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Friends celebrate Chinese New Year with these Lunar New Year captions.

60 Lunar New Year Captions To Make Your Instagram Feed So Lucky

Big rabbit energy.

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Lunar New Year is coming up on Sunday, Jan. 22 this year, and it’s the time to invite luck in for a joyous 2023. Lunar New Year is a festival that starts on the first day of a new year, which coincides with the first new moon of the Lunar calendar. Festivities run through the first full moon of the calendar, which is about 15 days later, giving you plenty of opportunities to whip up specialty treats in your kitchen or take part in a beloved family tradition. If you snap some photos with the fam while partaking in these traditions, you'll need some Lunar New Year captions that'll make your feed feel equally festive.

The truth is, the brightly colored pictures from parades and firework shows will likely do most of the work. They'll stand out amongst the wintery selfies you took recently, and might even make your followers stop scrolling for a hot sec. The red decorations, loud music from the city streets, and loads of steaming dumplings will make them want to leave a comment on your Instagram feed. After all, Lunar New Year is basically a chance to use the firecracker and dragon emojis IRL to wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year.

It’s the Year of the Rabbit, which is the fourth and luckiest animal of the zodiac. It’s often associated with the moon for its pale white color and quiet purity. People born in the year of the rabbit are believed to be kind, gentle, confident, and graceful. It’s the perfect time to embrace your inner dragon by striking a pose for the ‘Gram alongside your favorite Lunar New Year dishes and maybe even taking some selfies showing off a traditional costume. Maybe you can even make your friends jealous by showing off all the red envelopes you got this year. However you celebrate, you’ll want some festive captions for your Lunar New Year pics to share with friends and family when you’re ready to post to attract good fortune.

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  1. "New lunar year, new me."
  2. "I'm all about the fireworks and festivities."
  3. "Orange you glad everything is red for the Lunar New Year?"
  4. "Welcome to the 'Year of the Tiger.'"
  5. "Dumplings? Don't mind if I do."
  6. "I've never met a celebration I didn't like."
  7. "This is how you start a new year."
  8. "Would you look at all those lanterns?"
  9. "Some celebrations should last forever."
  10. "Parades, lanterns, and lots of Lunar New Year things."
  11. "Sending gifts to my besties for the Lunar New Year."
  12. "Bringing good luck and good vibes into the new year."
  13. "What's happy, festive, and red all over?"
  14. “She's so lucky, she's a star,” – Britney Spears, “Lucky”
  15. "Name a better parade. I'll wait."
  16. "Just hanging out with the dragons. How about you?"
  17. "Sending this selfie to NASA, because we're celebrating the Lunar New Year."
  18. "Lanterns make every moment feel beautiful and lucky."
  19. "Making resolutions for the Rabbit."
  20. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” — Chinese Proverb
  21. "The firecracker and dragon emojis IRL."
  22. "Step into the Lunar New Year celebrations and let it go."
  23. "The sparkliest Instagram post of the entire year."
  24. "Having bunches of fun together."
  25. “Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones?” – Lana Del Rey, “Lucky Ones”
  26. "Did this dragon and I just become best friends?"
  27. "These are the magical nights we live for."
  28. "Do more things that require parades."
  29. "More than ready for the Year of the Tiger..."
  30. "Here comes the fun."
  31. "Lunar New Year vibes."
  32. “Ready to roar in 2022.”
  33. “Lanterns and red envelopes and dumplings, oh my!”
  34. “Big. Tiger. Energy.”
  35. “Wishing you health, weath, and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger.”
  36. “May the New Year be as bright as the lanterns that light the sky.”
  37. “Ready for my spirit to be light and my wallet to be heavy this year instead of the other way around.”
  38. “Red is the new black.”
  39. “May your New Year be fierce as hell.”
  40. “The longer the noodles, the luckier the New Year.”
  41. “Good luck and good vibes only from here on out.”
  42. “Showing off my lucky money.”
  43. “Do not be afraid of moving slowly. Be afraid of standing still.” — Chinese Proverb
  44. “POV: hanging out with dragons.”
  45. “Red is the new black.”
  46. “May your longevity noodles be long, your dumplings be lucky, and your red envelopes be abundant.”
  47. Big. Rabbit. Energy.”
  48. “You can leave me on red.”
  49. “All that and dim sum.”
  50. “They'll tell you now, you're the lucky one,” – Taylor Swift, “The Lucky One (Taylor’s Version)
  51. “What the luck?”
  52. "New lunar year, new me."
  53. "When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills." — Chinese Proverb
  54. “Honoring the past and embracing the future.”
  55. “Lucky girl syndrome.”
  56. “It's prosperity or bust.”
  57. “Some bunny loves you.”
  58. “The longer the noodle, the luckier the girl.”
  59. “Spring is rolling in.”
  60. “Gung hay fat choy!”

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