveal some breaking information in your life. After all, this full moon is taking place in your 10th house of reputation and publicity, encouraging you to put your best foot forward and show the world what you’re made of. This full moon is also causing a change to unfold in your career, so embrace whatever motivates you and inspires you to go after your dreams.

Pisces: You’re Understanding Your Relationships On A Deeper Level

You’re taking stock of your relationships and where they stand on this full moon. In fact, you may find that a relationship is reaching a major turning point. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone with someone you love or recognizing that your relationship dynamic needs to change, you’re learning how to become a better partner and how to *choose* better partners.